Where should we start this? One im sure we are all aware of the classic style and extraordinary performance of rog gaming, headsets and today, im excited to introduce the rog fusion to 500, our fully loaded gaming headset. It includes most of the key features of our g string: fusion headset series like its distinctive earcup design and impressive audio performance, and today the fusion 2500 takes it up. A notch offering immersive virtual 7.1 surround sound with high res ess 9280 quad dac to deliver rich. True to life sound, the fusion 2500 also works around common boom mic problems like pool sound pickup, popping and bad positioning. Its hidden digital, ai, beamforming microphones feature ai noise cancellation technology for crystal clear communication. The mics create an acoustic zone specifically targeting your mouth. To enhance your voice, while suppressing noise from other directions, whats more ai noise cancellation technology can reduce up to 95 percent of background noise. The rog fusion 2 series also includes the fusion to 300, its similar to its bigger brother, just without the game chat volume control. Next up we have the rg strix for your 2 anime, a gaming keyboard that not only enhances your gameplay. It also gives you an unmatched, customization experience. It includes the enemy matrix, led display, which lets you show: custom images and animations the strix flare 2 animate is powered by a high speed, usb microcontroller, with an 8 000 hertz polling rate. In short, it refreshes up to 8 times faster than most gaming keyboards.

To give you an incredible 0.125 millisecond input response time and moving on to the switches, the strix flare. 2 animate welcomes you into the diy keyboard scene, with swappable switches for all keys, so you can use your preferred. Switch type for customized field. Im also pleased to announce the very first rog optical mouse sensor, the rg endpoint. This new next level. 36000 cpi sensor supports true polling rates up to an astounding, 8 000 hertz to track every minute movement you make with more responsiveness and accuracy than ever before. With this much speed and accuracy, you will be more than ready for your next monitor, upgrade no matter how high the resolution or refresh rate, most importantly, we will surpass expectations when it comes to cpi deviation. The industry average is three percent deviation, but weve brought that down to below one percent, and this brings a whole new meaning to the term. Accuracy were pleased to introduce to you the premium lg swift, olay gaming monitors at lg. We make sure our gaming monitors feature anti glare panels to cater the gamers needs. The latest rd swift online monitors use the new micro texture coating to reduce reflections, taking what we learned from the cooling systems of motherboards and graphics cards. We develop a unique thermal solution with constant heatsink and internal thermal airflow layout for optimal heat exchange to keep operating temperatures below 50 degrees celsius and still heat. The peak brightness of 900 needs, unlike most hdmi 2.

1 markers currently on the market. Rg swift, ola monitors feature hdmi 2.1 connectivity with full 48 gigabits bandwidth to support exceptional 4k 120hz visuals without commas assembling on the latest gaming consoles. The modules also include variable refresh rate technology for super smooth action, visuals and auto low latency mode for lag free gaming. Lastly, the lg suite folder series is available in 42 and 48 inch models. Lg swift pg42uq is the worlds first 42 inch oled gaming monitor or if you have more space on your desk, the 48 inch pg 48 uq will be perfect for you. Both monitors are factory pre calibrated to industry, leading delta e, less than 2 color accuracy and feature 98 dci, p3 gamut. True 10 bit color and amazing, 0.1 millisecond response time perfect for latest fast paced games at their max settings. In partnership with nvidia, we open a new chapter with rg suite 360hz pg278qn esports gaming monitor its a 27 inch 1440p resolution display with all oclock 360hz refresh rate. The pg278qn is a g sync display that offers super smooth, visuals, so its perfect for competitive play. It also includes the reflex latency analyzer to major system and monitor latency. If you have an rg mouse with nvidia reflex were introducing the worlds first 4 band wi fi 60 gaming router, the rog rapture gtaxe 16000. We have unlocked the full potential of 4 bands, 2.4 gigahertz to 5 gigahertz and 6 gigahertz with 160 megahertz channels, so users can achieve up to 16 000 megabits per second wi fi speed designed for the highest refresh rate and lowest input latency.

The brand new rg strix guard can be beat. This machine is an esport champion with enough power to fuel victory after victory. The top spec sports, a 12 gen intel core i9 12 900 edge processor and a nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti laptop gpu, which runs at up to 150 watts with dynamic boost, align the 2022 street guard to keep up with you in even the most demanding firefights And with the including mod switch, you can make sure you get every possible frame out of that gpu complementing the new intel, 12 gen processors. We offer up to 64 gigabytes of brazing fast ddr5 memory, which can read and write over 40 percent faster in ada64 benchmarks. When compared to last train ddr4, we didnt want to leave a shred of performance on the table. Weve also upgraded the streets guard to use the latest conduction extreme liquid metal solution from thermal grizzly. This lowers the cpu temperature by up to 15 degrees celsius compared to traditional pastes, allowing it to sustain peak performance for much longer during demanding workloads, the rg six star vaping. The swiss g is similarly powerful, with the top spec featuring an amd ryzen 9 6900 hx processor and a nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti laptop gpu. Now a powerful, gpu and cpu are key, but they arent the only critical factors determining victory in fast paced titles. A high refresh rate ensures that you can track an enemy smoothly, even when the action is happening in the blink of an eye available with both 15 and 17 inch screens.

The 2022 street series has multiple high refresh rate display options, including 2hd 240hz, and an ultra fast, full hd, 360hz panel. All these ips panels feature dolby vision, support and adaptive sync for a punchy, detailed image without tearing or stuttering. The separate line is the first to feature our new nebula displays, starting with the 2022 brand new rg surface g14. The g14 has won plenty of critical time and we know expectations are high for the 2022 model, so we completely redefined it to push the envelope even further. We packed in more performance expanded the display to 16×10 added an ir webcam and made the enemy matrix. Even more eye catching all, while shrinking the total package, thanks to an impossibly compact 91 percent screen to body ratio, this highly mobile high performance machine is powered by amd ryzen, 9 processor and radeon rx 6800s laptop gpu, with a mod switch, its ready to render frames In all the latest games next wed like to show you the new rg sephora, still 16 standing as the flagship of our lineup. The separate steel series stretches the boundaries of what is possible in a mobile form factor integrating a second display into a 16 inch laptop. This year, we wanted to make the screenpad plus feel even more seamless as if it were part of the main display not separated below it. As you open the laptop the 4k screen pad, plus not only lifts upward but is poured toward the main display along a set of sliders, eliminating the gap between panels.

Its 13 degree angle is perfect for economic and seems to melt into main display, as it rises producing a single expensive field of view. The maxilla version of this machine features an amd ryzen, 9 6980 hx processor and an nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti laptop gpu running at 150 watt with dynamic boost. You also get a max switch 4 terabyte gem for ssd storage, with raid 0 and 64 gigabyte of ddr5 ram at 4 800 megahertz. Ensuring this machine has the road host power to handle any test. You throw its way. The aas plus 2.0 rising mechanism also provides more room for airflow keeping the machine cooler for high system performance, but the display itself is truly mind. Blowing this year the zephyr steel comes with a new hdr display with mini led technology. We call it rg, nebula hdr and, like our standard navy rod display, it boasts 100 dci, p3 coverage and a 3 millisecond response time. But this qhd 165 hertz panel has an eye watering peak brightness of 1, 000 and 100 nits for an out of this world. Hdr experience certified by vesa as display hdr 1000. This mini ld panel is powered by auos mla technology with 512 separate dimming zones. The nebula hdr engine raises the bar with 5 400 hertz pulling rates, which is 10 times more than typical displays. The rg flow z13 is the worlds most powerful gaming tablet shattering previous notions of what the world thought possible.

With this form factor, we didnt want to sacrifice anything. We wanted a 13 inch tablet that offered enough pores for accessories, while still including the latest and greatest in edge level, processor, design, great cooling and extensive battery life. So we cnc milled a chassis designed specifically for cutting edge hardware and a beautiful 16×10 display with a futuristic look to match. We even managed to include a full pcie port for rxg mobile external graphics. Inside this ultra compact device we packed in a beastly 12 gen intel core i9 12 900h processor, nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti laptop gpu and up to one terabyte of ssd storage thats a lot of horsepower for a 13 inch tablet following the footsteps of last years. Pro x13, the z13 has a 16 by 10 display maximizing screen real estate with the 500 nitpick brightness pantone validation and dolby vision support. The touchscreen display is perfect for gaming content creation and your daily web browsing a 170 degree. Adjustable kickstand ensures that you will always have an excellent viewing experience, whether you are sitting at a desk or kicking back on the couch. The top configuration of our gpro z13 comes with a 12 gen intel core i9 processor, nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti laptop gpu and one terabyte of storage. It will retail for 18.