. Now i’ve been using this thing for a few weeks now and i have to say this thing is a complete beast: it outweighs any of their other tablets and it runs to perfection in my experiences using it now i’m going to be teaching you how to set It up the easiest way possible and not just setting it up like normal, going through the normal amazon steps to getting your account synced, but we’re going to be going through how to get the third party apps on it. The quickest way possible, and just at a few clicks of your fingers now guys, as you can see, my streaming room is starting to look good, listen. I went and bought some curtains and the pack showed two, but it only had one so now i have one curtain and it looks ridiculous. So i’m gon na go get another curtain and then we’ll get some better lighting in here, and this place will be looking good and the reviews and the tutorials will be a lot better quality than they were before. Like always guys smash that subscribe button down below really helps the content on a ton. Give this video a big thumbs up. If you liked it and don’t forget to comment down below which amazon tablet you have or if you’re thinking about getting one, if you’re going to purchase one guys, i have a link below down in the description. You can click on to get the amazon fire hd.

10 tablet directly from amazon as well guys don’t forget to follow us on twitter and all of our other social medias they’re, just linked down below in the description all the way at the bottom. So i would really appreciate that, and that would help me out a ton let’s go ahead and get right into it, Music, all right guys, so i just wanted to start off very basic, just walking you through the amazon fire tablet. Hd10. Now i have to say, the screen on this thing is absolutely insane when you watch netflix on here. The quality is much better than i’ve noticed from apple’s ipads, and i haven’t had an ipad in a few generations, so i’m sure that one is quite a bit better as well, but it’s beautiful. It plays in great hd quality, um and it’s very similar to what i would see on tv or on one of my higher quality tvs, so great great screen to start with um. If you’re thinking about. If this is in your price range, i would definitely go with this one. Of course you can get all your official apps and you just get that from right here in amazon’s, app store, so there’s tons of different applications. You can see. I was already searching one that we’ll need later on in the video, but you can get everything from youtube to netflix to prime to disney plus. So it’s really is licensed with everything um, and it has a little bit of everything so uh in terms of their app store, really good, uh lots of the same stuff that you can get on.

The fire stick uh so very similar, but there are some that are on here that aren’t on or sorry there’s, some on the fire stick that aren’t on here like an app like downloader, is not on here now. You could probably get that you just have to go and sideload it, but we’ll go through that process. So in terms of settings i’ll do another video on what settings i suggest turning off or turning on, but we won’t worry about that for now. So, in order for us to side load applications or put applications onto our fire, hd 10 there’s a few applications you’re going to have to get on first in order to make sure we’re ready to go with the install the first one is silk browser. So right here, silk browser is just their own, google chrome or their own firefox it’s. Just another browser that lets you go online and although it’s not downloader, it doesn’t prompt downloads, you can still download different apps from it and then install them via another application, either. Uh right when you’re downloading it – or we can go to this application so now we’re going to go to the app store and we’re going to download the first apple need, and this app is called file manager. So you’ve probably used like es file explorer in the past. I don’t really use es anymore. I like fx file explorer but it’s not available on this app store, so you don’t really get that option.

I don’t know why i’m having such trouble searching here. Okay, so we’re gon na go ahead and type in file explorer. Sorry guys, i don’t know what the issue was there, but it would not let me search so we’re gon na type in file explorer now it’s letting me search sorry about that. Little mix up now. There’S gon na be tons of options guys, and this basically just lets. You go on the root of your device, so you’re going to be able to go into different files that are already on your device like a download file. Sometimes it’s like a movie file or a music file where, depending on the file type, it automatically gets put into that file right. So any file that we download online will go directly in this download file and to access that i suggest using file explorer by vishnu nk i’ve used this one on these devices before and on the fire stick and i find it’s a really simple file explorer. So it makes things a lot easier, so we’re gon na go ahead and download and install that just takes a few seconds i’d. Also like to do a video on gaming on the fire, hd10 and different games. You can get so if you guys are interested in that make sure you comment down below and let me know and don’t forget to click subscribe guys. So i can keep making awesome content like this, for you all the time.

Okay, so now that file explorer is installed, i’ll open it up and show it to you really quickly and just the different ways: you’d use it. So you can see this is the newest one, of course, right away. We have the grant stored permission. This is nothing to worry about guys. Almost every application you use will need to grant storage permission if it goes inside at all or if it’s ever downloading or installing updates you need to do it so we’re going to allow it now. This is what i’m talking about the root of the device. You can see all these different folders on here, so we clicked on download. I downloaded quick support and that’s how you guys are seeing my screen right now. I’M, just screen recording on my pc from quick support, that’s why it might look a little laggy at times, but it actually works pretty good and there’s other such files. Here, like we go to pictures and stuff like that, but we don’t have to worry about that. For now so we’re going to come back to this app really shortly and i’ll show you what you need to do for it so for now, we’re going to go all the way back and you can press this little circle in the middle. To get back to your home at any time, we’re going to go ahead and open the silk browser. Now, like i said this is just another browser it’s going to bring you to bing.

com and you can change the home where the home goes. I suggest using google bing every time i search something. It just gives me a million competitors and not actually what i’m looking for so now we’re going to go here and we’re going to type in i4 studio now they’re, the newest ones. They came out with app link, which is a lot like file linked and it’s, the the app that i suggest using to get applications on your device very quickly. So we’re going to go ahead and press that now there’s a ton of choices here to choose from, but the one you’re going to want to pick is the second one right here that it shows and that’s i4studio.co.uk so make sure it’s that one guys there might Be ripoffs of the site i haven’t looked but yeah just make sure you click the official site right. I don’t know what i4studio.nl is maybe that’s a sister site, but it looks like it’s a totally different thing, so we won’t worry about that. We’Re gon na go ahead and click on i4 studios and then from here we want to click on the new app link. So this is the new application, like i said, we’ll click on that you can see it open another tab. Now you don’t have to worry about any of this guys. This is all complicated. This is for the back end people making stuff. We want to go and press download.

So we’re going to press that and now you’re going to see this pop up come up. Comes up this only pops up the first time you’re doing this and you need to press continue because it needs to access your device like before now we’re going to go ahead and press allow and you’ll see it starts we’re going to go. Press. Ok, don’t worry about that pop up, guys it’s, nothing to worry about from here, we’re going to go ahead and click open and that’s going to open the file now you’re going to say well. Why did i need file manager? Sometimes, if that pop up doesn’t come up, people don’t know where to go so i’ll show you really quickly. You go back to your home screen, we’d, go ahead and go to file explorer and then from here we’re going to go to download and you can see app link got automatically redirected into the download folder and now we can click on it and install it. Just the same by clicking, install app and we’d have to click settings and just allow one time, and you can install app linked that way or you can do it the other way and any files you download. They almost always get redirected there um some will go to a specific folder for that app, but other than that you can just use file explorer in order to access it. So we’re going to want to go ahead and install app link, and then we can open it up and from here you need different codes in order to use app link so guys uh.

This is pretty much it for this video. If you guys want some code for app link, i have it linked at the end of this video or it’s right above right here, so you can go ahead and click that or it’s the next viewed video at the end um at the end screen. So you can click that as well. It’S also linked down below in the description, app link codes, go ahead and check that out and subscribe. So you can get all the newest up to date, app link codes. I show you guys in that video how to use it and how to install apps from it um and basically what it does so watch that video you’ll get a little more educated on the topic and right now it probably seems like i wasted your time, but I didn’t, i promise you, you just need a code and you’re good to go. Thank you guys so much for watching today. I really appreciate you checking out the content, make sure you subscribe before.