So the focus is for the player to develop enough technique to defeat all opponents in three championships. Ive also implemented some additional achievements for all. You completionists out there its my first game and after a long journey and a lot of work its finally time to wrap up this project and put it on Steam. Before I start this video, I just want to thank everyone. Whos been with me on this ride. I truly could not have done it without your support and Id also like to sincerely thank milanote its the application. Ive been using to organize this project. Theyve consistently been a sponsor of the channel through wet and dry, making a huge contribution to me being able to actually work on this game full time so lets hear it one. Last time for Mila note its been an absolute pleasure using their software for this project from Gathering reference images, making, programming, charts, writing down, notes and saving ideas for my project, its been such a huge help to keep this project organized from start to finish, and they Have a ton of templates to get you started, so you dont waste any time. Please show those guys some love for being such huge supporters of this channel. Give me the note a shot for your next project. You can start completely for free using the link below. I mean you really have nothing to lose, come on guys, just get started, and now please enjoy probably the final devlog for punch a bunch.

Thank you, Music, with only a few weeks remaining before launch its time to finish up all the things Ive procrastinated doing. Until now, the steam page looks awful. I need to make some more music a lot of bug, study, fixing, uh and I still havent created the final boss for the game yet and to name a few theres a lot more to do than that trust me. But to start off I want to see if theres anything I can do to improve the graphics a little bit. It just looks a little bit flat and uninspired right now. So to make things a bit more Dynamic, I created a rig with spotlights that track. The boxers as they move around the ring so with that and a couple of other tweaks, its looking something like this. I think this helps to keep focus on where the action is, and I also added these moving lights that sporadically sweep across the boxing ring to make you feel like youre in a big Stadium, or something like that. I think that looks pretty. Nice Ive also programmed the crowds to cheer when you land heavy, punches or theres a lot of action going on Applause foreign. I think it really makes a huge difference in the energy of the game, and everything just feels so much more connected now, so it was well worth the trouble Id say. Ive done my best to optimize the game to the best of my ability.

I used to have this problem when I was playing the game for more than a couple of minutes where my computer would get ready to launch into space, but I managed to fix that problem by simply limiting the amount of frames you could render per second, I I guess 300 frames per second is not necessary if you think about it. Anyways I included some settings in the options where you can lock the frame rates to fit your specs and your monitor, and I really do think we should do something about the steam page. You know its getting closer release and people are starting to wishlist the game so yeah. This is quite embarrassing. I set it up in a rush last year with some quite terrible throwaway art just to get something up so that I could start Gathering wishlist for the game anyway, so I always meant to improve it. I just never did oops now, Im, not very good at drawing, so instead I took some screen grabs in the game and Im hoping we can put this together into something usable and after spending a few hours in Photoshop and upgrading the logo to match the style Of the game, a bit better, I feel like were not too bad. I mean it could probably be better yes, but if I put them next to each other like this, I think Im feeling pretty good about the new one. If you think theres anything that needs improving on the steam page, please do let me know I would love to improve it as much as possible.

So any ideas are welcome here, but its not a proper steam page until we also have a trailer. So I spent some time putting one together. Thankfully, Im used to doing a lot of editing, so it didnt. Take me too long. I uploaded it here on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but a lot of you felt that it was a little bit too fast and just not very informative. So I put a new edit together. I put it out on Twitter and on the steam page and you guys seem to like it a lot more. So I think this well have to call this one, the official one its not on YouTube, because I didnt want to spam. You guys here but Ill put it up in a couple. I made pretty good progress on the music in the last episode, but I still need a few more songs and I also decided to scrap a few songs that didnt really fit the style of the game. Im still very green when it comes to making music, but I ended up with a few new songs that I think fit the game a little better, this time, heres a little taste Music. Thank you, Music, foreign, Music, Music. I will release a full soundtrack here on YouTube so that you can listen to all the songs but Im expecting to sneak a few more songs in after I release the game. So I just want to wait with uploading it until Ive completed the whole thing.

I also created these little animations for the interface. So when you take a hit, the interface Wiggles a little bit, which I think is pretty cool and as you build up adrenaline these Flames start appearing. I added a match, timer and created thumbnail pictures for each of the bosses. Unfortunately, I dont have a good way of recreating what the player looks like since you can combine any items you want, so I settled for a more backlit generic picture for the player. If anybody has a good idea of how I could solve this thatd be awesome, everything is coming together pretty quickly and at some point I even thought I would finish ahead of schedule. I had originally planned to release the game in December, but then I got sucked into a rabbit hole of completing the interface currently the menu doesnt really support a Gamepad, meaning you have to navigate with the mouse, which is really annoying Ill spare you the details, but I ended up spending over a month just fiddling around, with this making everything work with both a mouse and a Gamepad. I Im surprised how absolutely awful the menu system in Unreal Engine is out of the box, considering how important it is for a game well, its. Finally, working pretty well now there are still cases where its a little bit buggy, but nothing too major. I dont think something to keep in mind that Im, definitely more aware of for my next project is to keep interface to a minimum.

I wouldnt be surprised if Ive spent over 50 percent of all the time working on Pancha Bunch, just building menus and stuff like that. It seems like a quick thing to do, but just keeping track of unlocked items equipping them which achievements youve, unlocked and all this stuff. It becomes very complicated, very quickly, trust me, but its done now and I do think it makes the game feel more complete. So Im happy I did it, but for my next game, no menus another big thing before Im able to release the game is to get the steam integration working. So I spent some time making some achievements and making sure Cloud saves and all that good stuff is working as well. I mean I say this like it was easy. The steam integration is yeah. Lets not talk about that Music. With all of this Im, unfortunately blowing past my deadline of December, I was really hoping to publish this game in 2022, but Id rather push the game just a little and make sure its not totally broken, although that doesnt seem to be stopping other people from publishing Music, its now the beginning of January, I managed to take a couple of days off over Christmas and New Years. I hope you all had a great holiday. The game is pretty much done and technically I could probably release early January, but I have to edit this devlog and I also have a few other things going on.

Our dog Ziggy is pretty old and basically becoming blind. Shes got cataracts in both eyes, so were taking her to a specialist to have eye surgery to hopefully have it fixed, apparently its, not a guarantee that it will go well, so were really just hoping for the best foreign Music Applause Music. Thank you, Music. Im. Also about to become a Canadian citizen, as you know, Im Swedish, but I live in Canada, so I have to take a test proving that I know who the prime minister is so Ive had to set aside some time to studying for this as well. So theres been quite a lot of stuff in January. Unfortunately, everything just got crunched together in one month, so its been a little stressful. I was able to get punch a bunch up and running on the steam deck which is really exciting and for all you, Mac and Linux people out there. I will look into publishing the game on both those platforms. I just want to get through launch and iron out any major issues before I do having to manage three versions of the game all by myself right at launch is it just seems a little daunting and for those of you who struggle with the controls of the Game, I did in the end add an assist option that will help you punch theres, no, shame in playing with the SS Don its not at all cheating, but I do encourage you all to try the regular controls, as the game is far more interesting.

That way, this last push through January has just mainly been fixing things. Ive got a long list of old bugs Im going through, and I know theres going to be issues on launch theres, just no way of avoiding that, but Im doing my best to make it as playable as possible with hopefully minimal trouble. So nothing too exciting to report, but I have submitted a build for approval to steam, so Im waiting to hear back. Hopefully they dont have too many notes for me, its a strange feeling to be so close to releasing this game. Ive worked on it so long now that it seems a bit unreal to let this project out in the wild things are coming together. Great though, and I only have a couple of small things left before the game – is ready, so Im feeling overall pretty good. I also heard back from Steam and they seem happy with my game, so Im very happy about that, and you might be wondering hey what happened to the final boss. Well, I actually did manage to create and finish the final boss in secret that I just didnt tell you. I wanted to keep the final boss of the game a surprise and a reward for those of you who want to finish the game. It would be such a shame to spoil the ending in a video, but I can tell you that Im very happy with the result, and I think you guys will be too.

I received an overwhelming amount of suggestions for what you guys think should be the final boss in an earlier episode and after reading, through literally thousands of comments, I think most of you will find the ending quite satisfying lets just say its been so inspiring. To read your comments throughout this adventure and this game really wouldnt be the same if it werent for you guys eyes, there are so many ideas implemented in this game. That came directly from your comments, so I just want to say a huge thanks to all of you for your contribution. I could not have made this game without you. I really mean that all right, tomorrows, the big day, I think I think everything is ready. The build is up on Steam, uh its approved and its ready to go yeah I dont know Im hoping there are. No unexpected surprises, Ive never done this before so, but I I think it should be good. So, hopefully you know fingers crossed a bit surreal. I got ta say very, very unusual event. Put it that way now, Im excited its gon na be fun and you guys better buy the game. Okay, oh damn! Oh Im, a little nervous, ah damn it by the time youre watching this. Unless something went horribly wrong, you can head over to steam and pick up your copy of Pancha bunch. Ive put a 20 lunch discount, so you dont have to wait for it to sit in your wish list and wait for a sale so give all Ponte some love and feed some algorithm juice to statement by my game.

Baby foreign place and dont forget to leave me a really good review. If you know what I mean and if you dont, like the game, also dont forget to leave me a really good review. If you know what I mean but be warned, puncher buttons can be a pretty difficult game. Part of the fun is to learn the controls and going through the struggle of finding your groove in the game. Now I wont discourage you from picking up a copy if youd like to support me, even if you think its not your type of game, but please do read through the steam page first just so you know what youre getting yourself into Music so whats. Next, hmm good question its quite strange to think that this game is done. Making a game from start to finish has been quite the adventure, so much has changed in these couple of years. I quit my job. We moved to this island and I learned how to make a game. I mean its been completely life. Changing honestly, Im super happy punch, a bunch is completed, of course, but also a bit sad. Then again, Im really excited to start thinking about my next project and I will of course, keep making YouTube videos and documenting whatever comes next. I hope youll come along for the next adventure.