Thank you guys so much for clicking on this video, as you can already infer from the title alone, we’re going to be talking about my two favorite things, that’s right, we’re, going to be talking about the world ends with you. One of my favorite ds games and, of course, we’re going to be talking about the gammon tablet, which the company was so kind to send to me. Um, as you guys know, i am not the best artist in the world. I used to do a lot of 2d art, you know drawing with a pencil and then i eventually got one of the wacom tablets like the 60 one which was okay, but it certainly didn’t satisfy my need. So i kind of gave up on drawing tablets for a bit until i got this one Music Applause, guys i’m, not kidding when i say they done, did it right for me all right. This company treated me nice Laughter, um i’m, not a skinny girl, no one’s gon na you. You know: okay, no one’s gon na surprise me when you put me in the plus size category that’s, okay, but this tablet is a beautiful 21.5 inches a gorgeous led screen to which you can already see my hand. Prints have been all over this bad boy. You have not been able to rip this thing out of my grasps and drawing on it lately because it has been so fun um, 14 year old me who had the 60 wacom tablet, would be absolutely floored with herself upon arriving this beautiful beast of a tablet.

This drawing tablet is by far the most fun and honestly, the most reactive tablet i’ve ever had, and i say that, because the pen pressure has been phenomenal um, i will show you guys a little bit of what i’m drawing keep in mind, though your girl has Not done digital art in a bit i’ve drawn on a apple, ipad and stuff with that with the apple pen, of course, that just does not detect pressure as well as i had hoped, so it wasn’t the best solution for me. But when i tell you, if you have struggled to find a tablet that you just cannot feel the realisticness of drawing, which is my biggest selling point, this baby gon na, do you right, oh yeah, she gon na. Do you right all right, so some of the best selling points about this tablet is number one: the hd fully laminated screen. Honestly, you would think this was my monitor with how beautiful the screen size is and how radiant the colors come through. It is very true to the same thing as i would see on my new monitor, which is absolutely crazy to me. Not only that, but it also has eight touch keys, um in which you can kind of program, those in and out whatever you need, but it is so nice to have that many keys for going back, erasing zooming in to kind of get into those fine details Of your picture have been such such innovation to my drawing abilities.

Instead of spending two minutes, i have to go find the eraser button. I now take one second and i can instantly go back undo. What have you so? It has been such a lifesaver in drawing lately and now the pen like i said this is a pressure sensitive pen. It goes to 8192 levels of pen pressure, which is insanity, like i didn’t even know. That was a possibility of levels of pressure you could get to me with my monkey grip like i thought there was soft and hard, not over 8 000 levers of pressure, which is so cool to know and just to be able to actually use them efficiently, where, With the apple pen i felt like, maybe i was only getting about five different ranges of pressure and then, of course, they would either not register anymore, or it would just turn into a big, bold black line, which is not what i was going for. Along with this, since this is a bit of a bigger tablet, you have the full 60 degree tilt function as well as the adjustable stand on the background. So if you prefer having it more of an upright position, turned what have you or more tilted, so you can kind of lean over it like a hunchback, you could do that. So speaking of throwbacks we’re going to kick it off and start talking about the world ends with you as well. I actually was playing the world ends with you, the same time that i was also really into drawing, and i bought that, like 60 dollar uh waco wacom tablet, whatever you want to call it, which did not have the led screen, which was a huge thing that I did want back in the day just because once i bought that 60 tablet, i realized how difficult it was and how not in tune.

I felt with my drawings having to look up at a monitor and then kind of like figure out where i was on the screen. When i couldn’t see the screen when i looked down at my tablet, was that fun something about that? Just really disconnects you from your drawing, and so once i kind of figured out that you could get an led screen. Of course, i could not afford it as a child. You know i had to buy my world ends with you, video game. I had to buy the ds and then you know had to wait forever for another game to come out and then had to buy the ports. So i can say easily that my love for both art and the world ends with you have grown together. At the same time, and of course guys, i was a super nerdy kid, so kingdom hearts the world ends with you. Ds, games, video games, final fantasy. All that stuff was my jam, so drawing was kind of like a important, and you know a piece that you’re gon na need. I feel like most people who watch anime, especially growing up, want to draw. They usually get that ambition because they want to make their own thing, whether it just be inspiration themselves to draw their own characters or just draw those characters. I think many of us who grew up with pokemon 2 probably have that same instinct, where either you’re tracing freehanding.

What have you you were drawing what you were seeing, because you knew you could create it and i think that’s, one of the really fun parts about drawing is that once you see a drawing it’s like anyone could create that. Of course, it takes a lot of skill and talent, mainly just skill, building up your skill, so it’s actually really fun. I really got to enjoy getting to get back into this a bit more especially digital art, like i said, it’s, something that i have fallen off of and so getting to draw cheeky has been such a joy it’s a little wibbly wobbly because i was drawing it Pretty quickly – and you know, speed painting is not my uh expertise but yeah. So this was super fun. Like i said, uh getting to draw again was so much darn fun. I definitely need to get back into making um animations again. I used to do it a lot on my uh ds back in the day. It was super duper fun, but i kind of fell off of it when i just number one couldn’t afford a really nice tablet that satisfied my needs and the apple pen and the tablet just didn’t. Do it for me. So this tablet is a great purchase for me. I adore it well, i didn’t i didn’t pay for it. It got sent to me, but you know, if you’re looking to make a purchase on the tablet.

That would be the best time. If you go over to the amazon link, you can actually clip the coupon to get 50 off of this tablet right now. They will be doing another sale on some of their other tablets later on too this month. But if you are looking for a beautiful tablet that will literally last you to the ends of time and satisfies all your artistic needs, i highly recommend that you check out this tablet. This is the pd 2, 2, 0, 0, 2, 200 Laughter um, but yeah. That is the promo code right now for april. I would highly recommend that you go check it out. It is wonderful. It’S beautiful the screen is gorgeous. You can also play um all your favorite rhythm games with it. I have never played it because i’m really bad at rhythm games, but if you like rhythm games, it’s really good for rhythm games, i actually i wish i took a video of it. I did play it during uh. Genji impacts, festival event where they had the uh. The liar which it worked really well, it actually was really really nice do i. You know i can’t recommend it now because the festival’s over, but it actually was really nice with it, which is hilarious. So please make sure you guys go check it out. It’S, a beautiful tablet, i cannot recommend it more than i already have the software for the drivers, but the software for it actually works really.

Well too. It allows you to calibrate. It allows you to calibrate your pen pressure too. So if you kind of have a a monkey grip like me, when you get frustrated or you know just having a bad day, you grip things a little bit too hard and you’re down the the display. They got solution for you. You can change the pen pressure and all that in the software, so it’s really nice and you can kind of change around what monitoring you want to have it on. So you have a lot of flexibility with this tablet, so please go check it out. They were kind enough to send me one to review. So please please, please, please make sure that you guys check this out too. If you love art, i cannot recommend this enough. It has worked wonderful. They have been super kind to me, so definitely check out the company because they will work with you too to make sure that you’re satisfied as well. So thank you guys. So much like, i said, go check it out. Their deals end after april. So now is the best time to do it. So thank you guys so much and please make sure you go check out. Uh, gamemon and also the world ends with you. Anime they’re, both incredible.