, so zebra was kind enough to send us over an ec80 with the detachable keyboard and these devices. These are pretty cool, so lets take a look at what we got here. Pretty cool. It is a 12 inch tablet were running 11th gen uh core i7s. This guys uh this guys pretty fast, so were looking at uh eight gigs of ram in this one and 256 gigs of storage. So its a pretty real deal laptop, slash tablet right. So this one came with windows 10 on it, its got a little bit of pre configuration its got. Some of their apps zebra does include a couple of apps with their with a windows install that help you to help you customize the tablet itself and gives you some more functionality for attachments and things so like. If you look at this here, weve got our attachments here for the keyboard, which we will break out in just a second on the back. Weve got a very, very easy to pop off. I think that covers up the battery here so pop that out. You just slide this over grab this here pop the battery out, and you can see here. We have model et 80 dba to be specific, lock that back in cover this guy back up, and then you can see we have physical, physical buttons for turning the camera. The camera is off and on this is the rear, camera and turn this off so same for the front here at the top.

We have this little slider that turns off this camera here in the front, and you can actually see it youre. Looking you probably cant see in this photo, but it does, you can physically see it cover it up. Then you have some extra stuff over here. Gon na get a screwdriver later possibly take this off. This is gon na be for connecting any of their peripherals. Zebra has always offered a lot of peripherals with their devices, so we got a nice small charger which i appreciate. I think everybody does right its its a real pain to carry around some some 120 watt. You know big big charger, so usbc charging, which is also nice. So if you were to not love this charger, you could go and get your own and just run. You know a good enough high enough wattage, brick and a good cable um. It would also support, if you had a monitor that can charge its going to support that and it supports so here on the side. Weve got uh two usb uh two usb as uh 3.0 and weve got a usbc uh that supports displayport charging and um thats. A displayport and audio so pretty cool that they included that and we got your power and your volume buttons here so thats about it for ports on the device, but that is um as far as im concerned for what this is, that is uh thats plenty um, Comparable to to like the pan at your panasonics and your and your gtax um im not mistaken, these devices actually have some specs that are better.

That will that will show you the comparison of this and some of the other, the other high end ruggedized tablets on the market. Right now, this one is by far one of my favorites panasonics always had pretty good ones. This one is specked out a little better than the latest panasonic and its light for what it is right i mean you expect these to be kind of light or uh sort of heavy right, but its really for what it is im pretty impressed with the weight. So lets move on to the keyboard Music. All right so were going to fold. This get this to come up just a little. That is admittedly, kind of hard to lift up, but i mean theres a reason for that. All right slide this on so well. Lay this down flat, so i can show you we have a lock and an unlock button. So if you want to take this out, it comes out really easily just slide it back down onto it and it its its in there pretty good. So this little handle slides up so thats nice for if youve got gloves on or if you just have bigger hands, so pretty uh, pretty solid im. Sure zebra would love me doing that, but hey at least it was over my desk all right. So lets open this guy up. Take a look, the keys feel good. I like that it has a track pad, got a full set of function keys.

This is this. Is nice so lets go into some more of the technical specs for this device? So were going to talk about this? One is an i7 11th gen. We talked about. The ports talked about the ram and the storage, the cameras, its got a 13 mega megapixel camera on it, which is really good for these um. I took a picture with it um earlier and – and i liked the picture well include it just to just to show you that it actually takes pretty good pictures, so uh mil standard 810h, which is which is nice, its drop rated by at five feet so um. The the mil spec, like the drop rating, i think, is its comparable with all of the other comparable devices right the other devices in this. In this space i do think one or two of the competitors may have a better drop rating, but i mean this its rubberized on the edges. Its this thing is going to take a drop just fine all right. So i like this thing, a lot of useful applications bye for now peeps were going to go. Install igel os on this bad boy.