Hopefully, have you ever heard of that saying you dont know what you need to have until you have what you know what you need, probably not, because I think I just made that up, but I think that phrase sums up. This fan Tech, E1 Max Mini electric screwdriver, and I cant begin to explain to you how this has made things so much easier for me. No longer am I sifting through different tool, sets looking for the right size or tool, and I think thats something we all need in our lives. No messes keep it simple and just work money for agree. Well, the fantic E1 Max Mini electric screwdriver is a Precision. Screwdriver set with 50 magnetic Precision bits two Gears of torque from high to low and also a manual mode or a lock mode, its cordless and its the perfect repair tool companion for things such as your tablet, your phone, camera, laptop and things alike. Alright. So lets get into it, so the first thing youre going to notice is that this is all in one everything is set in this compact case. You dont need any more anything else more than this nice solid, like metal or tin, kind of construction, build that you have right here on the top you can see. All you have to do is just press here which opens everything up. Two things are going to happen: uh the actual housing or the case that holds all the bits is going to pop out and the actual screwdriver is going to pop out as well.

So when we press it, you see how this comes out every now and then that doesnt come out. Lets try to get it there. You go. It just came out so well, pull it out. Weve got our screwdriver right here and yeah. You got your um, your Titan, your loosen when you press it a little light comes on there as well. Youve got your space where you can put your drill bits. You have a high torque position. Lets focus in youve got a high torque position right. There lets take this off. Youve got a high torque position right there. You have a lock mode and, of course, a low torque position right there. This, of course, is so you dont strip the bolts or, if you have some uh some devices or they dont want the screws too tight. They just want to secure youd, probably want it in the low low mode uh right there youve got a charging port on the bottom right there, as as well as an included charging cable for it USB a to USBC and, of course, your uh. Your forward and backward like I said before now, again bring it out and just look at this. You just have a ton of bits right here from it. Youve got H, bits, youve got SL bits, P bits, L, bits, uh, P bits just so many things, uh youve got a youve got a screw or a bit picker right here.

Uh youve also got a tool right here to actually get into different devices such as like, if you got to get under the screen of your phone or your of your tablet. Youve got this right here, also used to open up controllers as well and yeah, and of course just like I said there was a 50 piece uh tool bit set so yeah as well right here, youve got a little magnetic piece or placement to hold uh your Screws magnetically – and this is non magnetic right there, so yeah. This is just a lot of bits. Uh right now, Im going to give you an example of how I use this to open and fix this uh. My this Xbox controller for my kids, really simple: it havent really went really fast, so yeah so lets just get straight into it. Um. Let me pick the bit first, oh actually before. Let me before we get to that. Uh Natalie can use this on electronic devices, but you can also use it on little tougher devices as well, so nope, all right. So Im going to put this right here, all right, Im gon na put this on lock mode because I dont Im, I dont use a motor, and here is my monitor that I have to decide. Of course, youve got like this little youve got these little things right here. I can either loosen it. Yep oh, come on turn it there we go.

I can loosen the monitor, so we now go back and forth or I can use it again to tighten it as well. So if youve got devices that take a little more just wrenching, you can use this as a regular screwdriver when used within the oh. It was an unlock mode within the lock mode. Oh boy, uh yeah. So just keep that in mind all right, so lets switch out. My bits lets switch out to the one where I actually want to open up this controller, and I believe it is. I dont remember which one it was uh here we go this one. I think it was this one. So I believe this is uh. The the t9h all right so well go right here, right and well go to low speed. You know unwind so Ill start right here down here and see if we can get a nice shot of it open up my controller Music foreign Im able to just take apart my controller and fix whatever I need to fix with. It was really simple. It was really so cool, like I said before before. I have to use find different tools for this, but now everything is just in this right here and then you know if I want oh and if I needed to, I can just go ahead and just set everything back up like I need to as the way Before and this will just tighten it up real quick again now, one of the reasons why I like this is because of low torque mode.

I can tighten the screws all the way enough without jamming it uh. You know I know were talking about this, but with these when youre taking them apart, you dont want to tighten them too tight. Otherwise the sticks become not responsive. So when I find out when I use this on the low mode, it tightens it just enough. Whats up and were back in working again all right, so not only can use it on that. We can also use on finer things, such as a tablet were going to go through real, quick and Ill show you what that looks. Like unfortunately, uh my son, he broke my son kind of ruined my tablet, so Im just kind of using it now as an experiment for this video. So lets find the right tip for this right now so this down, and we got some really really tiny bits right. There super tiny uh so lets see if I can find the right one now. One thing youll see is that it has a diagram of what kind of bit it is right here. Youve got kind of like a peace sign grip. Then you have some Square grips right here. A triangle grip, a circle grip and then some more Unique Kind of grips uh as well. Of course, we have a regular Cross grip that we may use, and I think thats probably what Ill need for this next one right here, so I think Im going to go with the this one right here lets see if this is small enough to open this Up, yes, it is, then I can just there we go oops did it come out and oh, it just fell down and there we go.

Of course I can just put it right here in my magnetic spot, so it doesnt go anywhere all right. So let me show you my final Thoughts with the um. The fan Tech, uh, ex1 uh mini Precision screwdriver set. First of all, I I love this again Im not having to go all over the place. Oh god really could it be in the big one, the small one, Whatever tool set, everything is put together in this one, and all I have to do is just charge it and Im good to go. It has a storage container, it has all sorts of devices. So I cannot only screw, but I actually can get into devices as well and do what I need to do as far as you know, really uh sensitive and meticulous uh uh operations when Im getting into it um. I love the fact that its battery power, you have a high and low torque if you come youre coming something thats, just a little bit tighter such as maybe camera equipment put in a lock mode and just kind of use it as a screwdriver itself, and I Love how everything is just selfish self, sufficient, compact all and one really trying to time this out space just like that, if theres one gripe that I had about this um. No, I really! I really, I really dont I I wish it did, have some! No, it actually does Im Im Im Im wishing something that it already does have yeah there we go yeah normal size screwdrivers, you know do I wish that it had maybe like a higher torque yeah, probably, but this is for more precise things that youre gon na Be using youre not going to be putting furniture together with this uh but yeah.

I really dont have anything bad to say about this. Ive been using the Ive, been testing this out for about a week now um over time, Ill see more about it, but Ive had anything new to share about it. Ill share it with you all right, uh thats it. This is the fan. Tech E1, MDX Precision mini script, Mini screwdriver, set with 50 pieces, really hope this video guide, video helped you out guys take care bye as always Ill leave links links in description down below. So you can pick up your own Precision. Screwdriver six of the fan – Tech, uh mini X1 ex1 mini MDX um also make sure that subscribe button. So you dont miss out any other videos like this hit that like button, if you like whats going on here and also ding that notification, so you can be notified for future videos as well guys. Thank you so much for watching really hope this helped you out.