So the first question is a serious question: why does a CH b never send out review units to you literally every other brand, like a soos gigabyte and MS, I have no problem sending you their units for testing, sir yeah. This is basically being a battle that's going on for years that I've pretty much given up on at this point. To be honest, so essentially it comes down to they. Just don't want to send me review units it's, not like they're, saying no they're just really hard to get in contact with. So the way of one of these companies handle review units is you're. Just I don't just go out and contact HP directly for smaller companies that might work, but for big, huge companies that have a global presence like HP. Generally. What will happen is they'll have a PR company that manages everything on their behalf that's just so. I guess they don't have to get into the nitty gritty details of you know, arranging shipping and sending stuff out getting it sent back all that kind of boring work. I suppose so they have different PR companies in different parts of the world actually I'm, not sure. If that's the case with HP but that's, definitely the case with a lot of others, and I have found out who HP user in my country and I've reached out multiple times to try and get in contact with them they've. Just never given me any replies, so there's not really much.

I can do I mean there is. I have tried calling them I've left multiple emails. I even actually met with a couple of people from there at an event in Sydney a few months ago. I gave them my business card, they seemed interested in you know getting in contact with me and possibly giving me some review units, but nothing ever came of that and every time I try and reach out absolutely nothing happens. So at this point you know I can't really do much more I've tried everything I can. So if anyone from HP is watching by all means do get in contact I'm more than happy to test out your stuff, a lot of people are asking for it, but here in Australia the fact is a lot of HP laptops. They just cost a lot of money here and it would be really hard for me to just go out and keep buying those units over and over again so be much better if they can send them over. And you know if that happens great, but now I'm kind of stuck and there's not really much. I can do okay. The next question seems to be something quite a lot of people interested in the SU Sepphoris g14. Basically, when and how much so when I was at CES missile the g14, they weren't actually able to provide a price to me at that time. At least it sounds like other people have gotten some prices.

It sounds like under 1500 for the starting price, but you know I have no idea if that's correct – and I also don't know what specs that's for so we'll probably have to wait and see. As for when. Well, I guess technically, all AMD I've said publicly is Rison. 4000 is q1 2020, so technically anytime, before March and before March or during March, is what I have heard from other sources. But I have no clue at the moment and it's all going to come down to. I can't say it with that: getting demonetised but there's a particular virus at the moment that is causing issues with suppliers, so let's just leave it at that. That could affect things and yeah. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but hopefully March and starting at under 1500. So the next question is asking me my favorite laptop and am i interested in AMD's Rison 4000? Well, yes, I can definitely say straightaway: I'm interested in AMD's Verizon 4000, really keen to get them in for testing don't have any yet still waiting, hopefully not too long, but again they did say: q1, 2020. So any time between now and the end of March guess we'll see that's my favorite laptop. I suppose it depends what I'm using it for. Really I really like the gigabyte or a 15 X, which I'm still using, which is what I'm using right now to read out these questions. I really take it with me if I go out and travel and I need to edit 4k video, otherwise I'll take something smaller I've actually got a twelve point.

Five inch gel mebe air, which I've been meaning to review, and I like that, because it's nice and portable it's a very low spec, so you can't really do much. But you know if they're just like browsing the internet watching YouTube videos replying to comments. That kind of thing it gets the job done if I was like off to something to upgrade to today that could still at a 4k video that's fairly thin decent screen, metal body, good battery life, SD card, probably the electronics mag 15, or here in Australia, the Aftershock vapor 15 pro pretty good, maybe the gigabyte era 15 or LED again that roulette screen is pretty nice and also similar specs similar features. So those are probably what I would be looking at. I guess in terms of gaming laptop for the price, I always say, the Acer, Helios, 300 or lenovo y40 are pretty good for what they offer. Yeah that's a few. Hopefully that answers the question: do you still have time to play games and if so, what games are you really enjoying at the moment? So you know the answer is no, not really I kind of get through, maybe one one or two games a year. The fact is, I just don't have time I'm too busy working flat out on the channel. The last game I played was control. I think it was October. Oh that's, right yep. I basically spent my birthday weekend just playing control that throw it in a couple of days.

It was really fun before that. I probably hadn't really played a game fully through, since I think was like watchdogs too. I really liked that as well again, that's and all the tiles. Hopefully that gives you an idea of just how often I get in actually play games myself so I'm, obviously always benchmarking them all the time. But you know it doesn't really count as playing yeah. Basically, just no time I'd love to have more time, but I guess I prioritize the channel over fun. Okay. Next question: there are a lot of issues surrounding Razer, a seuss and other companies about their customer service, returns and warranty, repairs and concerns with faults over their laptops and products. How can I be so sure as to what laptop to buy from what company with so much discrepancy? It'S a good question I mean if you see, if you're spending thousands of dollars, you want your machine to work for years to come right, that's completely fair enough. I get it the problem I have as someone that reviews these machines is, I get the review unit and generally I'm only allowed to keep it for like two weeks and then it has to go back. So I obviously can't really do like long term testing. If I only have it for a couple of weeks, I spend a lot of time doing the best I can to find out everything I can, but those long term, issues that come up over time like like with MSI and hinge problems that type of thing it's, Not really something I can find out about unless it presents itself in that initial testing window.

So I could talk. I could go into depth about the gigabyte error 15 X I'm using here, because I've used it for more than a year. At this point – and you know that would be good information – I might actually do a follow up video on it with all of the problems I've had over time, but yeah with like razor. Obviously I think they've gotten a lot of people online have, you know, come out and said: they've had problems with their products, so first off there are always going to be bad. Probably it's, gon na be problems with products, regardless of how good the product is. Nothing is perfect and things are going to fail over time, that's just the way it is. It also depends on things like how people actually treating their laptops. So, like you know, I might one person might take their laptop around with them and take good care of it open. It carefully put it in a case that kind of thing, whereas another person might just tear the lid open when they need to use it chuck it in their bag with a bunch of other stuff. So you know it really comes down to the use case to some degree as well, but as for like systemic problems with different companies, yes really helped me to work out over time. It would be interesting if I could go through and like contact support from all these companies and find out the experience, but even if I do that, it's gon na really, I think it's going to differ just between region as well, like, I think the supports, probably Outsource to a lot of different regions for different companies worldwide, some of them might have a centralized likes place that all of the support queries go through, but it's really going to vary by company and I'd.

It would take a lot of work to do something like that. Well, I'll, keep it in mind. If I come up with anything, I can do. That would be interesting, but as for like long term testing, I think would be really good if, like large channels that well it appears that they get to keep these laptops, unlike smaller guys like me, so if they can keep the laptops and use them long term, It would be good to see long term testing from them, but for now, at the moment, unless I'm allowed to keep something it's not really something, I can get first hand experience with. Is there any difference in FPS benchmarks in 15 and 17 inches of a Cisco 3, just like with the electronics max 15 and 17 inches, so I can't say for sure, because I've never had the 17 inch version of the SCAR 3. Specifically, I did ask histories for that offer. I initially reviewed the 15 inch because I was very interested in finding that out. I believe they probably will be a small difference, because I think the 17 inch one has an extra heat pipe inside me if I'm wrong. I think I saw a photo of that at some point and you know if there's extra cooling them as the potential for improved speeds, especially with the GPU as NVIDIA GPU boost, relies on temperatures for boosting the clock, speed higher, so yeah, potentially some improvements with the 17 inch model there with the max 15 and 17.

You can probably work this out by looking at my 17 and 15 inch benchmarks. I do have a full dedicated video comparison coming. I think it'll come out after this QampA there, but essentially the 17 inch version is a couple FPS ahead and that does sort of come down to cooling, because those thermal throttling in both of those machines with the 2070 version, at least because they're just super powerful And you know it's a thin machine kind of expected, but yeah the 17 inch model does come out slightly ahead there. You can probably use that as a generalization, because 17 inch machines do technically have more space for cooling, but at the same time I have opened some and inside the you know, the internals are pretty much lay out exactly the same later. Some of them don't make full use of the additional size and the 17 inch models. So, in those cases I wouldn't wouldn't surprise me at all if there was no difference so yeah, basically to summarize big is probably no difference to a small difference, but it'll depend on the machine. Favorite football team, basketball, team, favorite, game, favorite tech reveal sorry. I don't really follow any sport personally, as for games, I think I went through those in a previous question, probably control at the moment that was pretty sweet, as mentioned. I think watchdogs that's, just because before I did YouTube full time, I worked as a penetration tester.

So security – and you know that was really fun. The game kind of I did a good job of getting into like the haka scene and hacker culture. I think they did a good job of representing that and I'm interested to see how the new version or new yeah what's cool watchdogs Legion. When that comes out later, the CL be interested in playing that. As for tech reviewer, he knows a lot of great guys out there in terms of laptops, other smaller channels, like Stephen from own or disowned Bob of all trades. Those guys do some good stuff. Personally, I don't actually watch too many other laptop channels. I watch a lot of like desktop PC channels like flatware unboxed gamers Nexus channels, like those are really good, I'd like to make a load of that content myself, but my channel seems to be more laptop, focused and that's fine. I enjoy doing it, but yeah like watching, probably more desktop PC stuff myself personally. Do you think GeForce now, project, Dex cloud or any cloud gaming will affect in some way the gaming laptop market look it's reasonable to think that that will probably happen at some point. I guess it's just a matter of when, at the same time, I think there's always going to be issues with like just delay. Due to this, like the speed of light at this point, is actually a bottleneck with many of these online services. Some games it's.

Not so sensitive, whereas other games, like first person shooters where you know you're playing competitively, you kind of want that native performance, so I think there's probably always going to be some need for gaming laptops with discreet graphics inside, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. If we kind of see that that market shrink over time either way, I think people are still going to need something to play. The laptops on you'll probably get pretty boring. If I become a channel that does you know like testing these online services and we just have like a generic laptop that has low specs, either way, there's still gon na be some level of hardware, however powerful. That may be so. I think they'll still be. Reviews of components like that, but yeah it could potentially get a bit less interesting over time. Just depends on how those services mature, I guess we'll, have to wait and see. Do you know any good websites that have benchmarks for laptops? Not really, sir? The only one I'm really aware of is maybe less things like use, a benchmark that those just aren't really good use a benchmark specifically is actually kind of trash, but that's a different topic. I would like to publish my results on my own website that I recently launched Jarrod's Tech if you haven't seen it yet so the problem with that is is like. Well, I guess, it's the problem. Anyone has really. I should probably just publish the results in like a table or allow you to like select a drop down and compare one laptop, tuonela there's, just so many caveats and variables that I like nerding.

So when I do a video comparing like two different laptops I'll, do my very best to make them as apples to apples as possible. But if I just have like all the data I've ever collected over like the last year, I think it would be hard to fairly compare all of the like different machines. It would be good as like a rough. You know general thing, and I guess I could note on the page like due to these reasons. Results you know, might not be perfectly comparable in a fair way, but I think there's definitely room for things like this to exist. I'M, not aware of any big places that do this. Specifically, I know notebook check, have a range of games that have have that information available, but yeah, I think, would be good to have a large website that's well known for publishing that sort of data. I just think, as mentioned it'll be hard to do it in a fair, fair way. Should I get an Intel and envy a laptop or wait a few more months to get a laptop with Rison, 4000 series, 8 core 16 thread and rx GPU I'm, not in a hurry at the moment? Well, if you're not in a hurry at the moment, to be honest, I just wait it out at this point. Rison 4000 CPUs should be pretty imminent. They said q1 2020, so technically before March, and even if there are delays due to a certain virus, you know I wouldn't expect maybe any more than an extra month or two either way.

If you don't buy a machine with the new stuff, you could still get a pretty good sale on last gen model that you might have been looking at and apart from Rison, I think Intel 10th gens, probably like maybe April, May time frame, probably put before Computex Again, probably invidious super laptops as well laughter latency but yeah if you don't, need anything in a hurry, there's, so much stuff like just around the corner in the next few months. At this point, I just wait it out unless you really need something right now. Is it worth it to buy a Helios 329 team that has Core i5 and RT X 2060, or should I wait for the new AMD's kind of similar answer to the last question? My five is: okay, personally, I'd probably go to an i7. If I was getting the 2060, if you're playing games at high settings or your more GPU bound, the 2060 will give you a an edge there. Even if you go, I seven and sixteen six DTI. I think you know a couple of years from the others. Extra calls will probably be a bit more beneficial than the boost to the GPU that's, just my personal preference opinion. I suppose you know I don't know how game's going to perform in the future, but you, the 1660 TR, seems pretty capable at the moment. Four cores are still still pretty good, but there are some games that are starting to see benefits from more CPU power.

So yeah, I guess maybe wait and see because you know again AMD new AMD stuff isn't too far out just depends. If you want to wait a little bit longer or if you need something right now, how tall are you about this tool? I think I'm, like 187 centimeters, which is like 61. I think not really sure. Does i7 ninth gen make a huge difference in games against five ninth gen laptop? If they have the same GPU say sixteen sixty TI. Will this affect thermals too so yeah? I would expect it to affect thermals. Of course it depends on what workloads you're running, but if there is anything that's hitting multi core absolutely I would expect it to run hotter. So I can't speak in specifics for this question and it's really frustrating ever since 9th gen launched in what was it like April 2019. I think I haven't been able to get a single I 5 laptop for testing, pretty much all the laptops I get oi7, which is super annoying because I know if I had an i 5 verse, i7 video up like last year sometime, it would have just crazy Views like sure, that's nice for me, but if so many people ask this question, it would be so much more useful to have a good resource that I know is accurate that I can refer people to especially for a question like this. The fact is, I just don't know I would expect I 7 to be better.

The boost speed is only a bit higher like a hundred megahertz in the old quarter Bo. I think so. Pretty small it'll really come down to whether or not the game benefits from extra calls. I always saw Android use all I'll have to go with the Android, because I've got the pixel 3 Excel. I only got this because I smashed up my Nexus 6p. Pretty bad and before that I had a HTC Desire. Hd sir I've had Android for like 10 years now. I had an iPhone once for work since then, but yeah just prefer Android personal preference, which is better horizon 7 3750 H with the 1660 ti6 gig or Intel i7 9750 H with the 1656 gig. Both have 16 Giga RAM, so it's really going to depend on what you're, using this machine for, if it's anything that requires CPU power like rendering or say like editing, visual exporting video. I think the i7 will give you an edge that, if it's for gaming, even though an i 5 8300 H can comfortably beat the 3750 H that 1660 Ti is still like 50 percent faster than the 1650. So if it's for gaming, definitely the Rison as much as it pains me to say that, because the cpu is below and last gen i5, but that 1660 Ti is just going to give you much better performance in most games, I think, is Nitro 5 with i7 1660 TI a good choice in its price segment: what's good what's, the scope of upgrade ability in that laptop so I'm, pretty sure the upgrade ability is very similar to other laptops like the Nitro 5.

So pretty much, I think what you can change is the memory and the storage. So as with most of these laptops, CPU and GPU soldered to the motherboard, you can also change out the Wi Fi card. That should be possible, so I haven't actually had the Nitro 7 for testing I've been trying to get one from ASA for months at this point, pretty much kind of given up because it's, just being you know forever, I believe it's, basically the same as the Nitro 5, just with a metal lid, and that makes it just ever so slightly thinner so in terms of performance it's, probably very similar to the numbers. I show in my Nitro 5 review because I had that with the i7 and 1660 ETI so yeah you could probably refer to that for more details. Are you going to make more monitor reviews? I just noticed they're particularly successful on your channel yeah that's, a very interesting when you go and look at my like top viewed videos there's a lot of monitor videos there. I guess people are really interested in like budget monitors, particularly for gaming. The content creator monitors usually don't, do so good, so I guess a lot of people searching for gaming, monitor reviews. I do actually have some more coming. I think I'm, getting a 75 Hertz BenQ monitor and some new one from ms. I can't really remember the model names off the top of my head yeah.

There are more coming as for why, like they're so well beard, I don't think they bring in a lot of subscribers to the channel, probably because I'm not a monitor, channel and to be fair. There are a lot of other better out there that cover letter. Sorry, the cover modernists like timber typer unboxed, he does an extremely good job, makes my monitor videos look like crap to be honest, but yeah I'll probably keep doing some occasional videos here and there on the monitors that represent good value for gamers, because well they do Pretty well and I'm interested in testing out new motors because I'm always interested in using new screens like the ones I've got here at the moment, probably aren't the best. I would like an upgrade sir yeah, even just personally it's good for me to get new motors in and just test them out, see how they go, and then I can decide if it's something I want upgrade to myself at some point. I'Ve seen a lot of complaints about Razer laptops, some have USB issues and fan issues what's your take on that. Should you buy a raised laptop, so I kind of addressed this in the previous question. Basically, it's really hard for me to test these things out long term and find these issues when I tested, I don't think I've had any serious problems with any of the Razer laptops that I've tested. So I can't really comment on this too much, but from what a lot of people have been saying online that it does seem like failure rates are higher than others.

I mean I don't have the stats to back that up and again all laptops, regardless of who they come from. Do you have problems? Nothing is perfect, but keeping that in mind it does seem like people are. You know having some issues with the razors, but yeah? No personal experience with that, sir can't really go into it in any more details. What are your favorite countries for travelling and how many of you traveled, sir I'm, in Australia at the moment, I've already gone to New Zealand, u.s. and Taiwan for Computex? I think I like New Zealand immersed it's, just a very beautiful country, looks nice. I'Ve gone there like three or four times just even to the same places, because I just really like it good food good views. Currency conversion from my Australian dollar to theirs is usually favorable for me, so that's nice, whereas to the u.s. at the moment, it's big yeah. Probably New Zealand is my favourite at the moment. What do you do other than YouTube pretty much? Nothing as sad as that sounds this is basically my full time job and I probably spend too much time on it, as is so yeah, basically just the channel at the moment, what's your favorite gaming, laptop like among the ones you tested recently, which one would you Say is the best value for money and checks all the boxes? Well, it depends what those boxes are like. I don't know what else you might be using this machine for and what your budget is, if it's purely for gaming generally at the 1000 1200 US dollar price point, I suggest that ISA, Helios 300 or lenovo y40 with the gtx 1660 TI because there's a pretty Good value they perform pretty well decent features, basically just overall good for the money.

But if you want like extras, I guess more bells and whistles like good keyboard, larger battery Thunderbolt SD card and those kinds of things that are probably looking at something like the aftershock paper 15 Pro here in Australia and Singapore or electronics mag 15 in the US. Via really comes down to what you're after and what your budget is, can you review the waifu 5700 XT? Probably not pretty, shall stiva gamers nexus has already done that one pretty well I'm kind of looking to get out of dedicated reviews on graphics cards. They just don't perform that well on my channel and there's a lot of time involved to test one of those out, and I think those guys just do a better job of it than I do anyway. I'M still keen on doing graphics, card comparisons, but yeah. As for the dedicated reviews, I'll probably start doing less of those, I think, unless you know you guys really want to see that for some reason – and let me know otherwise, the second part of that question, what is the thing, you're least excited for what? What from what was showed at CES last month, oh man, whole month ago, it seems like forever. I mean, I guess you could probably check my CES roundup wrap up whatever video I probably went through some things there well off the top of my head. Any company that didn't have anything new to show like ice ax had some new things to be fair, but in terms of gaming laptops, they didn't really have anything with Rison 4000, which was interesting, given things like the Nitro 5 previously have had AMD rising CPUs, but It didn't really seem like they were going ahead with 4000 series, so that was a pretty big disappointment for me, because that would being good to see otherwise lenovo didn't have anything either other than gaming laptop with you know, you're supposed to use the EGP.

You notice great graphics, so I guess those is one Mele that's, one least excited for not really that interesting. What would you recommend cooling, your laptop with just a simple cooling pad, or are there certain things to consider, so I actually have a really detailed video coming out on this in a week or two and it's taken me like a year to get all the data For I mean I could have done that quicker, but I've been working on it around other projects and well, basically, what I've done is I've tested out 10 different laptops with so just the laptop on the table on just the metal stand on three different cooling pads And with vacuum, coolers and compared the whole lot so without giving too many spoilers, basically at least in the cooling pads I tested they perform essentially the same. I guess they all do the same basic job of lifting the Machine up and blowing in a little air. So cooling pad is a pretty good option, but also just raising the back of the machine up gives most of the advantage from what I saw. What do you think is that worth the wait to 4th gen rise and mobile processors, or can I buy a laptop now with the risin? 737. 50H. Look, in my opinion. The 3750 H is not great. A last gen I 5 comfortably beats it in most workloads at this point with Rison 4000. So close, I would seriously just wait and at least see how it stacks up.

I'Ve got to 3750 HT left ops here at the moment that I'm about to retest, so I'll have fresh data to compare with when I get the 4000 series, so hopefully not too far until we know, as for the graphics with 2060 or 5600 M, is really Hard to say, because the 5600 M isn't available yet so I've had a chance to test it. Don'T know how that one performs, if it's anything like the 5500 M and how that stacks up with the 1660 T, I know it's, probably gon na use a bit more power than the Nvidia version, but again have to wait and see. For that, can you do a su sorry G, Zephyrus mg? U 502 G new model and razor blade 15 base model review so possibly on the blade, because it's not too difficult for me to get things from razor. But at this point I so feel like. I might as well just hold off till the 10th gen version, that's – probably like a few months away at this point. How much do you really want me to spend like a whole week, testing this machine that's just going to be, you know, replaced by a future version, probably not good time. Investment on my part when I can work on other things. As for the GU 502 GU? Oh man, look I've really been trying to get that for ages. Essentially, a soos don't sell that model in Australia, and you know only four percent of my audiences from Australia.

Most of the audience is from the US, which I believe that model is sold there and I've pointed that out to them, but they still don't really seem interested in sending me one from overseas to cover I mean it sucks, but it is what it is for. Some reason they just don't have it in my country and they don't want to ship one over for me to test. I currently have the Helios 300 and I was able to upgrade in terms of Windows version and the latest Nvidia driver, however I'm hesitant to update my BIOS in this laptop thinking. It might do more harm. In my laptop sir, sir, I was going to ask. Is updating your BIOS whirter, so it really depends on. I guess what the update provides is the new functionality improvements bug, fixes that kind of thing so, depending on who is actually providing the BIOS update? Often there might be a change log which just basically has a big list of all the improvements that have been made so it'd be worth having a look and seeing if that's published on the Acer website, it might not be. I think some BIOS updates will have like a text file within like a zip with the BIOS update, so you might have to download it to find that information. Sometimes there are improvements like there might be some serious crashing issues you might be having with your machine that the BIOS update could fix I've seen some BIOS updates.

You know do under vaulting out of the box that kind of thing so performance improvements are possible. They could adjust things like fan. Curves fan speed temperature limits, basically there's a lot of love, different things that they can do and generally, if they're, providing an update, you would think that the improvements would be good, probably less likely that you're going to update and things going to suck and they're going To be worse, I suppose depends on the machine, but yeah in general. I think you're probably fine to go ahead. I update all the bye as pretty much first thing. I do when I get these laptops in for review. I'Ve never had any problems with, like you know, breaking a laptop that kind of thing. The only time I haven't updated, a laptop by office is actually with my gigabyte error 15 acts. So, just before I went to see us, I found out that there was an update that came out a few months beforehand or something – and I was a. I was like one update behind now the changelog that I could see wasn't too clear, on what the differences were between what I had and what the new version had. I mean I didn't go out of my way to look for it, but I did a quick Google search on the new version and I found some forum thread somewhere of people talking about the update. Just you know, resulting in their machine essentially being bricked.

You turn it on and it's just a black screen and you can't use it so because I really needed this machine for CES to edit all my videos. I just didn't bother going ahead with that update to me. It wasn't worth the risk because I needed the machine essentially every day for hardcore video editing for that whole week. So I didn't bother touching it that you know that aside, where other people have reported issues, I think in general, for the most part, it's, usually pretty safe and you're, usually probably going to get some kind of improvements. Do you enjoy your work on YouTube or just doing it as a source of income definitely do enjoy it? I feel like if I didn't enjoy it. I probably wouldn't spend as much as I do as much time as I do on the channel, so yeah it's good. I like doing it are the only difference between the 1660 Ti and RT X, 2060, the RT X speeches and the price nerve. So I actually have a whole video on that. If I remember I'll leave the link to the card thingy in whichever corner of the video that'll be so I've done a detailed comparison on it from memory. Basically, the 2060. It has more CUDA cores. It does run warm slightly warmer, but you know I wouldn't let the temperature difference be the main factor that makes me consider the 1660 Ti. I just look at price and performance personally and decide.

Based on that, I was wondering if AMD Verizon, 4000 series, CPUs and NVIDIA GPU being together in a laptop. Can you still use in video optimist like the Intel, CPU, so yeah? There are laptops at the moment that have AMD CPUs and Nvidia graphics and you can use optimist there and even if you have AMD graphics, AMD CPU, this there's, something there I mean, I don't know if they call it Optimus. I think Optimus is an Nvidia term. Correct me, if I'm wrong there but yeah the AMD option does something very similar, whether Vega graphics in the seat, pan the processor will be used for like just viewing windows and stuff. But then, when you open a game, the discrete Radeon graphics will be in use there and continuing the question: is it possible to have MUX switch on AMD and NVIDIA inside a laptop sir? I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, but at the same time also, I can't think of any examples that implement that I don't know if that's, just because there's less AMD laptops at the moment, maybe that'll change more with Rison 4000 might just have to wait And see be a nun come to mind at the moment. Let me know if you know of any, because I don't know any just curious if the AMD CPU is the same as Intel or taking a different approach while connecting a laptop display. So there is something I do want to note there.

I think there is some difference: I'm, just not exactly sure what it is or how it works. So when you have an intel, cpu, nvidia GPU in a laptop, if you want to do g sync, the only way you can do. That is, if you have the NVIDIA GPU directly connected to the screen. So you can do that with a MUX which, where you can toggle between optimist and discreet graphics, only but that's pretty much required in order to do g sync with nvidia. On the other hand, if you have an AMD, CPU and say Radeon graphics, like with the msi alpha 15, which has a 37 50 H and the 5500 M, so that has precinct and the way that works is it's. The Vega graphics within the Rison CPU, which handle freesync so the 5500 M, will run the game sends the frames over through the Vega graphics. I believe, and then that goes out to the screen and it's those mega graphics, which do free sync. So you can still get, I suppose, a smoother gaming experience without the need for swapping over to the discrete graphics only which seems to be the requirement, at least at the moment, for ng sync sort of related to that question. Is there hope for MUX all the things yeah? I think there is. I can't really talk about at the moment, but I have seen something that looks. Hissing you'll have to wait and see.

Second part of that question. Can we discuss the wattage problem on a lot of laptops and why CPU clocks are not, as they say it all when it comes to performance? So I think I did a post about this on Jarrod's tech website recently and yeah. That is a valid point. The post was titled, something like why you can't buy a laptop based purely on the spec sheet, and the example I gave was the MSI prestige 14 and the prestige 15, because they both have the same Intel. I7. 10. 710. You, whatever it is, but the power limits are like way different to the point where the performance is significantly different, whereas you would look at the specs with the spec sheets and you go. Oh these have the same same processor, I'll get the same performance right. No definitely not because it's, just not how it works. Small machine law, power limits, results in lower clock speeds that's just the way it is. This it's really hard trust me like I'm, well aware, I try to do fair comparisons all the time, and you know I could do so much more, so many more detailed comparisons, if I had if I didn't, have to worry about different power limits and different machines. It'S definitely a really annoying factor that have to take into consideration all the time and as someone buying a machine, it's really hard to know what the power limits are. I often get asked a lot of questions like with this specific model of laptop.

You know what what is just the the CPU and GPU runner and unless I've tested it or someone's documented that somewhere, you just have no way of knowing, like the RT X, 2070 max Q, I've, seen 80 watt variants, Notting web variance and even 100 watt variant. In the razor blade Pro 17 – and you know that's enough difference to make it perform quite a bit different, so yeah, it sucks, and I don't really know what the solution is. Unless companies come up with some way of either specifying the power limit and how that might relate to performance or just not segmenting the products based on different power limits at the same time, I can't really see that happening, because if you can use the same piece Of hardware and change the performance and thermals based just on the power limit, I can see a lot of companies taking advantage of that so that they can have different SKUs, but yeah. It kind of is what it is. I suppose, even though it sucks well, that was the last question for the February QA next QampA will be in March, I've kind of already got it filmed, but I can't talk too much about it at the moment. You'Ll just have to wait and see, but yeah definitely an interesting one and you won't want to miss it.