I did way back in march for a premium tv service that you can install on your amazon fire stick or android tv device. The name of the service is excel premier media. This service offers over 11 000 live tv channels, with emphasis on the united states, canada and uk content, as well as a whole bunch of international content as well. They have all your sports news and weather channels. They also offer all the pay per view and 24 7 channels. You can watch the administrator of excel premier. Media asked me to come back and share with you two major updates since the last video that we did back in march. As you know, everyone’s file linked stores are gone. So, as a result, a lot of these services are kind of scrambling around trying to figure out how to get their app to their customers well excel premiere media makes it very easy by allowing them all to be downloaded using the built in downloader app of your Amazon fire stick. The second major update they wanted me to share with you is their virtually unlimited amount of new movies and tv shows on demand. If all that wasn’t enough, they even offer a free 24 hour trial. So you can give this a go and see if this service works for you, i have a whole bunch. I want to share with you today, but before i get started, if you like what i do here at cordcuttersli, please click that, like button and subscribe to the channel, are you ready to take another look at excel premiere media let’s go Music? Okay! So here we are in the excel premier media smarters app.

I thought i would show you this first, because this is where you’ll find all of your live tv channels. They do have a section here for movies and series. There are a ton of movies and tv shows in these two buttons here, but the bulk of their on demand, library is, is found in the separate excel cinema app that i’m going to show you right after this, so let’s move over to live tv and i’ll Show you the channels that excel premiere media offer all right. So, as you can see, there are over 11 000 channels available, i’ll just scroll through a lot of these channel groups and show you the list and then i’m going to go back up to the top and show you some of the channels that are in some Of these groups, so, as you can see, a lot of these channels have backups so there’s some redundancy built into this app. So if one fails, you can just go over to the other one and chances are you’ll, find a stream that works fine. So we have over 113 basic channels. These are your standard, cable channels over 100 premium, usa channels, all the locals we’ll move down this list kind of quickly. Here you have your pbs channels, usa, news and weather. You have a lot of music, video channels, kids channels, religious channels, a whole bunch of 24 7 content, your ppv events, you don’t, want to miss big one coming up this weekend.

As you probably know, a ton of sports content, all these different channel groups for sporting events as well as network sporting events. You have all your packages for your season tickets, whether it’s football or baseball, or basketball, women’s, basketball, college hockey and so on. A bunch of canadian channels, uk content international channels as well just a huge list of channels that that are available here with excel premier media, as well as a whole bunch of channels for the grown ups. So let me scroll back up to the top and we’ll go into one of these groups and i’ll show you a lot of the channels that are available here. Let’S go into usa basics. Shall we so i’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the smarters app on the left side. You have your channel listing on the top right, you’ll see a thumbnail of the stream and on the bottom right, you’ll see the epg or electronic programming guide. Sorry i’ll need to blur the content on here. We don’t want to break any rules with youtube, so i’ll just scroll through these channels really quickly and show you what’s available. You can definitely see for yourself a lot of these channels that are familiar to you. I’Ll. Just scroll through all sorts of content here over a hundred basic cable channels, so moving over, we have your usa premium channels again all of the premium channels, multiple for each one of these and the list just goes on and on and the epg works for all Of these as well i’ll slow down to show you how that loads.

If you want to pick something to watch, you just pick one of the channels, click on it, it’ll go full screen and i’ll go back because again we don’t want to break any rules but continuing down the list, just tons and tons of premium cable channels. Okay, so then we move down to the locals. These locals are great. I think i’ve i’ve mentioned these on some of my other review videos. I really like these local channels because you can see what’s going on in your friends and families neighborhoods across the country. For example, that big event that happened down in florida with that condo collapse up here in the northeast, we saw very little on the news about that. But you know with these types of channels you can just jump into um. You know the abc network channel in miami or the cbs channel in miami and watch the all the news that they’re just covering it like 24 7 down there. So you know those are the types of things that you can get with a lot of these local. These local network channels um the music channels here just tons and tons of music content moving down to the kids section i’m sure a lot of these channels are familiar to you. If they’re, not your kids know all about them: religious networks. You have a bunch of 24 7 channels. Let me just scroll up a little bit and get out of the way over 800 direct 24 7 channels, let’s open that up – and you can just see all these different 24 7 channels.

It’S just an enormous list and 24 7 again is back to back 24. 7 channels that play one episode after another, with no commercial interruptions. Ppv events, as you know, a big one. Coming up this weekend, i would recommend, if you are going to get a service like this, i would get one sooner rather than later. Don’T wait until the last day, before the big event, and again just all of these season tickets are available. You can watch every game across the board with these packages a bunch of canadian content i’ll go into those briefly. You can see a lot of the channels that are available in here, a lot of similar channels to the us, but different uh schedules and different content. So you know, you’ll just have another chance to watch a lot of your favorite shows in a lot of these different channels. Again just tons and tons of them i’m sure you’re all familiar with them. Okay, so going back, like i said, there’s an awful lot in each of these countries: um australia or germany or france or greece, whatever italy um, just watch all the different channels in all the different countries and now i’m back all the way out and open up The excel premier media cinema app, so, as you see there, it says premium activated. What that means is that you get premium links for all of these movies and tv shows that you want to watch some of you might look at this app and say: well, i have that app and it doesn’t cost anything but that’s not the case.

This is a premium version of a similar app and has a lot more content, including a lot of 4k streams as well. So you just scroll down, find a movie that you want to watch and you click on it and very very good likelihood that the movie will be available. Same thing goes for tv shows. So if you go all the way back up to the top and go up to the little menu button and change to tv shows, you can see all the different tv shows you can watch for your binge watching on the weekend or bad weather. You want to watch a whole bunch of shows back to back, feel free all without commercials, and you just pick a show. You pick a season, you pick an episode and you let it go and we’ll close the app. So when i get back i’m going to bring you to the excel premier media website, where you can see how to get a subscription, including that 24 hour free trial that i spoke about earlier and you’ll – see how easy it is to get this service okay. So here we are at the excel premier media website to get here. You just need to follow the link that’s in the description below the video it’ll. Bring you right to this page. If you scroll down you’ll, see some of the stuff they have to offer here. I’M, not going to spend a lot of time here, but we’re going to get to the plans that are available.

As i said, you have that free 24 hour trial, as well as that you have the monthly twelve dollars a month for one connection, sixty dollars for a six month subscription or twelve months for a hundred eighty dollars. So, to show you how this works, we’ll just go ahead and pick one of these options here, we’ll click sign up and now that we’re at this screen, you can see that they have other options that you can add more than one connection. So here we have 30 days for three connections at 18, a month or 30 days, with five connections at 24 a month they have with and without the grown up content at the same price. You just pick which one you want and click order now so we’ll pick this one right here and, as you can see it put the 30 day with adult one connection into the cart, you can click checkout fill in the information that they’re looking for enter your Credit card information, complete order and you’re done within a short time. You’Ll get an email with all the information that you need to install the apps on your amazon fire stick or android tv box. They offer all of their apps to be downloaded for free i’ll. Show you that, briefly, let me click over there. This is the web page that you’ll be able to get to with the downloader app on your fire. Stick you just scroll down to the app that you want click download and it will go ahead and install on your fire.

Stick. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. So there you have it an updated! Look at excel premiere media, a premium tv service that you can get on your amazon fire stick or android tv box. If you do give this service a try. I’D really appreciate some comments below the video. Let me know what you think of it. If you enjoyed today’s video, please do click the like button below and if you want to see more videos when they come out record credits are live.