You can write everything down, take notes and so on, but that is also available in a different way, namely here the remarkable a paper tablet. But for me it is big question: why do I need a tablet that can only display black and white? No backlight has no AppStore nothing at all, and then it costs almost 600 euros with a pen and all the trimmings music in the basic configuration you get exactly this here, the like brand Image, 2 and theres, nothing there well pack it out. I think you have to buy a pen, for example, here its the marker, plus it has the advantage that there s an eraser theres, still the marker as normal thats on the shopping list. In addition and then yes, somewhere there has to be a cover. So that is basically the starter package. I find it a bit annoying that with a yes paper, rem, arkable, paper, tablet, no pen is included that you have to buy it for around 100, more than 100 uh, well, its no different with the iPad, but here its really just pure pen input iPad. If I dont want to be on the go handwriting moderately or for drawing, I do nt necessarily need a pen here. I think it should have been included in the package. In any case, let s take a look at the pen here. First, the whole thing is really well kept Advantage here with this pen. You dont need a battery, it has to not to be charged, but it works like this at the back here at the top, you have the eraser.

The pen has 4096 pressure levels, so it is very well resolved and I would also say at an angle when writing at an angle. It recognizes it very well. The next accessory is a case because it needs it In any case. One thing I have to say is that everything is nicely packed with paper and little plastic.. I like that a lot, and here you can sign up for a Led. He can decide on a leather case which costs a lot of money or here for around 100 for such a part thats. Also. Yes, it protects the remakable 2 very well, but now lets unpack the tablet. Here we have USB a to usb c cable. Then there is a small area here. Welcome yes, quick setup, quick, start guide and then here the tablet itself. That is not difficult so that yes, music, that is really fascinating. That is so thin. You can see this look incredible incredibly flat and thin. The workmanship, the haptics here at the back front glass a bit rough. All that makes a really big impression. Very classy lets put it in the case here. You can also expect that at this price, aha, look at the magnetic connection here at the top switch on and off, and then you have usb c again down here on the aluminum frame and that was pretty simple music. An aluminum frame with double sided glazing at the front and back is remarkable: ebling Weighs 404 grams and is only 4.

7 mm, i.e. 0.47 cm thick.. I have never experienced that with a tablet.. It feels great.. There are small feet here, which means you can put it on the table and it wont slip good idea. The display is 10.2 inches in size. The software works inside a Linux operating system called Codex, an in house development of remarkable and the only fails and connections are the onoff switch up here and the usb c connection down here. The great thing about charging is, of course, the battery or the long operating time of up to two weeks said the manufacturer, and this is possible. Thanks to this, i ink display Black and white representation. This is a very special display technology that is almost similar to what you have with Kindle, for example, with the wheels. You know it is absolutely non reflecting now here through the headlights here with us. Yes, you can see a bit, but there is hardly anything reflecting only black and white. That is typical for the paper or i Any display, and it doesnt have a backlight, but look at it its really magnetic here on the right side, the pen is technically absolutely sufficient for the requirement and the display itself is so slightly roughened. I have to see thats how its really written Great with that, as everyone says, almost like with paper Im curious lets, take a look at it. Of course, its not a Bionic A16 processor tablet, with all the trimmings, its focused on writing and thats how it should be.

You shouldnt, be distracted. I have to say Yes, if Im doing any work on the iPad Im, not distracted by the fact that Internet Explorer is on it, but it doesnt matter if you switch it on up here and youre in the user interface down here. Basically, the top menu and the settings there. You have WiFi batteries, storage, security, language, everything you can set the language you can set here what the handwriting recognition, because, of course, it also has a handwriting recognition, which means it transfers your handwriting into printed letters which can be set here in German. Also, the keyboard layout in German, but the basic language is English, So in the menus lets start with Notebook plus, then you can go here. Z, Pick out great templates, so a whole lot, of course, also a touchscreen which is normal. We just take lines here, big and then you are already in your interface and can write like this and well do that. I have a really really horrible font, for example, lets write it Marc, cable, 2, okay, cant, read a pig. I cant read my handwriting sometimes by the way here, you have different pens and here well use another one. Well youre, going to use a thick marker, well take a fineliner well take that brand is really impressive. This glass surface is very slightly roughened and writing is actually very paper like backside. Eraser is also great. Then you can also mark certain objects, so to speak, for example, make a frame around and then you can move it on the screen.

So the software is well thought out very simple, but different for what they should be able to do: ne pens, hatching options, eraser spray and so on really great. Also, the templates are great that you have lined paper and so on and so forth. Eight pens there are countless paper templates in the software and, of course, you can also synchronize the whole thing via the Connect software costs just under three euros a month that has just been reduced, and you then have your notes on all devices. What bothers me a bit is the lack of backlighting. I was sitting in the dark right now and I wanted to write a note. Remarkabelle 2 brought out bad in the dark. It just lights up, not so there I would say in any case the remarke image. Three, a backlight should be donated by the manufacturer, and, yes, Amazon is showing the way with its Kindle. There is no backlight that can also be variably, adjusted in many stages, and still you still have this great great great. Yes, this great impression and clarity and the d. The clarity is, of course, there look at it its really incredibly great from the paper from the feeling of writing. Well, thats, a great piece of technology and it just looks really classy and also feels classy, whether thats, something for me is and what I basically think about the remarkable 2. In conclusion, now in my conclusion, so what do I say about the remarkable duality of absolute technology? Nerdy? On the one hand, I find it totally fascinating.

4.7 mm the whole feel the great workmanship that makes a huge, huge, good impression, also two weeks running time. This paper is great, the feeling of writing on it, like, on paper, thats, great, also, the individual pressure levels that you notice it exactly. Thats, really well thought out and simple and thats what the remaker wants to be too. He does nt want to distract himself in the prince, but yes help you with the daily writing of notes, but as a technology nerd, I have to say Im missing a lot. So, on the one hand, I find it really annoying s. You buy the part here and there is no pen with it. Now you might say yes with the iPad or with the Android tablet. There is also no pen with it. Yes, but this is specifically for writing. I dont think its okay, that you have to pay more than 100 again for this, you have to buy a pen thats one thing: the other thing that really bothers me is the lack of backlighting, because friends I want to be out and about somewhere, where theres, No light or in the dark in the evening you just cant use the thing who is it for Thats a purchase recommendation from me hm? So if you have a lot of notes, works creatively, maybe you want to make black and white sketches thats, certainly great for you. Synchronization with the notes would be very important for me as an Apple user.

Yes, you should buy it, you should not buy it. You want to know for yourself, no honestly, who writes a lot yes, otherwise, a much more modern tablet with which you can do a lot more for the price is already a very special thing, but one thing is very clear: when you are somewhere the Au Attention Is a certainty: this is a really great piece of technology. Thank you for watching. That was my short review of the remakable too. I wish you a great time.