Well, I did have it in my hands in China, but I'm fortunate. I couldn't fly it when I was there. That was just that model. I could look at for demonstration purposes. Only we now I've got my own one, so this drone white is so attractive is it's a maverick pro clone that sells for 422 us. So it has the foldable design. It looks like it has front facing sensors for obstacle avoidance but that's, something that this drone is lacking, so there's, no obstacle avoidance, no detection whatsoever. So if you're someone that needs that, then this might not be the drone at all for you. But if you're someone that does the plans to do manual flying you're, quite confident with your own flight skills, you know you're flowing drones before you own, a maverick pro or a maverick ear or maverick spark. Then this is an ideal drone for the price point. I believe you're getting really quite a lot considering what the features it has and a flight time of about 26 minutes or so so. Let'S first check out what we get in the box, followed by, of course, some sample footage and then my final overall opinions of the x8. Is he here? So we have the controller, a Quick Start Guide, a safety and operational guides and six propellers in total three cables. So you can plug it into any mobile phone, the controller and then our charge, of course, has got those teeth, style the plug, and you cannot charge from the USB port that's on the drone itself.

Unfortunately, charge time is just under two hours, which is quite good. So the controller is very well made the construction of it and the finish: there's no sharp edges it's, just like the drone very good, build quality, it's rubber right here, rubber, either side. We have a space here for our plug. When you place your phone in here and you can even route the cable just on the side, so the design of it is well thought out along the bottom. Here we have a USB charging, such as micro USB just to charge that, and it will take him almost four hours to charge the controller. It has a 3000 milliamp hour battery within it non replaceable, and you can see right here so there's a USB plug and it will actually charge your phone at the same time when you're using the app you can get it to automatically launch at least with Android. I know that it can do that as soon as you plug it in the phone and the apps there it can launch. So we have power on for the controller. If you just tap it, you can see the battery levels at the moment, I've got somewhere around 75. These are our flying mode. So if you switch that that's to return home, we have a little joystick here for controlling just various functions within the application. This is your takeoff and landing button. By the way you can fly it without actually using a mobile phone.

Now this will open up. You can see very wide, so you can fit the likes of say an 8 inch tablet or something like a 7.9 inch. Ipad Mini right in here and along the back so got rubber on the sides nicely rounded we've got them this button right here for taking a photo. This is for your recording to stop and start then have a control here for the exposure for video. Just on the go you can tweak it and that is for moving the gimbal up and down. So you can see now, with a 7.9 inch. Android tablets got the same screen as the iPads. Many fully laminated one and it's quite bright, it's gon na be ideal for using in this control, as you can see, fits it perfect and it's, not too heavy and Columbus um or if you think, using your tablets just a little too big. Then, of course, your mobile phones gon na fit in this perfect. The bottom of the drone does have four feet, so that keeps the bottom sensor and the camera away from the ground. So hopefully you don't damage it. When you come down to land as long as you're landing on a flat surface, you should be fine, so the Maverick pro here will have two cameras and two sensors. So we've only got just the the single set of sensors here you could say so. This bottom is made out of an alloy.

It does get really quite hot, but it's meant to – and there is a fan in there too, that you can hear working away just to keep all the internals cool. So these motors, they apparently supposed to be more powerful than the Maverick pros. The first model – and I can't confirm this, but they do sound to be a little bit quieter, but about the same level as the Maverick Pro platinum. So these blades simply just push down in place, held there with a spring of very similar design again to the Maverick Pro here and even the tips of the blades. So these tips are like the Maverick Pro platinum that when that first came out with the quieter propeller blades on them, they don't have the squared off end but it's more severe ound it, as you can see here. So the slightly design gives the improved noise and, of course, better efficiency. So this battery packs are four thousand five hundred million hours. There is a little status indicator on the top of it so tapping it. You can see I've got anywhere from about 1 to 25 percent battery life, it clips in place. The teeth are right there on the bottom, so there is no risk of you accidentally flying this drone without having the battery pack firmly clipped in place. Now this happened worth the dj's spark and the Maverick probably think there were some instances where it didn't clip in properly and people took off and then had the battery pack fall out and, of course, have their drone crash.

But it won't happen here right hand side. You will find a rubber protective flap that covers a microUSB port and this micro USB port, unfortunately does not accept charge. There were been really good if I could have charged this, for example, just trickle charge, even it was really slow, will say a car charger. The USB to microUSB or even a mobile phone charger would have been great if you happen to have forgotten the charger and then, of course, the micro SD card slot. Now this needs to have ultra high speed cards because of the high bit rate that we're recording in with 4k and there's a little switch there too. You can turn it on to the remote controller or Wi Fi mode. If you happen to be flying it without the remote which I don't recommend flying on wireless is not as good and it's, not as responsive as well. We get more interference, more delays and you could have more problems. So we have a three axis gimbal that is suspended with these rubber pads here to soak up any vibrations and movements. It doesn't seem to do quite a good job, as you see, from the footage it's overall, very steady as you'd expect 12 megapixel sensor now. This does have a bit rate of 100 megabits per second in the maximum setting, which is 4k 30 frames per second now it looks like we have two front facing cameras in here or sensors for collision avoidance, but that is not the case.

I don't believe there is actually anything in here whatsoever. It does have a protective transit layer over the top of it, which I will cause pull that off before going for my flight, speaking of which let's just take it out now for its first test flight, or so here we are, the system is unable to use The GPS at the moment well it's still getting a lock that I get ready to go. I just wanted to briefly show you the application, so you can see here that it's very similar to the one we have with the Xiaomi me drone it's down the bottom. We can see for K 50 frames per second, you can see this storage you've got settings for the camera. Now I can swap over right now, of course, I'm in the video mode. So touching this right here it goes over into the camera mode. So it'll take a 12 megapixel photo you've got some adjustments and settings, and things like that. Of course, you've got your different modes here, so your limit of light height. So, of course, that depends on your local laws, so make sure you just check that out so I'm going to crease that to 200 I think that's that's what it is here in Spain. So just make sure you know you don't go over that. So I sit there there you're a limited flight distance. Well, I just need to keep it in visuals here and in your limit of flight speed, so I'm just going to can crease this up to the maximum there.

So 16 meters per second there is beginner mode and it's, just letting you know a couple of things here, so the amount of magnetic interference, compass calibration all sorts of things here that you can go through. So you do have a problem with the gimbal, for example. If the horizon is not level, then I recommend doing this. Just tap the the gimbal reset I'll do that now, just in case because it has been something that's been very problematic on the the Xiaomi drone at least, and I did notice before when I quickly tested this and it's just letting us know about the batteries here. So I've got 81. I thought it was fully charged actually so this here so I'll get out of this and I'll show you I'll use the easiest mode for takeoff here which well before I do that. I need to start recording. Of course I hit the record. Just tap down here so the bottom right hand. Side here is simply just press this take off and there we go we're up. So it is a little noisy, not as noisy as the meter in 4k, okay, so basic controls. This is gain altitude, Floyd I'm gon na head over towards, as you can see, that tower over, there is what I did with the Maverick Pro, so I can rotate around here. Just do that very slowly, it's, something that you have to try and do with these drones. It'S been a while, since I've flown the Maverick ear so I'm gon na head over there.

My altitude is good. I can still see the drone. Of course. I look at this tower, so this is a recording of 4k 100 megabits per second in this video. Yes, I will actually also be editing it in the 100 meters per second. Try get the full quality here, of course, but YouTube is gon na be downgrading this. A little bit so I'll try and bring the gimbal down now. Just slowly give us a bit of look there I can see there is some of the images is breaking up here, a little bit for me on my side. Okay, just get a little bit of altitude and there's bring it forward again. So every time I take these drones out, I think this will probably be the last time because the laws are tightening up just because of idiots really out there that just ruined it. For everyone else, so really nice look at the tower. I can still still see the drone I've still got visuals on it at all times, there's, no helicopters, anything like that around so now to see if I can bring that gimbal down just a little more and sorry practice, it's the wrong way. Okay, so the kind of things you can do with the controls, of course, so you can be moving. For example, if I now remove the sticks to the right, I'll start moving right and but both of the sticks to the right and say no.

I should be moving one to the left and then the right and see if I can just go around this nicely yeah there we go that's what I'm, after just get an effect like this. Of course, we've got the settings. You can go through the different modes. You can do your own, like droney or little shot, but I want to try and do this all manually. This is a nice picture of this tower. Now this is a 17th century defense. Now I thought it might have been against the French with the walk secession. They had their that pretty much destroyed the castle that's here and in here, but no this was actually to defend against pirate Raiders. So you can see I can get a really good shot of this about 1415 satellites and a really nice aerial view here and it's gon na bring it back a little. You can see there. They probably had a wooden staircase to get up to that. You can see that that window there at the front was probably actually a door but there's one around the other side as well, so I'm, just gon na ring it a little bit closer. I don't wan na get too close, but I can see that there's there's, no one around there anyway stick over and see if I can just get the the gimbal to come down a little bit again. There you go just wan na have a look down on top of the roof.

Now sad still does have a roof, even this, this oldest probably been restored. Of course, I can have a look right down on the top of it and see if I can actually just line it up. You know I mean I could land on the top of this if I wanted to, but they wouldn't – probably very good, so I'm just going to bring it around now and down and I'll give you a view of course off the the coast and everything like that. This is what it's really interested me right here, having a look at this tower now, moving over five minutes now, better life down to 62. I look at all the feet around here. It'S, not very scenic good thing about having it so close. Now is a lot easier to control looking at it just tweak, the sticks seems that pretty good performance so very similar to the side of Mavic Pro them over ear, and I just bring the gimbal down again and give you a look at where I am right Here just wave, so you can see all these houses they were. Apparently it was some sort of project in the 80s that weren't horribly wrong because they didn't actually have a permit to do this. A perfect area for me to fly around and, of course, can see the audio hover does a pretty good job. It looks around a little there's, really no wind here, but not quite as steady as say, the DJI Maverick ear and the Maverick Pro that I've reviewed, gale warning, okay, yeah, it always seems to be.

I can see it moving around a little. There was to be actually got a bit of a current up here, just between this. This little gully that I'm in okay doesn't seem to be too bad. Actually so there we go. The horrible abandoned houses. Mountain range, in the background, is called the Mongo and, of course, I'm filming here in Denya, so I want to bring it in now, Music, all right. So to recap here on that footage, so I found that it looks oversaturated when I compare it to my GDG o matic pro and the Maverick air footage that I had from before. Previously it does tend to be a little bit more natural, those colors with DJI. This oversaturated now there is a way around this. Of course you can shoot an air flog and then completely color grade by yourself, so you fix the colors and you tweak it to whatever you want, so that is at least I'll work around. For that now I have noticed that sometimes it seemed to be a little bit off, not completely level the horizon. Okay, so there is a way around this as well. So when you first place it down before you go to takeoff, I recommend going into the settings reset the gimbal parameters and that it will live a little out completely and then you shouldn't really have any problems with that. So it is an easy drone to fly. Is it recommended for beginners for the pricetag differently, so you're not going to be crashing a thousand dollar phone? If you are happening to you know, you go out there and you're new to drones, but of course it has a beginner mode, like other drones as well put it in the beginner mode.

Get some experience get some confidence take it off, and then you can have some real fun with us now I didn't test out the sport mode with this video. But later I did fly it around. You get about 18 miles per second or not miles per second or meters per second sorry and it's a lot faster. It can corner a bit harder. You can really push it around and in high winds. I did test it out in some very high winds, not recommended. The hover was blowing all over the place and I did not have any confidence whatsoever. I thought it was going to hit a tree, so I quickly just thought no abort it I'm, not flying here. Didn'T record any footage either. I just landed the thing, so I don't recommend flying this and very heavy ones like any drone. You mean don't be silly with it. Don'T go out and say I look because a gale force winds out there. I'M gon na fly. My drone, no so who is this drone for? I think people that don't want to spend a lot. People that want to be doing manual flying they don't care about the fancy gimmicky flight modes are tracking. The tracking mode will work, of course, and I did test that it's okay, but there is a risk that I could have hit some trees or buildings and things so I just aborted it. I didn't want to rest that, so this is where this drone is not for people.

So if you want a drone, that's have obstacle avoidance, so it's not gon na crash into that tree a building. Then you want to get yourself a maverick pro 2 for that, with its 360 obstacle avoidance that's, the one to go for, but if you're on a budget – and you still want decent 4k footage – you want a flight time that's about 26 25 minutes, even though they Claim 33 you're getting less with typical normal flying, I would say 25 minutes, then this I feel, is a great drone to go for, if you're, after their foldable design like a maverick but not with the medic price tag. Thank you so much for watching this video.