We have a new weapon here. This is a sniper rifle. This is the horses f 17. So your sis f, 17, is apparently a russian sniper rifle or some variety. This mod does come with unique custom animations as well as, like all of that good stuff. You know the textures and model looks pretty nice right looks like a good looking sniper rifle got a unique looking little running animation. Here we can aim down the scope to shoot um there’s a little bit like my personal preference right, maybe it’s just like a fallout thing but like i want to be out of the scope faster, but you can see the little bolt animation there. Obviously, if we can no scope – and you can get a real good idea of what the bolt animation looks like the fire right here is not extremely fast, but this is just the default crafting thing. We’Ll also show off this reload, which hopefully is like realistic and tactical enough for all you gun nerds out there that care way. Much about the thing to me. It looks nice. It looks like a nice little custom animation on the sniper rifle. You guys want to get this weapon for yourselves there’s a unique variant out in the world. I don’t know where it is. You don’t ask me in the comments i’m, not going to show you, okay, because i think that’s part of the fun of like doing it yourself, but if you want to for yourself the easiest way to do that is to craft one.

For yourself for three steel, the chemistry station here um, it does use a 0.338 lm, so we have to craft that ammo for ourselves. So you you can craft the weapon very early on, but to craft the ammo which we’re gon na just this is my life. Now um, but we’re gon na craft, a bunch of this, so we can intend to use the weapon and stuff um i leveled up off of that. We have 16 rounds. That is because of crap. One bullet at a time is that the did we get i’m. Just checking here on the the integrity of this because i’ve seen a lot of weapon mods add new ammo. This is this is 20 rounds, three through eight lapwing magnum. Oh, maybe that’s a special different one what’s the point three yeah. He says we have a bunch, but it says we have 16 here that’s a cool little pull out animation where you unfold the stock, as you can see, there’s kind of like a lever on there that you can even see on the gun models that looks pretty Nice let’s take a look at the weapon here at the weapon workbench though um the harvester ammo suppressed so it’s like a suppressed automatic receiver, barrel kind of thing or a muzzle brake. These are like, i guess. The muzzle attachment is first um. You use the 0.38 ammo by default here: okay that’s, what it’s doing here, even though it says the 0.

338 it’s using the 0.308. How do we put the? I want the three i went yeah there we go, then we could use the better ammo here and it does do more damage by a little bit. It does increase the range as well so we’ll. Just i mean we might as well use that you could put a laser on the laser rail that just came by default when we crafted it. I think we got the best barrel on here. Anyway, i mean included suppressor and all that stuff um. You can make it metallic red. It doesn’t very look very red to me, but you know we’ll take a look at it more in the sunlight i’m trying to look here to see if there’s anything that i would think would be a better barrel. I don’t think so. We also have a flashlight on here, apparently it’s, currently off we’ll put it on. I guess right we have a laser. We should turn the laser on right because we already have that stuff equipped. Then we have receivers down here. So obviously you want the most powerful receiver. You can obviously work your way up because for three steel crafting this opens at the very beginning of the game you could use it. Obviously, with the point three and m, i was just confused on which one um, with the flashlight actually on the rail um, we put a maul configure laser via the mod yeah. We okay put a laser on there on the top and then do we have like two lasers.

Then we have like some kind of night force scope like some kind of unique long range scope, one to eight times or is it times eight times twenty? I don’t know how all this thing is night vision, scope, and this is the biggest longest range couple. Take a look at a couple of those collapse: bipod deployed reduced recoil when crouched greatly reduced scope’s way like is it only when crash we’ll? Take a look at that that’s. The thing is to be like it for the weapon mod, which means it’s not like. I got a huge amount of stuff. This is supposed to be red right now. This is definitely not red, so we’ll crouch. Here i mean we literally have no scopes. Where do we have no scope straight still standing? No, so when you have the bipod, if you crouch, you get absolutely no scope, sway. That’S extreme amounts of recoil, though right to be honest with you and it seems like an excessively long unscoped speed, but i think that’s just a fallout thing. I just i don’t. I haven’t spent too much slime sniping in fallout. This is the longest range scope too. So let’s take a look at the water tower here. We can definitely see the concord on the concord water tower. As like a metric, we can see the textures starting to look like ass from this far away that’s. How big this sniper rifle scope is there’s, no, like close range scopes or anything that’s interesting, i mean we want to keep the bipod deployed and stuff, but like we have the laser on, i guess we wanted the mall laser on too, like two different lasers.

I’M. Not sure the difference between that there’s no difference between metallic red and black. As far as i see um, we have the automatically suppressed muzzle. Is there any like? There is a lot of recoil control, muzzles, but there’s only one suppressed, so i imagine that’s the best. Just because you’re gon na sneak with it right, um let’s take a look at the night visor scope. I guess it just seems to be like so. The scope looks cool on the gun, like in terms of the actual physical model for the scope, but it does look essentially to use the default in scope. Things no reticle changes. Nothing like that. I guess we should crouch, because you can see that difference. It starts to wobble a little bit doesn’t wobble at all perfectly accurate with that bipod on there um. The recoil is extreme too, that thing shake okay, it’s, a big old, powerful sniper rifle supposed to be very good. I don’t think it’s doing, but i would consider enough damage to be worth it. Let me take a look at my perks here, real fast, but i have the rifleman perks. I do. I have maxed out fully maxed out rifleman, so we’re 184 damage it’s, not necessarily better than like the 50 cal in the base game, and we have the most powerful ammo the most powerful receiver all of this stuff on here we should check out the flashlight. I guess i’m not going to use the night vision, scope either i’m, not a fan of night vision scopes.

I don’t like everything turning green um. I suppose we use the longest magnification one and we’ll just work with that there’s, not a huge. I was expecting more from this. To be honest with you, the animations are cool that is very cool. The flashlight is working right. That is very cool as well functional flashlight, but i was expecting like a lot more attachments. To be honest with you, i i’m, like i, expect more for my from my sniper rifles. I suppose i’ve occurred a lot of mods in my time you guys okay, i’m gon na be honest with you. The animations are really nice that’s, like the best feature of this mod, but the red camouflaged stuff does not work it’s still, black the gun is black there’s, four scopes, they’re all long range scopes, there’s no ability to put some kind of like a reflex sight on Here, there’s no way to speed up the fire rate, there’s no way, it’s, just basic receiver stuff right. You get your flashlights laser sights, which is cool. That is cool. Those things should work, but i think every mod pretty much like every major mod that i covered that covers like a modern military style weapon will have a flashlight laser sight, combination and stuff. So it’s it you know, but it is cool. Looking that’s, you know that’s that’s. The big i think feature of this one is that it’s very cool. Looking we’re gon na go test it out in some combat i’m gon na try to get some long range snipes going on and we’ll see how much fun it is to use and that’s like the most important thing right.

So we’ll see you when we get there. All right, everybody we’re here at dunwich borders. This is my favorite place to test sniper rifles, because you get extreme burning caution, who’s, seeing us kind of we’re like real caution. This character that i’m, currently playing as it’s, not extremely still they’re like right in front of us here, is that you, i don’t think that is that you that might be you seeing me, you saw me the whole suppressor thing is not working out very well. Is it i mean that was a one shot, though, that slow bull, animation, let’s, see the power armor guy the power armor guy is always a good test. He did not take very much damage. To be honest, i mean we can just take a vat shots on deck. Excuse me, you’re, saying i can’t see the man i’m literally looking like i am moving the right stick to toggle target. Okay, all right! Stick: isn’t broken you guys. I promise. I want to aim at power armor man here, Music that’s, not that’s, not it. Okay, i mean we could take so we’re in caution. We’Re fine! I missed they’re vaguely normal that weird that’s, a kind of a weird looking aim down sight. Animation too. To be honest, with you headshots on deck, we’re, fine let’s take a look it’s. It feels slow like to be honest with you there’s. I don’t think there’s any that we’re. Definitely seeing now um.

Can i actually bash the man in front of me, then that would be pretty cool there. We go that. I mean on vats, it’s always going to be good, but so is every sniper rifle, because this the way bass works with scopes, yeah catching bullets from far away power, armor man just sitting there tanking shots some of the some. The aim downside animation is bothering me it feels not smooth okay, like i’m, just gon na put it out there. I i very much hate being a negative person like. I am very much wanting to be always positive about every kind of mod and i think there’s some positive things about this – that the animation we blew that helmet off right barrel, goddamn bolt yep one more shot, i’ve seen guns much more powerful than this, though it’s. The thing i’ve seen guns that have much more power are much smoother still sniper rifles. I mean i i could find some sniper rifles. I could recommend to you that i think would work better than this one. I think it is cool that the Music i mean that’s. This is taking three shots to take down one right or better. I understand they’re high level and my character’s not exactly level for this, but i don’t think that’s actually relevant to how well your weapon does right, because your weapon is doing a certain amount of damage. Doesn’T do more damage the more you level up.

Let’S just get some more bat shots on here. Bad shots are fine. It works like a sniper rifle, but i don’t know if there’s even that much reason. Besides the unique animations to use this weapon over like a base game 50 cal hunting. Rifle i mean we could even maybe do that real, quick let’s, just just because i haven’t i’ve sniped in a little bit. Okay, like to be honest with you, i have not sniped in fallout a little bit, i’ve been playing a lot of other things, and you know cyber rifles are a lot better than that. I can give myself weapons here guns i want a rifle. I would like a 50 cal sniper rifle you. You know you got a hunting rifle i mean like even a regular hunting rifle at this stage would be fine um. I was hoping for the 50 count where’s it. You don’t have like one that i can just have the 50 cal it’s just like right here: 308 that’s, fine, give me the regular. I mean hardened hardened sniper rifle yeah. That’S fine give me that, and i was a little short on the three area now so i’m gon na give myself some of that real quick, give myself some of the 308 rounds. This is, you know some backstory, okay, let’s equip this because i this is just this is a base, one okay, i’m, just i’m. Putting this thing out here like that aim down like see like it just like, is quicker.

It feels like like, which is important. It’S important to be quick like that it sounds better too. I mean i guess, it’s not suppressed and stuff, so that obviously the things that look. How fast that reload too right like comparatively right, the animations are cool but they’re slow. Oh, i missed that they’re like the explosion coming up, but this is just good. I mean, like i understand the animation on the bolt, maybe isn’t as good that’s. Definitely true, i think i missed an 83 in back Applause, but even if, like the fire rate, is faster right, i feel like the bolt speed is a lot quicker on this gun. Obviously, have the big old kick up where you kick the gun up, but you could do you could put the 50 cal on this? You could do even more damage. I don’t know man. I would. I think i would prefer the regular sniper rifle this. One is cool. Looking because it’s suppressed it looks very cool. Has the cool little like fold out animation as you pull it out? It’S it’s it’s got style points i’ll give it that, but other than that i don’t know. If it’s, actually like something i’d functionally intentionally choose to use in the game like for sniping combat you guys, let me know what you think um in the comment section down below i’m, obviously willing to hear your opinions on why this one is is better and why You like it more, you should check it out if it seems like something you’re into you know.

I’Ll leave the links in the description. You can obviously check it out for yourselves. No hate, no judgment if you think it’s cool that’s, your business it’s. Like no wonder, i couldn’t see that thing at the turret. It doesn’t hit hard enough to be this slow, like i’m, just like getting really offended shooting even again um i’m trying not to though but yeah you guys. Let me know what you think you check out this mod for yourselves. You leave a like rating down below. If you like, the video you dislike the video, if you don’t, like the video people, do that all the time i have like at least one person that goes around disliking all my videos. They just must hate me. For some reason, people get mad at silly um, but yeah pretty much other than that.