Now its not the top of the line tablet like the samsung galaxy s7 or the s7 plus, but its a much less expensive tablet. Now the base model of the p11 plus with 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage comes in at 250 dollars. You can get this up to 128 gigabytes of storage and 6 gigabytes of ram, but with all of these models you can add up to a one terabyte microsd card, so i actually chose to get the lowest end model 64, gigabytes of storage and four gigs of Ram each one of these does come with a 20 watt wall charger and a usb type c cable for charging and sync, but uh overall ive had a couple days to mess around with this tablet and its actually a great performer, given its price tag. Now, if we take a look at other tablets and ipads on the market, they can get quite expensive. I mean up in the 1200 range for the high end stuff and when it comes to the lower end, no name 99 tablets that you find on ebay, amazon and theyre, probably never going to receive any more updates. Now, if youre, looking for a good cheap tablet in the 10 inch range, i would highly recommend the new 2021 amazon fire hd 10, but remember it has fire os. You can always install google play on it. Ive done several videos ill leave a link to those in the description in case youre interested in checking them out.

But when it comes to the new tab, p11 plus, it does have more to offer than the amazon fire tablets. Because when it comes to the specs of the tab, p11 plus for the cpu its using the mediatek g90t, this is an eight core cpu. We have two a76 cores at two gigahertz and six a55 cores at two gigahertz. You can get this up to six gigabytes of ram, but remember the one were taking a look at in this. Video only has four up to 128 gigabytes of storage, but all of the models do support a micro sd card for the display, its an 11 inch. Ips at 1200 by 2 000, its only 60 hertz. It really has nothing on the samsung amoled displays that are in the new galaxy tab, but again were working with a much lower price tag here, and the ips display that they chose to use in here looks absolutely amazing. We got quad speakers with dolby atmos and this little thing actually puts out some really good sound and its got some bass to it, given that these are only tablet. Speakers ac, wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.1. It also has gps built in a 7700 milliamp hour battery and its running android 11, and when it comes to the version of android that lenovos been using on their newer tablets, its a really clean version theres only a couple pre installed apps from lenovo, like the Kidspace app, i think, uh their tips app, which actually comes in handy if youve never used one of these before and amazon music, so other than the pre installed.

Google apps its actually a pretty clean version of android. Sometimes, when you pick up these mid range devices, youll see a bunch of solitary apps and go fishing apps pre installed here its really clean and ive been enjoying these newer versions of android that lenovos been putting on their tablets. So the first thing i think of when i see this tablet is a media consumption device. Really, when it comes down to it, we got quad speakers built in a beautiful ips, 11 inch display and the main thing you really need to look for when youre picking up a tablet. If you want to do some video playback on it from your favorite apps is the widevine version, if youre not familiar with widevine, basically its drm for hd content. So if the device youre using isnt widevine certified youre not going to get hd content from netflix hbo go hulu and sometimes with older versions of android even youtube. So i use an application called drm info just to check that, and we have l1, which is level one, the highest wide vine that we can get. So, yes, we will be able to get hd content in all of our favorite streaming apps on this device. So we know its widevine certified and if we can stream youtube very well at lets, say 1440p or even 4k were not gon na have any issues with any other streaming app so lets check this out. I do have stats for nerds on screen were gon na.

Go to 4k with this i know its a bit hard to see but uh with 4k video content from youtube im, getting zero drop frames. So when it comes to 720, 1080, 1440 and even 4k, even though we dont have the screen to run 4k very well, the chip theyre using in this device can handle it very well and, like i mentioned these speakers, sound absolutely amazing. They do have a lot of bass to them, theyre, not as good as the ones in lets say the new ipad pro, but its definitely on par with the samsung galaxy tab s6, which can still be a very expensive android tablet. If you dont pick it up refurbished or used so as a media consumption device, this is going to work out really well. We got an 11 inch ips display quad speakers and wide vine level. One another cool feature that lenovos been adding to their larger tablets is productivity mode once you enable it. Basically, it optimizes this tablet for portrait mode, multitasking and kind of optimizes it to use a keyboard and mouse with its sort of like an android desktop mode, but its its definitely not as good as samsung. Dex is thats, actually one of my favorite android desktops. But what we get here is more flexible multitasking and it does make it a lot easier to use a keyboard and mouse with it. Most newer apps do support freeform windows and it can actually force some apps that never supported it to use it, but then resizing that app does get a bit awkward.

But most of the google apps and, like i mentioned a lot of updated apps, will support it right here. I have an n64 emulator running right beside google play and you can actually make these bigger or smaller its really up to you. I really do wish they would have added hdmi over usb type c on this device. So the next thing i wanted to do is run some benchmarks and first up we have geekbench 5.. On the left hand side we have the lenovo p11 plus. The tablet were reviewing in this video and, on the right hand, side we have the samsung tab, s7 plus, which is a much more expensive tablet on the 11 plus single core 498 multi 1548 moving over to a gpu benchmark. This is 3dmark wildlife on the p11 plus 1 322 and finally, we have antutu coming in with the total score on the p11 plus of 283 183. Obviously, the s7 plus is going to beat this out its got a better cpu and its a higher end tablet. But when it comes to these tablets around the price point of the p11 plus the scores here, arent looking bad at all now its time to move over to some native android gaming. First, up minecraft im using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth and going into this one. I didnt have any doubts that i wouldnt play this, where at 14 chunks fancy graphics is on, and if you wanted to do, minecraft on this itll run it all day.

Long moving over to call of duty, mobile and again im using that xbox one controller, we do have controller support with this game. Medium settings frame rate set to high im getting great performance on the p11 plus this mediatek g90t actually does a great job. Even if you wanted to go with something like pubg and most of the stuff from google play, even the 3d games will be fully playable on this device. Here some of the higher end stuff, you might have to drop down below like ginge and impact, but i was actually surprised at how well it ran so this is at 30 fps low settings. We still have one more setting we can go down to which is lowest. I also tried this with the 60fps preset, but unfortunately, we just dont have enough power to push this at 60, even on the lowest, but at 30 low, its actually really playable, all right. So now its time for a little bit of emulation were going to start off light here with n64 im using the standalone version of moo pin 64 plus from the google play store, you could also use retro arch if you want to, and right now im at 800 by 600, but a lot of the stuff can actually go up a little higher. We can upscale these n64 games on the p11 plus dreamcast using the redream emulator works really well on. This tablet, im actually at 1080p right now.

Well, as close as we can get to 1080p with this resolution, but uh overall were getting great performance with dreamcast and basically as long as the games compatible with the redream emulator its going to play it at full speed, taking it up to psp using the standalone Version of ppsspp we have gran turismo 3x resolution vulcan back in. I could probably go up to 4 with this game here. Fps is up in the top right hand corner. I know its hard to see, but we are at 60., its running these psp games really. Well, even the harder to run games like chains of olympus and ghost of sparta. Now, with this one, instead of 3x resolution, i did have to drop it down to 2x, just to get a more steady frame rate out of it. It was actually handling 3x pretty well, but we did have some dips, so i figured that vulcan back in at 2x still looks great here and its running fine when it comes to the mediatek g90t, its not the most powerful cpu on the market. But there are some gamecube games that will run at full speed im using the dolphin emulator. This is not the one from google play. You can head over to the official dolphin emulator website and download their latest development build, but, as you can see, soul, calibur 2 is running at full speed and when it comes to games like wind, waker, youre gon na get great performance.

But dont expect this to run something like f zero at full speed, its just not gon na do it, but this tablet here can emulate the easier to run gamecube games at full speed. So, in the end, the lenovo p11 plus is actually a great mid range tablet. If you were to go with something like the new amazon fire 10 hd plus. This is a hundred dollars more given that thats 150 for the plus version. But personally, if i had that extra cash to spend, i would definitely go with this one over the fire plus we just got way better performance of the cpu gpu combo. I like the screen on this a lot better. We do have better sound with that. Quad speaker setup and to have android pre installed with google play at least a nice version of android 11, like we have here, is totally worth in my opinion, so thats gon na wrap it up for this video really appreciate you watching. I really do think that this is a great mid range tablet. If youre interested in picking one up, i will leave a few links in the description.