Li today, i’m reviewing another iptv service that i’m really excited about this service called excel premier media offers over 10 000 channels, along with a bunch of on demand, movies and tv, shows. How much have you been laying out each and every month to the cable company to get some of those premium channels and some of the movies that you like to watch to make it even better? They offer a free 24 hour trial. So you can give it a shot. Let’S cut the cord from that cable company and stop paying all that money. Every month, i’m gon na show you everything they have to offer right after this and remember, if you like what i do here, please do click that subscribe button below can’t wait to get started, so let’s go Music. Okay, so before we get started, we do need to make sure that we have our ipvanish running and connected so let’s go ahead and go into that. We see the green bars going across. We know that our identity is secure and whatever we do online is going to be completely encrypted and hidden from anybody that might want to see so we’ll go ahead and hit the home button and go back out. The first thing i want to show you is all of the live tv channels that you have available excel. Premier, media actually provides you with four different apps that you can download from their store. As soon as you subscribe to either the free trial or any of the monthly or longer term subscriptions, you will get an email with all the information to download the apps that you need i’m going to go ahead and demonstrate this using the tvmate app, because i Think it’s the easiest to show you what’s going on and what is available.

So if we just look on the left hand side here, we have all the different channels, the usa basic. That would be all of your basic cable channels and, if you scroll over, you can see like all these different channels are available. The epg or electronic program guide will be on the right, showing you what’s on each channel as you go and i’m sure that a lot of these channels look familiar to you. I’Ll just go ahead and scroll down you have. These are all listed in alphabetical order. I’Ll, just give you a quick rundown of all of these different channels, i’m sure you’re familiar with all of these, or at least a lot of them. A really nice thing about excel premier media is they have like two channel groups for almost all of these categories. So if one isn’t working perfectly, you can go ahead and move down to the other one and most of those channels will be in the other group as well. The next group is where we have all of our premium channels. Now you know what those are i’ve checked, a good number of these, and just about all of them work flawlessly very little buffering on a decent uh. I have a 4k fire stick here and again just about no buffering you go down again. You have two groups of each of the each of these groups. You have all of your local network channels, you see what those are.

You have your local pbs channels from all over the country. Other locals. You have your news and weather lots of news channels across the country, all of the big ones, doesn’t matter, if you’re on the right, the left, the middle music videos, there are 19 different music video channels that will just play round the clock: music videos, there’s, no Epg guide on these uh on these channels, but you don’t need them it’s, just back to back videos, usa, kids networks: these are all the kids channels that you’re familiar with, if you have little ones at home, tons and tons of them with the electronic program guide To tell you what’s playing religious networks, you can have all of those these are. These are really cool. These are 24 7 channels, and this is here we have literally 166 different 24 7, either movies or tv shows that will just play back to back commercial free. So i for one i like playing a lot of these like to go to sleep to at night. For example, you just set these watch. An old classic tv show that you like with no commercials, and it just goes one one episode to another. If it’s a movie, it just continues to play the movie or there could be a genre of a type of a movie. You know rocky movies, for example or whatever, and they just keep playing and playing same thing goes for kids channels, all the different stuff either.

When you were a kid or that the kids like to watch and again, you just keep picking whatever you’d like to play and they just play 24 7. Without commercials we have 24 7 latino channels, quite a number of those uh 44 latino channels, um again. 24. 7 playing back to back without any uh commercials. All your pay per view, events, no matter what they are will come out. Um the day of the event, you’ll be able to update this guide and we’ll. Show you all the stuff that’s been playing. I haven’t missed a pay per view event in years, all your sports channels, everything just works, it’s, like unbelievable amount of sports that you get on here, live sports channels, all of your premium sports channels, your local sports channels, your network sports channels, every uh package, your Season packages, your football, your hockey, your baseball, your basketball, your college sports march, madness forget about you’re, not going to miss a game. We have lots of other content, there’s a whole category for canada. You have uk as well many other countries. I was actually brushing up on a little bit of my italian in german when i was going through this review. Um just tons and tons of channels in each one of these. These um different countries, rather large uh there’s a rather large amount of adult content as well, and you can turn that off, if you’d like to for the kitties and with the parental control features and just about all the apps.

The next thing i want to show you is the on demand stuff. So if we scroll down here to movies, you have all these different categories of movies, i mean just tons and tons as you see there. 23 000 movies on demand. You just pick one and play them. I tested a good number of these and everyone i’ve tried it just works um, but all you different genres here we have 4k movies action, movies, adventure, movies, animation, comedy so on. All these different genres of movies, just tons and tons and tons pretty large amount of adult content as well. You have action shows you can just you know, go into any of these and you can pick the show and then you can pick what season you want to watch an episode you want to watch and they just play now. I have to be honest. I did um have mixed results with the tv shows, whether they played or not, not quite as complete as the movie uh selections that i tried so that uh, you know, i do suggest, giving that free trial a shot and see if, if this is good for You as far as the on demand content, but you will see that there is an awful lot of stuff to watch so that’s it as far as content. I want to show you a couple of different things here as well. If we go into their store where they offer, as i said, four different types of apps to watch their content, they have a branded smarters app.

A lot of you are familiar with uh iptv smarters. They have a a branded one for just excel premier media there’s. A tv made app that they have also hard coded with their branding on it and that’s the app i was just showing you there’s another one. I am player and xciptv uh. The top three are probably the more uh commonly used ones. My personal favorite is tv. Mate by far it’s uh it’s, just a phenomenal app this one that they have branded or hard coded is, i believe, somewhat of a basic version of it. But if you do like the tv main app as much as i do, i believe the subscription is either five dollars for a year or uh, 12 or 14 for a lifetime subscription to tv mate it’s, one of the best uh subscriptions or best values out there. In iptv again, i do want to remind everybody that ipvanish or any vpn that you choose is highly recommended when you’re streaming any of this content online. If you don’t yet have a vpn, there is a link down in the description that will give you the best deal. You won’t get a better price anywhere and by clicking on my link, you do help support this channel, so that would be much appreciated. So the next thing i want to do is go ahead and jump into the website and i’ll show you how easy it is to get excel premier media okay.

So i will put a link to the excel premier media website down in the description, so you can go ahead and find that and click on it to find out how you can go ahead and get these services. As i said, they have a free trial available for 24 hours. They have live, live tv sports and events movie channels. Tv guide here are the plans. You can buy a 12 per month subscription. That gives you all the content that i showed you earlier when it says one connection that doesn’t mean that you can only install this on one device. You can install this on as many devices as you want, but you can watch it simultaneously on one device. So if you wanted to opt for a three connection subscription, that would be 18 a month and you can see the prices of the other services here as well, so back up to the top. If you wanted to go ahead and buy one of these services, you can click on the free trial just go ahead and click the order. Now button it’s going to go ahead and ask you for some more information. It doesn’t need any credit card information or anything like that to try this, which is kind of nice. A lot of free trials are out there, they make you plug in their credit card, and then you know if you don’t, cancel the subscription it renews and charges. Your card, all that stuff, that doesn’t happen here so it’s as simple as just putting in the information um your email address and stuff, and it will just go ahead and send you the email with all the info.

You need same thing goes for the three month of subscription or the monthly service. So if you click on one of these options, you hit checkout you’ll, see that there’s a paypal option and they also take the square app for payments for credit cards. But i like the the paypal option, myself it’s uh, easy peasy, so that’s it that’s excel premier media, give it a try like i said it. Doesn’T cost anything to try this for 24 hours. If you like it or you don’t. If you love it or you don’t go ahead, and let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions or any other reviews that you’d like me to do, go ahead, and let me know that as well. I answer all questions down in the comments, so let me know what you think if you enjoyed today’s video, please do click the like button below and if you want to see more videos when they come out record credits live.