6 inch. 1080P displays. What you do is you fold it out let’s see if i can get my fingers here underneath it. You can fold it out like this here and then you attach it to your laptop. It comes go ahead and fold this back here for a second, it comes with four um usbc cables, so you can power it and then plug it into your laptop. It also comes with hdmi mini and an h2 hd. This is an 11.6 inch dual display for me: yo yo, it’s, really sweet it’s, 1080p, and so what you do is you fold it out like this and you attach it to your laptop, giving you three displays. The other thing you can do is, if you flip it around, you have a display where, if you’re talking with somebody, they can be watching what you’re doing this comes with four usbc um cables. Two of them are for like for power, and the two of them are to plug into your laptop for your displays. It also comes with two hdmi cables, with hdmi mini on the end, so, depending on what you’re gon na be plugging it into so to show you how this works, we’ll go ahead and get it all set up, and so, when you get it first thing, you’re Gon na wan na do is take off all the plastic protective covers once you have those off we’re going to plug in the power cables so plug in the power cables.

The top one here is the power, the bottom one so to plug in the power. The bottom one is the power. The top one is the one you’re gon na plug into your computer, but it’s flipped upside down on this side over here. So let’s go ahead and connect. It i’ll connect that over to my usb device, so we’re going to connect the power cable. The top one is your usb that you’re going to plug the usbc the usbc into your mac. Then we have the power one so i’m going to use the usb cable. I’M going to plug that in and on the flip side, it’s going to be upside down because of the the way the display is, but the power one is always in the middle part of it so i’m going to go ahead and plug that one in as You can see the display is already kind of starting to power up. Then i have my usbc, the usbc so on here. This here expands out to fit different sizes as displays. I did find, though, that you want to make sure you have a thin display. If you have a thicker laptop this one here, doesn’t work as well, you have your little metal clips that clip on to the display, and these little plastic ones wrap around it. So what i’m going to do is open this up, expand it out i’m, going to lock it on to the thing and take these clips on here and put it on all right, that’s how the clip goes on to the laptop on the back side.

We also have a leg that we can go ahead and extend out to put the leg extended out like this. It gives the three displays a really good, solid base, the usbc plugged in over there on that side, i’m gon na go ahead and plug in this one now plug it into the laptop, and then i can bring this one over here and bring it around underneath And plug it into the laptop as well bring it around here underneath and plug it in and now, when i bring on my display i’ll, have it on all three monitors just like this, so as you can see from the displays it gives you a great view.