Also going to take a look at the new wireless charging dock for the plus version to see how that works. Links for everything covered in this video will be in the description below so let’s go ahead and get started Music. So the first case up is by mission cables and this one’s just a simple clear case. This one includes a screen protector, so you’re gon na get supplies to install that this one’s a pretty simple, clear, tpu case. I can tell right off the bat this one. Definitely gives you some extra grip, some nice cutouts for the speakers and then oversized cutouts for the charging port and headphone jack, and then the power and volume buttons are covered by the tpu material. Probably the best part about this kind of case is. You can actually see the color that you bought power and volume buttons seem to work pretty good on this case as well, maybe a little bit on the squishy side, but overall they work pretty good. You get a decent sized lip for screen protection in there on the front, so you don’t have to worry about putting this face down. Nice cutout on the back for the camera as well looks like i’ve already got some smudges on the inside good thing. Is you don’t get a lot of fingerprints on this case, so that’s nice to see, and if you got the plus version this case does work with wireless charging? Next, one up is the kobak case.

This comes in five different colors you’ve got black brown, gray, pink and sky blue. This one also comes with a tempered glass screen protector. This one is a folio style. You just slide it in here on the side, and then this part, just tucks underneath looks like it’s, got some stuff on this one already this one does appear to be a little bit on the loose side. It’S got the auto awake and sleep function. You’Ve also got some card slots here: it’s got a spot for a stylus, then it’s got nice cutouts there on the end for your ports and buttons, and a nice cutout on the back as well, for the camera. I’M, not sure. If i’m. The biggest fan of this style of how it folds back and you got to bend this out Music, but it does seem to work pretty good. You’Ve got a couple different angles here: pretty much standing up or laying it down there’s. Also, a nice cutout on the front for your front facing camera i’m, not sure if this would be my first pick out of all these cases, but overall, not too bad. Now, unfortunately, this one’s a little bit too thick for wireless charging. Music next case up is by fenty. This is a 360 degree. Rotating swivel stand sort of like folio style, but slightly different. It comes in four different: colors you’ve got black sage, green z, blooming hibiscus and z galaxy. This one is a faux leather or leatherette material.

You can see this one sort of matches the olive green color a little bit closer on the inside snaps into the hard plastic shell pretty easily some nice cutouts for the speakers you can see the cover on this is pretty thick because it’s got the stand. Positions built in the front cover is really thick on this one, mainly because you’ve got these spots for when it’s standing up now, it looks like you can actually stick this right on top it doesn’t have to go into the grooves, so it definitely gives you a Few different options when you rotate this vertically, really the only one you can use, is here towards the front otherwise it’s just going to fall over. It also has the auto sleep and wake function. Then it’s got this strap to keep everything together and then, when it’s closed, you can still access the charging port and headphone jack there at the bottom. Then you also have a spot for a stylus, and surprisingly this actually works with wireless charging. I mean just look how thick this thing is Music. Next, one up is by soak, and this one is also a folio stand cover. It only comes in one color black. This one’s got a hard plastic shell there that it just snaps right into auto sleep and wake function, works really good on this one. You can see the two magnets that help keep the cover, closed power and volume buttons, and your charging port and headphone jack are all exposed there.

On the end same thing with the speakers, this one’s got a really nice soft touch material on the inside, almost rubberized. So you’ll be able to put this one at pretty much any angle. Now here’s the only downside for this tablet. Let’S say you want to do a zoom meeting or do something with using your front facing camera. Well, unfortunately, it’s at the bottom, it should still work properly, because when you flip the tablet, the camera flips with it it’s just going to be at a weird angle, Music, and surprisingly, this one actually charges right through the case. Overall, though, this is a really nice solid case by soak Music next, one up is by fenty this one’s a slim fit standing cover portfolio case, whatever you want to call it. This one actually comes in about 17 colors, the one the one we’ve got here is gray and brown. You can see this one’s got velcro to keep everything in place. Okay, they even give you cutouts for the speakers, so you can listen to stuff. With the case closed, that’s kind of nice, auto sleep and wake functions seem to work pretty good on here you can see the cutouts for the power and volume buttons charging port and headphone jack, easy access for the micro sd card as well. Here on the side. You’Ve got a little spot for a stylus oversized cutout for the camera on the back, and then you can see here on the back is where you lock it into place when standing it up i’m, not sure why this is so popular it’s, really not the best Way to do a folio stand, but it does seem to hold it in place pretty good once you get that locked in now.

Laying this tablet down not really the best idea. It starts to slip out of there a little bit. Apparently, these guys didn’t think much about the front facing camera, though, because you can see it’s sort of tucked underneath seems to work with wireless charging with the plus version, so that’s nice to see so while this case actually feels like pretty good quality there’s. Just a couple things about this that i think may bother some people Music. The next case up is actually a keyboard case and this one’s by fenty. You may have already seen this in one of my other videos. The hinge on here actually feels pretty solid it’s magnetic, so it just snaps right into the keyboard, it’s easy to take off and use separate as well. Really, the only downside about this is you don’t really get a lot of viewing angles because it only goes back. So far, but overall i feel like it’s, pretty comfortable typing. I feel like it’s a pretty decent keyboard for this tablet and it’s, just always good to have extra options, and then you can use some shortcuts that you would on a laptop like alt tab, just to switch between apps and, if you’re, going to use microsoft. Apps. Like word excel, that kind of stuff, yeah you’ll, definitely want to get a keyboard Music. Now last, i want to show you the charging dock for the plus version, and this is made by anchor now any case where the thickness is five millimeters or less.

It should work with this wireless charging. Dock they’re also advertising that it’s gon na charge to one hundred percent in about three and a half hours. As you can see, this comes with a more traditional power, adapter, so it’s all plastic construction, and then you’ve got this fabric like material which definitely helps make it look a little nicer, real small anchor branding there on the front, a cutout for the cord on the Back so that’s nice okay seems to be charging right away. If you go into the settings and turn it on, this should automatically switch to show mode. Once you put this in the dot, then once you left the tablet off the dock, it automatically exits, show mode, plus it charges in portrait or landscape mode it’ll also charge my samsung phone, but just keep in mind that’s, not fast. Charging nice thing is let’s, say you’re using the keyboard case. It also charges with the keyboard case on so you can just separate it charge it even type while it’s on there and then, when it’s done charging, take it off and put it right back together. Overall, i feel like this is a pretty decent charging dock and definitely one you should check out so if you’ve made it this far into the video you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget, to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.