I want to thank everybody, weve reached 16 and 200. Subscribers were almost to 16 300.. Thank you guys so much for watching the channel and thank you guys so much for supporting the channel. Also, I want to remind everybody you can join the channel now you can become a member for just 99 Cents at the beginning of next year. These three levels right here are going to go away and everything that is given in these three levels will go to the EBA Central member for just 99 cents a month, its affordable, its a way to support a channel. You like, and its very much appreciated by me now in that vein. I do want to send a shout out real quick to my newest member, Levin, guerral or levent goral, not sure how to say it. I probably mess it up. If I did, let me know in the comments below thank you so much for becoming a member to the channel, and thank you so much for supporting the channel. You will never know how much it means to me now. Weve all been waiting for a while for the release of Fedora 37. They had to put it off because there were some issues that they had to get dealt with first before they actually released it, which I think was a good call on their part. But today it finally dropped and it comes with some great information. Fedora editions are Flagship offerings targeted in a particular Market, with Fedora 37 theyre, adding two new additions.

Youve got the Fedora core OS, which is basically the successor to the atomic host drawing from the project. Atomic in the original cos work and Fedora cloud is also back as an addition. The cloud working group has seen a Resurgence in activity, so they definitely want to bring it to people and bring it to the Forefront and then desktop improvements for door. Workstation focuses on the desktop experience as usual. Fedora workstations features the latest gnome release. Gnome 43 includes a new device security panel. It also provides users with information about security of the hardware and firmware on the settings. Building on the previous release, more Organo maps have been ported to the latest version of the gtk toolkit. Also, with this release, theyve made a few changes to allow you to slim down your installation a bit. They split the language packs from Firefox browser into sub packages. This means you can remove the Firefox language packages if you dont need them. Localized the runtime packages for git text, the tools that help other packages produce multilingual texts are split into separate, optional sub packages as well, and, of course, they produce more than just the additions. They got the Fedora spins labs, they got the Fedora comp neuro Fedora lxqt, which provides a lightweight desktop environment and dont forget about their alternate architecture, which is the arm ar 64 power and s’0x. Then there is definitely some system admin improvements that have been brought onto this Fedora server now produces a KVM disk image to making running server in a virtual machine a lot easier, and then they do have a lot of other updates for the Raspberry Pi and such But definitely what we want to do right now is just get to Fedora 37 and take a look at it.

So lets zip on over to the desktop okay. So if you download Fedora, throw it on a USB or open it in a virtual machine heres, the screen youre met with you can install it to your hard drive or try Fedora Im going to go ahead and click try Fedora now right here, all you got To do is hit your super key and that should bring everything up and it sure does and then theres your installed hard drive from right there. Now. First things we want to take a look at is. This is good gnome. 43. So we come up here and you have the whole new area right here. You got your volume. You can adjust right here. Youve got your wired connections. You can adjust right there, you dont, have to go into settings to get to it balanced. You can set your power saver balance. You can change that right here and then, of course, dark mode and light mode can be changed right here, Im going to go ahead and leave the dark mode, because I do like the way that changes now I did hear that there were going to be some Changes in the installer, let me go ahead and pull it up because Im not quite sure, but if there are changes, I want to go ahead and go over those real, quick and it still looks like pretty much the same installer we had before so Im going To go ahead and quit, I was told that we were going to have a different one or maybe theyre, working on a different one.

I dont know Im sorry about that. Do you want to quit? Yes, I do want to quit. Well, go ahead and get back out of that now. Another thing I want to do is go ahead and come over here and lets see what theyre sending this out of the box. Weve got your regular weather clocks terminal lets, go ahead and run terminal real, quick, because I want to see what kind of resources were using lets double click on that, and we will see if they have H top. They dont lets go with top and then well make that bigger, so everybody can see it and were using about 800 megabytes of the two gigabytes I have issued to this machine so its running normally and typically, what youre going to get out of a gnome desktop Environment lets go ahead and close out of that and close it. I do like the wallpapers. What else do they have lets? Go ahead and change the background and see what we do have over here so other than the new one? We have right here that weve already got up. They dont really theyve got a different one. There too dont they okay, I kind of like the look of that one, and then we got this one right here. They do have some pretty awesome. Looking wallpapers, I think Ill leave that one up and while were over here in settings, everybody here is very familiar with these youve got Network Bluetooth, appearance, notifications, search, applications power.

This is where you come to set up all your pertinent settings for your distribution and now lets go over here and go to about, and this is localhost live shows that were using Fedora 37 workstation Whalen desktop environment, Ganon version 43.0. So really everything that we already knew about this distribution lets go ahead and go over here. Lets go ahead and open this back up. You got Maps LibreOffice out of the box, videos utilities, it comes with connections, disk usage, analyzer disks, logs problem reporting lets go ahead and back out of that terminal, we looked at it comes with gnome boxes. Software lets go ahead and open up the software Center. Enable third party repositories enable, and we want to go ahead and authenticate now. I do want to remind everybody why the software Center is refreshing itself. Uh youre going to need to install probably from RPM Fusion the codecs that youre going to need to use things like h.264 and things like that, because theyre no longer being shipped in Fedora in and of itself, for the simple fact that they want to avoid any Lawsuits over patent infringement or copyright infringement either way so thats, something that you might want to look at making sure you install the RPM Fusion repository. This should be populated here shortly. So give me just a second now I know I am using this in a live environment, but one thing that does bug me about Fedora and Fedora based distributions is the dnf seems, horrendously slow and maybe its just me being a mostly an arch or arch based Distro and spin user that it seems, like everything, downloads quicker everything refreshes quickly and it just seems like dnf – continues to be slow and sluggish.

I know there are things you can go in command line and put in, and it supposedly speeds it up, but my time that Ive spent on Fedora, even with using those tweaks, never seem to speed it up. Now you guys can see. This is the regular software Center here. Youve seen this across several different distributions and its pretty self explanatory. You find an application, you click on it. You can go over and install it. I can sit here and wait for this to populate and then continue my video, but, as you can see, were running into the same issues we always have now. I am going to have people in the comments. Go well youre in Virtual machines, so youre going to have issues with that. I never seem to have it on Fedora honestly. I never have it always populated decent time, but with dnf and the way it populates and things like that. It still bugs me there it! Finally, popped up, I dont know how long Ive been talking trying to wait for this to pop up, but it finally popped up and then you know lets say you wanted to just do something like scribbous, you click on it and then you would come over here And install it youd get it from Fedora Linux and its coming from RPM, obviously, click install and it would install it on your system. Now. If you do install RPM Fusion, you will find this will have applications listed that are in fusion and then, when you go over here, this will say RPM Fusion, as opposed to RPM.

So lets go ahead and close out of that and we will go ahead and come back down here then theres, your text, editor Rhythm box, weve, seen how to install software and really its pretty much. In my opinion, same old same old with the Fedora project. You get a solid operating system that just seems to work. I dont want to sound like Im, trying to be blase about it, but Fedora has been Rock Solid for a long time other than dnf and the slowdowns that you get with dnf. I cant complain about it about four or five months ago. I used it as my daily driver. I did all my content creation on it. I did all my designing on it and everything just went smooth updates, on the other hand, took a while installing applications sometimes took a while, but other than that, its a solid project, its a solid distribution, its a solid OS, I mean, if youre looking for the Genome 43 – and you want something solid, Fedora 37 is definitely the way to go with it. What do you think about? It is Fedora, something that youre already running, or is it something that you might finally download throwing a USB intake for a test drive? Let me know in the comments below please do me a favor before you leave today, please like subscribe or follow my channel the more likes I get keeps me in YouTubes algorithm, which means the information you just saw in this video.

If it was helpful to you, it can be helpful to somebody else and subscribe. Doesnt cost anything, and if you end up not liking me, you can always unsubscribe. If you like the channel and enjoy the videos that we are producing. We are on three separate platforms, YouTube nutrient and odyssey, and you can become members on all three on YouTube: its only 99 cents on neutrion its 2.99 and on Odyssey its four dollars. You can also buy us a cup of coffee, maybe go over to PayPal and throw us a donation or go to patreon and become a patron to the Channel. All those links will be in the description below, as always.