com and we’re, going to be taking a quick look at the jensen, led rv tv. Now this is a great option for anybody who wants to add a tv to their camper, rv or motor home, and they don’t want to take up a whole lot of space it’s also going to be dc powered, so you don’t have to worry about it. Being hooked up to shore power or a generator, to still watch your tv now, why would you want to pick this over any kind of tv that you can get anywhere else? The thing that’s nice about it is that it is designed to be in a motor home, so that means it’s going to be much more durable, it’s able to withstand the vibration of being out on the road if you’re moving you’re vibrating. So you want to have something that’s, a bit more rigid a bit more resilient, and this is going to have all those components that are designed for that also be able to deal with the typical temperature fluctuations. Since our uh, our motor homes and rvs are really not as temperature stable as your house would be uh, so this is going to be able to withstand that. Of course, you want to keep it within range, but it’s going to have a much more durable, um or durable inside than your typical tv. This one in particular again is going to be running off of dc power, so that makes it able to just use the house batteries rather than having to rely on shore power.

It does have to be hardwired in so you just have to run that connection to your batteries or to a switch. If you want to run it that way, that’s also fine. I have this hooked up to a power source here, so we can get an idea of what it looks like when it’s turned on i’m just going to run you through it through the menu it’s, nothing that exciting, but just so you can see it turned on And i’ll give you some measurements towards the end of the video, but as far as what comes in the kit get the tv itself and then you’ll also get the remote of course, and some batteries to go with that. So this is something i really like, because you don’t have to worry about stealing batteries from another thing, to power that remote it’s got them right out of the box, also get our typical video or video and audio cables here those would plug into the side so That works with most of your dvd players, vcrs. If you still have one of those to get you connected, it does also have an hdmi and vga and usb ports down at the bottom, along with an antenna connection and your headphone connection. So if you wanted to use this to plug into a pc, you can, if you want to again use a blu ray player or anything else like that, you can use that hdmi port, so let’s go ahead and turn this on.

Oh one other thing: it does also have the vesa mounting pattern so that’s these little screws on the back here that will mount into any of your typical stands or wall mounts that you can find all right now, we’re going to turn it on so that button At the bottom, the buttons are opposite of those wire connections. You can see those on the side, so our tv comes on. There we’ve got our setup wizard. So, yes, we want to have english oops. Now you can just go through this i’m. Probably gon na mess. It all up just because i’m trying to look over at it here, you’re just using the volume and channel buttons that looks like the channel goes up and down, and then the volume actually allows you to change it. Cable system auto scan. So you just want to do that to scan for any kind of channels that it can just find on its own, and it says it might take up to an hour to complete that. But just to kind of give you an idea of what it looks like when it’s turned on so it’s going to go through that function and then once it’s done it will come up with uh the menu and stuff like that. So you can go through that. As well so yeah gives you pretty good display and should be a great addition to your motorhome. So you can still watch the tv, no matter where you are as far as measurements.

Side to side is about 22 and a half, and then about 13 and three quarter inches. You can see that there and then the depth is about two inches. Our screen size, which is the diagonal of the screen, is 24 inches again. Power supply 12 volt dc we’ve already talked about that. The max resolution is 1920 by 1080 and our weight for this is about 8.7 pounds and that’s pretty much all there is to it. For our quick look at the jensen led rv tv. I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right choice for you. We do have some other options available here at as far as different tvs for your motorhomes and things, some bigger some smaller, so it just kind of depends on what you’re.