If you look at the entire market, you can see that many android manufacturers have introduced new tablets due to the increased interest in a product with a large touch display because of the pandemic and results in home office. That was hardly imaginable a few years ago and they are all attacking the price around the normal baseline ipad, because this is not only where the greatest popularity in the market lies, but also the greatest weakness of the actual market leader apple. Apart from the operating system, the ipad 2021 is pure pain to use, so many users take the choice whether they should take the android tablet, with a glued 120hz display for harman kardon speakers, thin edges or the ipad, with the widest availability of optimized specific, as well As professional applications, so today we are not only going to take a deep look at the behavior of the xiaomi pad 5 itself, but also the comparison to the famous apple ipad, as well as the product category of the tablet itself. Definitely all helpful for you. This is perhaps the most in depth xiaomi pad 5 review on the web that you can find Music. After seeing the product images and initial reviews, i was very excited. The product pictures are of high quality, almost no difference to the triple priced ipad pro here, but then the moment you take it in your hand, the disappointment is pretty big. First of all, the margins arent they kind of wider than on the product pictures.

The flattened frames are visually, quite beautiful, the small band at the edge reflective, but also only visually. In reality, there is a fat plastic layer at the transition to the display very unfluid compared to the ipad pro, which goes from the aluminium frame directly to the back. This was glued onto the xiaomi pad 5 with a bit of gap, so it doesnt feel very good lets put it in this way. The ipad pro is cornered, but not sharp. The pad 5 cornered and sharp in terms of materials xiaomi at least, shows more con science than other android tablets. The frame is made of aluminium next to the plastic bag, which you can feel easily visually. However, it is pleasant to look at the light. Reflection going out of the camera. Module looks quite nice. The camera module turns a small sensor into a larger module, leaning on the mi 11 and poco f3 or mi 11i. I think it looks quite harmonious on such a large tablet. My black color is one of the planar ones and not as bad as expected, due to the matte material, but rather attractive to fingerprints, its a matter of taste flattened frame, angular transitions front with thin edges. Dock bar in the software, rounded rectangle as a camera module. I guess many of you already screaming that this would be an ipad pro copy, in my opinion, its really time wasting. Maybe there will be a first on the second one, but with the todays display size without wasting much space, i cant see any huge other way to design a tablet.

The much bigger problem is that the elements are mostly just optical solutions. For example, you cant pull up the dock from below to launch apps, like apple, does on the ipad and mac the xiaomi pad 5, just like other android tablets and in contrast to all the ipads, applies, a long aspect ratio. This makes the display area seem smaller than say, an ipad air, although it is mainly just less tall, all things being equal. I am more fan of a wider format because with videos there is hardly any differences in area used, whereas with text or in particular the on screen keyboard, there are definitely space problems sometimes, even though i left criticism rather than praise for the design of this product, I have to say that for its price, it serves its purpose as a tablet with a rrp of ‘9 dollars. You shouldnt expect too much either because lets face it. The ipad at the same price is still significantly inferior compared to its aeroplane runways as the margins and the cheap non laminated display, i will choose the xiaomi mi pad. After all, the xiaomi pad 5 has an 11 inch ips display supporting 10 and 10 bit, as well as the refresh rate of 120 hertz, even though the experience is, of course not up to an 11 inch ipad pro despite similar specifications on paper. It is absolutely fine. The resolution is perfectly adequate. 120Hz is really comfortable to watch on such a large screen if some apps, like youtube, werent, traditionally locked to 60 hertz adaptive colors, adjust the color temperature of the screen to the ambient light.

Like true tone, which is very pleasant to use with such a big size, the biggest difference to the ipad, however, should be the color reproduction, which is not a big problem without comparison in everyday life. But next to the ipad white simply looks much wider and clearer. On the apple product, its market leading position and huge investments are not in vain. The xiaomi pad 5 has 4 speakers, 2 per side tuned by harman kardon. However, the real sound is much less surprising than on the huawei mate pad 11 or even ipad pro much less full. Nevertheless, you will be very happy with it without a direct comparison. The sound is not bad at all and better than this laughable stereo sound from one side on the ipad 2021. A broken glass while im thinking in my head, Music is Applause. Music to access the software, the xiaomi pad 5 has a face. Recognition feature that works quickly enough. Unfortunately, there is no fingerprint sensor as a tablet. The me pad 5 has a battery capacity of 8 760 milliamp hours and can be charged by 33 watts. This speed is not particularly fast but, of course, faster than a certain ipad. The battery life consumes six percent battery for half an hour of youtube on maximum brightness according to real life tests, so normal users should easily manage a day of continuous usage in the tablet product category. There are really no battery worries or anything like that.

Its tasks in everyday life are much easier than those for smartphones, optionally. You can buy a stylus and keyboard cover for the xiaomi pad 5.. I personally dont have one here for testing, so im only reporting the experience of other testers i have heard of overall. I would not recommend you these xiaomi stylus to you. If you were making a ranking, i would say apple pencil if the second generation is better than apple pencil, one its better than the huawei m pencil is better than the xiaomi styles. To be honest, you probably buy this tablet anyway to consume with it for drawing you should still reach for the ipad. According to my experience, because apples, many years of development, also in its own software, is not vain. Apart from higher latency and some problems with fast writing features as writing in text fields to convert the text into characters are also missing. It just makes no sense to buy this pen in comparison. The keyboard cover is supposed to be much better, no trackpad but pleasant. Key pressure similar to apple products and visually very nice, its fine for typing some emails on it. The most interesting aspect when we talk about an android tablet, is probably still the software. This is also the reason why many people still see the ipad with ipad os as unrivaled. In my opinion, android tablets currently have two problems: the adaption to the tablet itself and the available apps as well as their adaption.

We will keep the second aspect. Very short. Approximately nothing has been optimized. The most important apps that you use in everyday life are of course well present. Instagram is still a joke, although better than on the ipad. The main thing android tablets lacks is high quality exclusive apps personally im a big fan of the functionality of goodnotes 5. Other users have good experience with notability as a competitor or lumafusion for simple video, editing or procreate for professional drawing. None of these can be found on android tablets. The first point, the optimization to the tablet itself, is much more relevant. The current miui 4 pad looks more like a miui, 12 enlarged without much thinking. This is not only limited to the visual, such as the app drawer, with the very wide spread, app icons that look unharmonious or the fact that the notification center is somehow in the middle and the control center thin on the right. The two parts could easily be merged. Furthermore, there are some problems that simply havent really been optimized for the tablet. For instance, the gesture control only works in the middle of the ui on the strip and not on the outside, especially when using it horizontally in the hand, this is quite awkward to reach some own apps start in portrait mode, even though the tablet is in landscape Mode but the icons remain in landscape mode, all in all, not really well adapted for a tablet. The xiaomi pad 5 is powered by the snapdragon 860, which we know from the poco x3 pro, for instance, we can simply imagine it as the snapdragon 855 plus from 2019.

Its overall performance cannot keep up with the current apple, a processors or an 865 870, but with more power than popular mid range socs, it is still sufficient to operate applications in everyday life every now and then there are some stutters and errors. But these are not a big drama. Unfortunately, we only get the weaker version of miui with this soc, which has been trimmed for more constant behavior under weaker performance. For example, the blurred background has been removed in some places, as well as the two layers animations movements in the weather, app and so on as a productive tool. Xiaomi itself has also added it. Some professional features for multitasking split screen and flirting windows. Unfortunately, this implementation is not really successful, yet, first of all, the activation only works in the multitasking menu by a long press which is really exhausting in everyday life. Once activated, you cannot display the two windows in the menu as one app, but only the one on the right is switched. You arent able to adjust the ratio of the two apps as you like, as with ipad os, there are only three options: a bar appears at the top to make the window float optionally, but it often goes over app control symbols. Speaking of floating windows. These are, as with miui for smartphones, not to be used with split screen. At the same time, if you want to do that, activating them is comparatively difficult. Here too, the window can be resized, but they have a very low dpi.

So text is almost unreadable on them. I dont know why xiaomi doesnt use a different scaling here further. I cant really say anything about the connection with other devices. Apart from nearby share and the xiaomi cloud synchronization, there are no more features here. Unfortunately, you wont find things like multi screen collaboration with huawei in miui 12.. I recommend you a video about the potential harmony us, but stay curious. The xiaomi mix fold had a pc mode that is more like in windows. In terms of the usage, there were already users in the chinese market who were able to successfully play this onto their xiaomi path, so the manufacturer is obviously working on it lets see when and if the software feature will reach us in the western market. Overall, though, i would just classify the current miui 4 pad as a larger smartphone youtube and such apps run without problems, but when it comes to productivity, even the ipad os i destroyed many times, has more to offer conclusion from the product point of view. The xiaomi pad 5 is, of course, a good tablet. It is definitely more suitable for users who only consume media with a tablet open, a streaming platform and just let it run. Netflix amazon prime, has an official western device. It has all important certifications, but when it comes to productivity and usage, one should consider competitive products. The equally priced huawei, mate 1011 offers better speakers a more powerful processor and a more optimized software, with better connection to other products which can run much smoother.

Due to the one generation better processor, the lack of google services is not a problem for me personally on a tablet due to the alternative, app stores and browser apps. Speaking of the ipad, its advantage is still the apple ecosystem, with many high quality optimized apps. For the specific operating system, but for users who are really watching this video, i dont recommend the regular ipad 2021, be it the outdated design or non laminated display. Everything is quite painful. To use a refurbished ipad. Air 4 will be more enjoyable. Actually, many of the disadvantages mentioned above are due to the software which the hardware cant really compensate due to competitor products like the mate pad 11. in the chinese market, the competitor to it also actually the xiaomi pet 5 pro, which is much better at keeping up Due to like eight speakers on par with the mate pad 67 were charging a fingerprint sensor and snapdragon 870 processor. I think it would have been nicer if we saw this in europe as the xiaomi pad 5. coming back to the product category of the tablet itself, especially when talking about the xiaomi path. 5, its really not that much of a hassle because it wouldnt be mean to say its simply a scaled up, android smartphone, but that is not at all a disrespect to the xiaomi pad 5 itself as ipad os is not far from that either. When this new product category was first launched by steve jobs, it was already defined as a device between the smartphone and computer with doing more smartphone tasks that are more convenient because of the larger display.

I also think it is more of a device for consumption as well as note taking and not a desktop computer replacement at all. Hence i have to give you two very important tips that i have to mention in every tablet review. Firstly, the patch should definitely be the second or even third tech product you buy even as a student. The first tech product is definitely a computer with a desktop operating system. Secondly, buy by requirements. Dont, imagine requirements. You dont actually have dont tell yourself that, after buying a tablet, you will definitely start reading ebooks as well as writing notes. You only need a product if your current workflow is slowed down by its absence in some places. Okay, if this video helped or relax, you then dont forget to subscribe to the channel and you wont miss any more videos around the current tech products.