Is this xiaomi pad 5 any good, so in todays video were going to take a look at it, so we start off with the design of this tablet and overall, the xiaomi pad 5 has a pretty nice looking design overall, its very thin, but the shimmery back. Might not be everyones preference, but it is available in multiple different color choices that you can choose from, and this tablet only has two different buttons number one is the power button at the top here at the top here and then at the side. Here is where the volume rocker is found and looking around the tablet. You also get four different speakers two on each side, for a really good listening experience overall, but there is no card slot, so micro sd card expandability is just not present here now. Moving on to the display, this is actually an 11 inch ips lcd screen, with refresh rate of up to 120 hertz with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 thats, pretty good in terms of the screen specs and overall, this screen also looks pretty good. The bezels are adequately sized so that i can hold the tablet like this without accidentally touching, the screen, which is again practical. Moving on to the more exciting parts about this tablet is, of course, the performance side of things, because the xiaomi pad 5 comes equipped with the snapdragon 860 chipset, with 8 gigs of ram and also 128 gigs of storage, and because the xiaomi pad 5 is so Much bigger than a phone in terms of its surface area, this tablet isnt constrained in terms of its terminals and from our gaming tests.

We found out that the xiaomi pad 5 can run genji impact at highest graphical settings with at least about 40 ish fps at around only 40 degrees celsius. Its just that i hope games like gangshining will support controller for android so that this tablet is actually a feasible gaming tablet. Moving on to the software experience, oh dmeui is still the same in terms of user experience like any other phones, its just bigger. Now, since its a tablet – but there are a few more inconsistencies in miui for tablet – the xiaomi pad 5 is currently running on miui, and thats. The latest version and for some reason the button to go into the settings menu is missing. I have no idea where it went its just not there, but that button is actually present in their phones. Then i thought, okay, since the tablet here doesnt have that settings menu. I can change back to the older google quick settings menu so that i can have my settings button back right, but unfortunately, that option is just not there for this tablet, both the 11t and the 11t pro does have the option to change the control center back To the googles version of quick settings so im just not sure whats going on here that aside lets talk about this, this xiaomi smartpen. This is actually a separate purchase and it does not come with the tablet at the time of filming this video, i am still unsure about the price of this xiaomi, smart pen and from leaks of prices.

I think its at about ‘9 ringgit. I cant confirm it ill leave the price here. If i have the information before i publish this review, and this is an active stylus, so you will need to charge this pen to actually use it. It charges by snapping onto the tablet here and it charges wirelessly and it connects to the xiaomi pac 5 with bluetooth, low energy, aka ble. For short, the features that you can do for this pen on the xiaomi pad 5 is quite limited. There are two buttons on the xiaomi smartpen, but these two buttons feature is hard coded theres, no additional features like samsungs a command, and i think thats just severely limiting what you can do with this pen. Theres also a bit of delay. If you try to draw all right with this xiaomi smartpen on the xiaomi pad 5, but since its connecting to this tablet using ble, you can use this pen as a presentation. Clicker thats convenient. However, this tablet does not have hdmi output over type c, so you cant really just plug and play and use it with whatever displays you want. So yeah thats also another limitation that you need to take note of and with that say, the desktop mode for the xiaomi pad 5 is still not available publicly and it requires site loading. But the desktop mode available here is pretty bare bones and pretty buggy in terms of its ui, and also it does have a lot of translation errors.

Still, i would say this feature is not ready its just something that is worth pointing out and for the battery life. The xiaomi pad 5 comes with an 8 720 milliamp hour battery. It lasts for quite a long time in our battery life test as well, and it can definitely last you throughout one whole day of usage and im, okay with it. As for the charging time, i was surprised and i think the charger that came in the box for our unit in particular is 40, so our white meter reported 20.5 watts of output from the original charger, but for some reason i left it plugged in for 8 Hours and it can only reach to 99 of battery life uh. I gave up waiting for it to jump to 100, so i just unplugged it then i continued using the tablet, no problems there, but the next time i charged i switched back to our 100 watts. Ugreen gun charger and that took about two and a half hours to charge from 15 to 100, so yeah im not sure whats going on with the stock charger here and finally for the price. The xiaomi per 5 is starting at 1 ‘9 ringgit. For this tablet alone, which i think is a pretty good option, if you just want to play, games, watch movies or yeah. Just just do some very basic things on this tablet here. But if you want to use a stylus on this tablet to draw or whatever you want to do with a stylus, then i would suggest you to buy some other tablets instead, because going on by the leaked prices, the xiaomi smartpen is very expensive.

Yet its disappointing in terms of features available, so i think its just not worth buying this pen at all. So if you want to buy a tablet that has a stylus support, then maybe i would suggest you to buy the samsung galaxy tab s7 fe. Instead, because going by the price of this tablet, plus this pen, you will just have to add just a little bit more to get the type s7fe, which does have a much better pen experience. Or perhaps you can also consider getting the apple ipad, 9 gen, plus the apple pencil, which also goes about the same price of under 2000 ringgit as well, so yeah thats it. The xiaomi pad 5s reveal, if you just want to play, games, watch movies its pretty okay. If you want to do more than that, then maybe consider some other tablets so thats all we want to share with you about the xiaomi pad 5 plus the xiaomi smartpen review. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comment section below and well also have a comparison.