At the same time, I love it now used to have one of these devices, but I lost it so I had to replace it.. I picked this guy up at bamph retail price around 79.99, but there is an instant rebate of 20., So a total around 59.99 I’m, not including taxes on that.. So a couple of things I love about this particular multimedia device. It supports HDMI 4k has an Ethernet port. Gigabit obviously has the type C connection which allows me to do power over delivering OTG, which stands for on to go devices. And last but not least, is supports. Usb 3.0, which is great so let’s, get the trusty knife out awesome. We’re, going to open it up real quick, so you guys can take a quick look.. How simple is that couple of the devices that you can hook up? It works extremely well with those MacBook laptops that have that type C connection. And for Android devices, as well as the iPad Pro anything with a Type C connection. Cool.. Alright, so we are going to open it up. We can go to the top right here, slice. It up, hopefully I’ll slice, my hand., Oh, where is it I can’t find., Oh whoa, whoa whoa. What was that it’s like that’s glued alright, so we’re gon na play safe I’m gon na go to the bottom. There we go. That was much quicker.. Yes, top part. Is kind of dangerous. take it out.

What all right, nothing else. What’s in here. Nothing., Just the magnets that allows you to. Awesome., Alright! So what comes inside the box? We have. It looks like a manual instructions, a quick instruction manual for the multimedia hub, adapter 8 ports, technical support – if you have any issues, call this particular number blah blah blah. Awesome.. It gives you a nice little legend for the Ethernet orange LED lights indicates that the Ethernet cable has been connected. The white LED lights flickering indicates that the data is being transmitted.: Okay, Awesome. In the back more instructions, especially if you’re dealing with a Mac, laptop. Awesome. And the device., How pretty.. So we got the Type C connection right here beautiful you have your SD card slot. Your micro SD card slot, you have your two 3.0 USB ports. Awesome. And the very front you have your Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, rj, 45 port. Awesome. You have your type C connection. This is where you connect your power.. You have an additional 3.0 USB port. And last but not least, you have your HDMI cool, like I said before, I used to have one of these guys, but I lost it. The price is great and let’s hook it up to my device. Alright. So I have my iPad Pro right here. I have the EZ quest multimedia hub right, there. So far. The only thing that I couldn’t get was my HDMI.. I have my power cable, My Type C power connector connected to the power surge, because I need to power.

This guy, on it’s off the power, no power right running on the battery, so I’m gon na plug this guy up and see. If I can plug it up with one hand, see how smooth I am probably can’t, do it with one hand and hold the camera. Let’s see., Oh nice., Alright, so at the very top with the iPad, it automatically tells you that something’s connected here, which is the Hub and the HDMI is actually connected to this monitor. So now it’s being displayed.. How awesome is that.. So if I move it, it is moving. Beautifullook at that isn’t that gorgeous now.. The only reason that I love this hub so much is that I’m able to connect my power into the hub, and this guy will continuously charge. So I’m, going to plug it in and see, if I’m able to plug it in while holding the camera with you Guys because you know that’s pretty hard., There goes it connected. Beautiful. And if we go to the iPad, go to the top right here, we’re going to see that lightning bolt. – And that tells me right there. It is charging. Awesome, Awesome awesome.. So I love this setup. I use this a lot when I am capturing footage on my iPad or on my phone.. I had to replace this guy because I lost the original one that I had sad face again. Retail price for this guy is 79.99, but I purchased it in bamph and I got an instant rebate of 20 off which a total of 59.

99 but plus tax and everything is going to be like 60, some change. And that’s it guys. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this unboxing on the EZ quest multimedia hub.. If you have any concerns or comments or questions leave them at the bottom. At the bottom. Don’t forget about hitting that thumbs up smash that subscribe button and I’ll catch you guys on the next one.