Now the promise of this device is an accurate and great pen experience at an affordable price we’re going to take that to the test in just a minute. Now the artist 22 is a pen display, which means you draw directly on the screen into your digital art program of choice. It also means you need a host computer. That means either a pc a mac, a laptop whatever. Otra vez, with the quick unboxing, we start with the ac power cord and brick. A usbc to usbc cable we’ll talk about that a little more in setup, a usbc to usb a cable, a smudge guard, guante, an hdmi cable for video, some instructions and a microfiber cloth. In the back to keep that screen clean the barrel shape pen holder, you unscrew it and the pen slides out. This is a new pen and we’re going to cover that with additional details in just a bit on the other side of the pen holder, you unscrew it, you have eight spare nibs and your nib remover using that is simple. You put the pen tip in a little bit of an angle, and then you pull it out. Just like the artist 24 Pro. We have xp pen’s new vesa, mount stand, it works by pushing in that lever and then it sort of locks in back to lock. In the position where you are you can see, it gets pretty low, obviously it’s not going to get completely flat.

Why would you anyway, but it provides a ton of different angles and functionality. I find it to work really well. I would note my own personal preferences. Any screens 22 inches and above i prefer have mounted to an ergotron arm, and here is your nice piece of kit. You’Ve got everything you need here to hook up to just about any kind of a system. I’M john and i’ve been on the phone all day. Trying to help all you guys with all your new year’s resolutions, Estoy, not doing all that i do. Reviews and tutorials on things used in the creative process. Now remember who you supposed to be and click that sub click that bell hit a like drop, un comentario. So you won’t miss anything fantastic it’s time to pay the bills. The pen display is 21.5 pulgadas de, it is electromagnetic resonance emr imrecord is saying. I believe that is the most accurate and best pen display experience you can get today. Resolution is 1920×1080 Es decir, 1080p panel type is ips. The color gamut xp pen gives us some additional stats or it’s 86 percent ntsc adobe rgb at 90 and srgb at 122 contrast ratio is 801 and the response rate is 8 Milisegundos. Now that is curious, as i believe that is the best response rate of any pen display i’ve seen yet the report rate is 220 rps that’s, actually how fast the data is transmitted from the pen tablet to the pc through the usb cable combination of response rate And the report rate might have something to do with how they’ve gotten this pen so accurate.

Now i wouldn’t expect a display like this to be laminated or bonded glass, or anything like that right. So still, you don’t want a bad experience with power lag. Por lo tanto, como se puede ver aquí, i’m not experiencing any parallax at all, like really for a 22 inch display you’re not going to notice it it’s perfectly fine. If any of you folks out, there are parallax freaks i’m telling you right now, you’re not gon na. Have anything to worry about the new pen is the pa6 it’s battery free and has 8192 pressure levels tilt is supported at 60 grados. The pem features two programmable buttons. There is no eraser on the back, but the shape should be familiar. If you use the xp pens, the pen tip itself is stiff, there’s no give on it. So when you push on the glass it’s going to feel like a proper pencil, the barrel is rubberized but notice. The slimmer design. The cap of that pen holder will hold your pen just fine fits in there, nice and sturdy and won’t move around. As an aside, if you’re used to the prior xp pen, that comes with the pro you’ll notice, they slim down that bulb shape at the top of the pen. The pens are just about equal length, although i think the former might just be a hair bit longer or i’m blind, which is probably the case. I said i would help them with their new year’s resolutions, not mine.

What do you judge judy now? My two new year’s resolutions eat better and wear pants i’m doing great fine. I should add a third resolution close that door more now. The back of the display is where you’re going to find all your connectivity options. First is going to be headphone jack, then hdmi for video usbc for video and or data we’ll. Talk about that and the last finally is power. Now you’ll notice. Here they did a great job, giving you cable management options, which is the first time i’ve seen this on a pen display. You only need the usbc cable for data and video. Si, por ejemplo, you have a macbook and you have that usbc connection, if you don’t have a usbc connection, you will use the combination of hdmi and then the usbc to usba cable that will servers your data. I particularly like that headphone jack, that came in a lot more handy than i realized. I used it the whole time i had the display, especially if i was doing video editing or such or if i was drawing, and i wanted music on it’s really nice to have that jacked there. Finalmente, we’ll take the included back cover it’s, going to snap on just like this, and now i’ve got a clean back with cable management i’m, not going to tug all those cables out when i’m moving the display around. I could tell a lot of thought went into this design.

Además, if you put it on an ergotron arm, usually they have their own cable management as well, meaning you could really hide these cables from site. The top of the buttons have all your video display options. You know anything that comes standard with a monitor today to the right of it is going to be your power button. Pushing that button startup is quick. The xp pen is up in just a couple of seconds now. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time in the driver, but this is a beta driver with a new ui. So i thought i’d cover for a second you’ve, basically got two tabs work area where all your different things related to the display itself are going to be set. The area you’re working in calibration screen area, all that kind of stuff. The next area is all your pen settings pen pressure, custom assignment for those shortcuts, as well as a very important feature, which is custom profiles per application. Puedes ver aquí. I picked photoshop it’s got the icon now, which is a step up from the previous driver, and you can do different custom button setups, depending on what you have. Last but not least, you have a couple things here. I find really interesting. You finally have a feature to disable tilt: that’s fantastic. You have import and export for backing up your different custom configurations as well as a diagnostic tool which will tell you everything from your firmware to the version of windows, usted es, running etc.

In case, you need to call support for everything. Bien, you guys know i like to pull out sketchbook pro and start with an initial line, so i can see my light medium and hard strokes, as well as the taper at the end, gives me a general starting point for what i’m going to test. Como pueden ver, we achieved that pretty easily move on to the next step. Ahora, emr itself always comes with a little bit of lag, meaning the cursor drags behind a pen. So i was really curious with the response rate and that rps how the pen actually meets the promise of being very accurate. My first initial reaction to such an affordable display is how fast this pen tip keeps up to my movements now i’m, not a cosmonaut or anything like that. I can’t explain everything going on behind the scenes. All i know is i’m moving, this pen really fast and it’s, keeping up more importantly, it’s keeping up without skipping strokes. Now i like to do these really long pen strokes, because it gives me an idea end to end if i’m keeping the pressure along with how hard i am pressing, the pen see starting out light. I maintain the pressure curve throughout this entire line and especially at the end not seeing any shoelace effect. This is exactly what i’m looking for. You can see even with hatch lines as quick as i’m moving the pen. The line thickness stays consistent to my stroke, and i know exactly where i am at all time now i like to do these almost full circles, what that is: it’s just a different level test to see again how, when i’m starting out light and i’m going for A full, almost ellipse type of shape if the line is holding up to the pressure i am putting on the pen right.

So if you use different strokes, it is just different ways to validate again what you think you’re saying: Bien, estamos, going to bang out some ruler tests here, slow diagonal, strokes, no stabilization on this brush it’s, just a dead pixel hard round brush. You can see after three strokes here i pretty much tap out. The lines are really good and in fact, uh a little better than some of the larger displays we’ve seen that were released last year, great it’s, cold. Now i might as well eat my shoe now when you’re saying something as pinpoint accuracy, you’re hoping your tilt tests come out pretty good, and i have to say, because you guys pointing out you know: hey the cursor jumps back and forth. In other reviews i did even though i didn’t really notice it i’m really looking for it when i do reviews now, so i don’t get, Sabes, pounded in the comments. No es de extrañar, the tilt is really good i’m able to switch from a straight line here very quickly, into tilting the pen a little bit and getting a really nice gradient with the same pen and, as you see i’m, not increasing the size of the brush, o, i Think at one point i do and what we’re doing here i’m just tilting that pen to ensure that that cursor is not really jumping around now. It moves a little bit because i’m moving the pen, but i did not see any cursor movement or jumping from the tip of the pen when i tilted it using this device all in all, that’s a really great job.

It wasn’t a huge issue before but it’s a non issue now so some thoughts on the experience now. One thing i never really explained it’s not like. I take the thing out of the box and i just do these pen testsand i say: okay great, you know guys it’s, good or it’s bad. I spent about a week and a half with these devices drawing and fooling around and doing everything i can to break them. When i do the review, i try to summarize that into these very particular tests, so you guys get an idea, but what impressed me here is the new pen uh the improvement in tilt. The almost straight lines are at least not a lot of line wobble with the ruler tests and the practically zero parallax. Now to keep the length of these reviews on the control, i don’t often show everything i test with anymore, but i tested this with medibang paint. Sketchbook pro we saw photoshop we’re, obviously in clip studio paint now and i didn’t experience any kind of issues like no pressure or you know any kind of problems like that. Así que en total, you know really good. Ahora, how’s the pen actually feel on the glass. You know xp pen devices if you’ve ever used them before sort of have this um it’s hard to describe it. It’S not like a hard glass finish, hay, almost like a softness to it, and i would say that this retains that, if you’re looking for extra texture, you can probably get some kind of screen protector.

They sell them now that that does that and as the testing results show, i couldn’t be more happier. This is a great start to the year for xp pen, if you’re in a market for a 22 pantalla de pulgadas – and this fits your budget, they managed to check most of the boxes while really delivering on the pen experience, which is the most important part. So i do recommend this pen display and you know what else i recommend i recommend you take a look at these couple.