I was food shopping at my local grocery store and i picked this up. I had ordered a new mouse might online, but i was thinking yeah. I could use that at home and just try this brand, that i haven’t really seen before. It’S called exo and and it’s exo is spy. So at first i was thinking it must be. This company called techware since they got the exo series mouse and it looked identical to this exo rifter ultra light mouse here only thing is the logo looks a little bit different on them uh. Otherwise exo is like also uh, south korean boy bands, so searching on google and search you get a lot of hits on that as well. That didn’t help, but it turns out. Of course i can just read on the packaging. Uh nordic game supply limited. So then it will this product will probably be fairly limited to the nordic markets as well. So if you live in another country, you will maybe find this mouse pad here in your local tech store or some food store that have some tech items as well, but there we have it nordic game supply, so international viewers are probably never going to watch this. Video or want to click on it, but uh for some reason. Maybe you want to check what you’re buying if you live in one of these nordic countries, oh i’m gon na apply to become a youtube Music influencer.

With my 16 subscribers yeah, 16 10k yeah. I don’t know so i’m not heard about that company before, but they had all of the lines like in my local food store now. So this here is a fairly big mouse mat here. It cost me like thirty dollars for 15 millimeters times 350 and taking a look at speak, highlight composition, grade mouse pad suitable for both optical and laser sensors. Of course, great stability with texture and a slip, bass, long lasting durability with strong soft waves fabric and stitched edges. So there is not like a thousand ways of making a mouse mod, it’s, fairly standardized. I would have to say – and i have to say i’m very happy with this exo mouse mat here – we can see we have a fairly big area here, but that comes to what size you buy, but the reason why i bought it is because i want to Use more of my arm to get more precision in in war zone and call of duty black ops because steer. I just feel that play style is better, but more more for online. Faster movement with higher sense is a better option in my opinion, because we have to kill fast there, and here we can see the stitching on it. It looks very nice and your mouse won’t really or the mouse cable won’t cache it so that’s good it’s not like with the led mouse mats where this fabric here can get stuck on it like gripping it, making the mouse like lagging a little bit if you’re Using a wired one, we got this tag here.

Yeah, i have to say that looks very good. Like adds a little bit of character to this mouse mat here and just i like having a bigger mouth, maybe changing out and the display of my setup here for a little bit more bigger black surface, but otherwise what can’t say. I could absolutely recommend this mousepad. Very nice and soft on top here, glides around very perfectly smooth surface, and this side here is just a basic replaced. So it’s gripping, so it won’t go anywhere which won’t take off anywhere and then we have the stitching on the sides. Just adds a little bit. Uh better, like quality, feel and look to it. I think so. Definitely an improvement so i’m very happy with my setup, and i have a few more videos coming if i just have to make them of course, but here we have an aoc 27 inch monitor that i want to take more look at. We also have a 27 inch, 1440p acer, predator screen here, it’s, a really good game screen for those competitive plays, and this screen is also, i would think, an outgoing product. So maybe you can get some good deals on these ones if you find them, even though it doesn’t have the news technology at least i think it’s like it. Often i get by to not like buy the newest technology, but like with this for four inch here.