Welcome back to a brand new video in my channel and as soon as you can tell i’m going to make a review uh on xc, tm, dot, dev and how to pronounce but uh they haven’t quite released. Yet they’re racing in three days as of on friday, but i’m gon na make a quick showcase on it, uh and also they have a active giveaway on the discord which is linked down below as well uh it’s, a knife giveaway. All you have, all you guys have to do is come to the forum and sign up and just like that. You hit this little button over here and just like that, you are answered to the giveaway all right, so once you’ve injected it, you basically press the button insert to open up the menu and there’s just the menu. So we have three tabs uh, legit, visuals and misc. I have to say uh. This is not anything advanced too crazy. Nothing too, of the ordinary and, to be honest me personally, i like to keep it that way. I know some cheats has a lot of in it and i just it gets too messy but actually keeps clean, but yeah asides from that let’s uh let’s begin with the a bot of course uh. This is legit cheat it’s not for hvh. I don’t believe it has any h features like any spin bottle or anything that’s, probably because they want to lower their uh detection rate, so it’s not very ideal to have a uh spin bot on the legit sheet, but for pistols for anything i’m going to go Over one of them, because of all of the other ones, the exact same uh anyway, we have aimbot, we can enable it uh health key and most one, whichever you shoot at the hitboxes – can be hit boxes over here, it’s.

Basically, the places where you want the bullets to go to and when you have the normal over here, framebot f4v, you can set this to whatever smooth aim. Uh. Oh this is a new rebel. I don’t know what the that is, but uh we have a rebel approach and default uh, so we have the smoothness silence and this is always good to have. We have minimum damage recoil strength, starting his shoulder the recoil, smoothness basic aimbot for the trigger bot. You enable it hotkey set that something uh hit boxes, let’s do head and naked chest. Then we have magnetic try this out yeah. It works fine, that’s, exactly i’m, just holding my button on the hotkey i’m, not shooting i’m, not uh, not touching the the, and you can, of course, customize this but delay over shoot or hit chance. Minimum damage smooth aim for body shot as well. We have some extra back track target delay and this is the same for rifles. Scouts awp and i don’t know what order is. I guess you have some more overs but let’s hop into the visuals all right, so we have an esp tab which you can set to a husky as well, but oh look at that it’s extended to hotkey. Basically you can talk about enough whenever you want to. Okay, okay uh, you can invisibility always or visible only species. If you want to play wall hack, go always visible. Only if you don’t, um audible.

I don’t know what that is probably something with sound. We have a name, you customize, you can customize the colors of everything by this little paint box on the left of it uh. We have box and filled uh. Some people use this. I personally hate this. I don’t think like how can you play like this like what the dude like a bubble around the guy like it’s, not looking good at all i’d, rather use outline, you have flags. Basically, you can click on whatever you want if the enemy is defusing the bomb, if he’s here his armor, if he has a kit money, i just tell you exactly how much what he has he has helped uh. I usually always have this on both bars good to have. We have radars ammo same thing. Basically, esps directional, arrows steps, d, lights, uh, yeah, basically simple. We have champs as well. Is that history, the does it say, history right yeah. I guess this is history. Well, champs you can change the color of everything as well on the left, and this interactive preview is always good to have. I know some of the cheats have had it and i think it’s really good to have on your right side. So you can see how the enemy looks like because, if you’re in a comp game – and you want to switch it or edit it – you see the enemy, but if it’s in the menu, you can see exactly how it looks like all right so for the jumps They have different shams variations, we have, we have modulation, textured flat and reflective and glow.

Of course you can change these colors and, of course, it’s highly customizable. If you look at this change the opacity of it, you can change the exact color of it. Uh slightly customizable, you guys can change it on your own. You have draw included. This is basically, if you want to play wall hack, then enable this. We have overlay glow. You can do the basic uh disabled or fill i like to defeat. I think it’s pretty cool, this pulse effect, uh draw included. If you want to play with the wall hack, you can do the draw friendlies. I never use this. Basically, if you want to have esp jumps on your teammates uh and you have draw boxes – i mean hitboxes, you can choose the color of everything. Of course, in the left, sub let’s see the paint bucket for world esp. We have a sea force grenade, defuse kits effects. We can remove the flash effects, smokes effects, vlogs post processing – i don’t know if this is true, but i’ve heard this helps with fps uh last, so basically fps a bit uh set enemy, bullet trails bullet impacts. All the good stuff night mode – this is very good tab very good. I have it’s very clean to have – i guess uh. Without this we can change this to full bright uh. Probably you can change this as well. Let’S go and set it to like a dark. Okay, you can change basically custom color as well to, however, you really want yeah.

You have the word color as well. Yeah. You can change the sky box holy. The is this i wish. Oh yeah, this looks pretty clean. That works that’s pretty dope. I think they will add more to this as well, eventually that she’s not even released yet so they probably would have some, and then we have renderings bomb timer spectator list grenade cam. This is so good to have. Basically, if you throw one, eight it’ll show you an exact camera of where exactly the the nade will land uh mirror cam velocity graph notifications of the c4 player header took damage and purchases alright, so in the misstep we have auto pistol uh shoots the for you, Auto accept allowing inventory access clan tag, hit, sound, show, ranks that’s good, to have reserve, kill field, new chat, bypass jet filter, and then we have a legit a8. This is pretty good for the same rating and i mean legit hacking as well. I don’t use it, but i know some people do use it. So there you go but yeah in the movement time we have auto jump fade percent, we have accuracy walk block, but this can be used for trolling the block, but it’s actually very funny tropical that had a serve. This is basically hovering with blockbud uh. Basically, you jump on a guy, you hold the key and it will just follow the guy around, so he cannot quite move uh and for the inventory changer uh.

This is really easy to use. You hit the plus button. You choose whatever weapon, you want. Whatever knife you want find it in here, for example, i’m going to talon knife, you choose whatever skin, you want put the tiger tooth, you hit, you choose whatever you want names, star tracks, seats where i hit this little next button and that’s it. Now. You have the italian knife and if you go to inventory, you can equip it as well and do what you can do that’s how easy to use you can use, of course, to any weapon or a knife, or anything like that uh for models. This is custom models, tab uh. I do not know how to use this like i’m, probably on the forum somewhere so and they’re basically store all the config let’s make it config let’s call this uh. How the do i rename this let’s call this a uh Music, hello. There we go let’s call this rocks legit. That should be good enough. Well obvious, but let’s save this, but this button, i guess we just made a copy of three copies. Whatever save this there, we go that’s pretty much it. Of course you have a search button as well here which helps you find like that, which is extremely helpful uh. Basically, here you can search for anything, for example, let’s just say: legit empty aim and there you go. You can just hit that boom there. You have that ncaa.

You can search for anything in the cheat as simple as that, but that was pretty much it for the video if you guys did enjoy the video. Please drop a like subscribe to the channel. That is much much appreciated, but me, if you guys have any cheesy on me to review or have a look at a comment down in description down below boys. My name is shrugs.