. There are some big new changes and thats. What im going to be talking about in this video welcome everybody to apple insider is andrew here, and this is a preview of everything new with files in ipad. Os 16. lets go ahead and dive into this. So here i am in the redesigned, updated files app inside of ipad os 16, and there is a lot of really cool things to talk about. So first is new, improved, undo and redo buttons, so anywhere we are in the app so say i just copied this file command c command v. I can go ahead and anytime. I can right click and undo that copy and go back. Choose this one again and undo again, or i can redo so its easier to pull those off if you hit command and pull these up, you also see the shortcuts for undoing and redoing anything that you had just done up here in the menu bar. We have a new kind of navigation panel, so first you can see in this product folder, which is right here, but thats. Also inside of the mg20 images 2, which is inside of downloads, which is inside of icloud drive, and i can jump back to any of these without having to go back one by one each time. This new navigation menu also includes handy tools for file, so renaming a file copying a file, moving a file or getting information on a file.

Now, speaking of getting information on a file, you can see, we have this new information panel here at the right. I can also right click and go to get info. They can see other information about this image, but it works on folders as well. So i go to this product. Folder go down hit, get info, i can see including the size of the file, so i can see its 1.6 megs 3.2 on the disk created when modified when all information, so especially file size. This is new. You could not view file size for things like folders. Very easily, before apple has made changes to how you save and open files from multiple applications, so lets go ahead and jump over to affinity photo here, and i was starting to save a file. I went here and hit save file and it pops up in a new view. Sorry, it doesnt, like me at the moment: try this again go to save files. Pops up this new view makes it a little bit easier to do things. So you can see we have the recently used our internal and external location, so on ipad icloud drive we have tags, i can rename the file down here. Add any tags to this file. When i do it, i still have the new navigation button, so i can jump to specific areas, its all very easy, and this box works the same, whether youre, opening or saving a file, so it just makes it easier, more convenient and streamlined to save files to The files app with ipad os 16.

. Another change is that you can actually modify file extensions now so right now we have this mg20 on the stand. I can go up to this little column view and i can hit view options so, of course theres. I can group these by things right now date size anything like that, but i can show extensions. So this is a dot png, but if i wanted to, if we go back, i can right click and i can rename that file itll. Actually, let me go over and change that now. Im not saying this is something that works, but switching that to a jpeg itll. Even give me a little modal alert to use jpeg or key png and im going to go ahead and force it to use a jpeg and have changed that file extension. So thats really handy. Sometimes i download like the webp files and if i want to change them to anything that is possible, it depends on where you are here in the files. App but apple is updating the contextual menu, so whether youre right clicking here or in other spaces throughout the os apple, is up to the contextual menu to be better, with more information having a new look and feel if we jump into something like uh notes. So i created a note: if we right click, you can see a little more that contextual menu with like cut copy paste here at the top. It just depends on where you are so you can still be in files and be looking at certain files and have a new, updated, contextual menu, thats easier to use.

Other changes include new collaboration features. Now you can jump into a dedicated messages thread or a facetime call and collaborate inside of the files app. It also works in the iworks suite, like pages numbers and keynote in safari. In notes. In third party applications, too, spotlight is now able to index images that are saved inside of files. So if you have an image of something you can search for that file and itll show up inside of searchlight, rather than just in the application. This works for things like contextual images too, so you can search for things like a cat, a dog, a sunset, a car. If you have an image of those things and theyre in the finals, app theyll show up inside a spotlight, pretty useful and finally, if youre using the ipad with an external display and using stage manager, you can drag and drop individual files between applications. So imagine you have something like affinity photo up on your external display, youre editing an image, and you have your files app open with all of your source, stuff that you have on your ipad and you can drag just drag and drop any of those images files To affinity photo or if youre, working in something else, you can just move stuff between if you have two files applications open move between windows, its all super useful when working with an external display. Now i just love this new drag and drop functionality.

It feels very much like mac os, so what do you guys think is this enough to make files useful here on the ipad? Let me know down below in the comments or over on twitter at andrew underscore osu, otherwise stay tuned.