My gaming laptop. Este es el 2019 refresh it's got 16 gigabytes de ddr4 ram 512 gigabytes de almacenamiento, the nvidia r tx 2016. Now the base model has the gtx 1660 TI, not a bad card, but I wanted the best card just to help boost performance because there's, a big change now with the screen, they've gone and done away with the 60 Hertz panel. They had on the previous two models: it's now: 144 Hertz it's. A very good screen in here I've got an Adobe RGB color gamut coverage here of 73 srgb of 97 and a maximum brightness of 360 lux it's, a very good screen, Mac coded 1080p and if you're running older games or you'll lower your settings, entonces, with the Rt X, 2060 – here at least you can hopefully most of the time match the 144 frecuencia de actualización 144 marcos por segundo, that it really all depends on what type of games you see better on later on with my tests here, so we've got a decent keyboard on Here, but I do have a bit of a pet peeve with the column that they put here on the left. Now I don't believe that you should mess with QWERTY layouts and just decide to add an additional column there. With our macro keys, ngo5 macro keys that you can customize with the software that's onboard and the top button. There is our fan turbo mode, so it just turns into a and if 18 afterburners really is, as you'll hear later on it from a sample.

The fan noise gets very loud, but it will cool it down very quickly if you needed to do that. But that is a good keyboard to type on. It has a four stage: different backlight zones on there, lo siento, five stage backlighting, but four different zones that you can customize if you're into your RGB keyboards and overall I did get a lot of typos with this keyboard. To start out with of the first week really it took about, I would say six or five days before I stopped getting the typos and you're just having that extra row there. So I really wished that those keys were just above the keyboard. The touchpad is big and it is really good, very good finish to it very good accuracy, very move. Es compatible con Windows, 10 gestures and, Claro, Juegos de azar. You won't be using a touchpad you'll, be using a mouse, but when you use it it's just a normal laptop. This is probably one of the best touch pads you'll find in a gaming laptop, because most gaming laptops just ignore what really touch pads, because they feel that our gamersI can really use them anyway, but it's a good one parish is made out of plastic. Ahora, four ports on the right hand, lado, lo siento, the left hand side. I should say: we've got two 3.5 millimeter audio in an outputs here, dos USB 3 s and then an exit vent there and on the right hand, side now.

We'Ve got a high speed. Ultra high speed card reader that's actually came in the change on the last gen model and it's good to see so, if you're moving your video files from your SD cards, they're kind of transfer over quite quickly, si, of course using high speed, can't debtor's and Another USB 3 port so on the rear, otro USB 3, 2 again so we've got four in total. You must be three ports, which is great hdmi, 2.0 Especificaciones. So if you wanted to run say a 4k monitor at 60 Hertz, you can do that and then we've got Gigabit LAN there as well DC in for charging and what is missing here. Bien, we don't have a mini DisplayPort and they removed the type C port. So the last year's model had a type C port on there and even the first gen model, but they've just ditched it for some weird reason. I don't know why now would have preferred to have seen Thunderbolt 3. That would have been great to have on here. So there's, a really one thing that is missing is type C or Thunderbolt 3 on the underside of the me gaming laptop it's, exactly the same as the previous model, so we have a very large intake grille here, and this raised rubber feet so plenty airflow. Ahora, if you are going to be removing the rear of this to add a 2.5 pulgadas, hard drive or SSD don't forget, there is actually one screw right here that is hidden away.

So prying it off does take a bit of effort and once you get that cover off we've got access to the two RAM slots. Ddr4 here is our SSD. The wireless card is not upgradeable soldered on to the motherboard, but we can add a 2.5 pulgadas. Spindle hard drive or SSD right here is the room for it: the bay and the connector or another MDOT to nvme or set a three. It says d 22 by a tea size and the cooling here so we've got the two coolers with a lot of fins in there and five thermal transfer heat pipes and it does do its job. As you see in this review, no thermal throttling it doesn't overheat. So the cooling definitely good here, but it is a little loud when gaming, as you'll, hear later on in the video so on to the performance of this laptop it's, muy rápido. But the 8th gen is about the same kind of speed, CPU wise as this. So the new i7 9750 H is quite a disappointing release in terms of performance it's only really marginally quicker than the last gen model CPU so will hold. Approximately. You can see here bouncing around 3.6 Para 3.7 across all six cores when really pushed hard with something demanding like Cinebench, which I'm running. En el fondo. Now you can under vault a little which I've done right here. This won't really do much for thermals, but it might help hold just slightly higher core clocks when you're are stressing the CPU.

Así que puedes ver aquí, Cinebench that's, just finished up. In fact that came out a little bit lower than expected you're getting around. As I showed in the first video about 1200 CB here, which really is about the same speed as mentioned as the 8th gen chip, so that's not a performance increase, but what is is our GPU performance, so that is now up, Claro, with the RT X. 2060, his past mark. So if you understood those past mark scores, this is one of the benchmarks I didn't show in the first video that people were asking for, and there is some of the benchmarks that I did so x, 5 3dmark good score. 6335 high strike extreme closing up well seven and a half thousand. Eso es muy bueno. If it gets up graphics, score close to 8000, then there's a really good score for a laptop, and you can overclock the GPU a little bit. De acuerdo, I've done some testing, but I'll show you now with superposition benchmark as well. Lo siento, this is Geekbench 5. I wanted to check on this one again, no real difference and I did show Geekbench five as well, but all in all this is a very fast laptop. So onto superimposition here benchmark, so this is the original result, so three thousand seven hundred and forty eight, and if you do a slight GPU overclock, que se trata de 80 megahertz more on the core and eight hundred megahertz on the ram.

This is the difference there. So you can squeeze a little bit of additional performance out of the r tx 2060 with its six gigabytes of ram. It is a potent GPU and the thermal. So I wanted to talk about that now more towards the beginning that the thermals are very good. You can see here that the GPU gets up to around about sixty five degrees maximum. Lo haré, throughout this video, be monitoring the thermals by the way, De todos modos, CPU will hit a maximum of about 83. So this is good we're not running into any thermal throttling it's, not like the Lenovo Legion, la Y 740, that I reviewed that one maxed out at 97 for just a second degree. So it does get very hot. Pero no, the cooling is good in this laptop and you won't really have any problems. So the SSD very quick here it is a toshiba drive. Este es el 512 gigabyte SSD model that i've got here. Claro, the highest spec, so good speeds very, Muy bien. allí – and that is not going to be holding you up at all, and of course you can expand upon that storage if you want to so. This is the best cine bench result that i've got so close to 1200 Cb. Bien, i don't know why. I only got about a thousand just before it does vary from time to time so charging it it's going to take about 2 horas y 40 minutes to fully charge this laptop and then my better life figures.

These are just some of the testing that i've been doing over the couple of weeks is so chrome, you're gon na get around 4 horas máximo, but under actually for chrome use on the integrated intel. Ultra HD 630 it's got on there video only about four and a half hours with a lot of brightness and if you're gaming, one to one and a half hours, it's only a 55 batería de vatios hora. So the battery life is quite disappointing. So onto some gaming performance now that I know a lot of you wanted to see in the first, video and we'll have a look at the thermals as well again and also fan noise. Once I have gamed for a bit Music, Música, Música, Música. Now one of the cons of this laptop that when you're gaming, the fans are pretty much almost 100 and I'll, darle una muestra de ellos ahora. But you can probably even hear it now as I'm. Talking, it's really really loud and it's. Quite annoying so let's have a look at the thermals that it does feel quite hot to the touch the keyboard, so just in the middle here I've noticed temperatures of almost 46 grados, so it is one to the touch and on the underside it's. Actually a lot cooler than this, so this is the hottest point, it's really gon na get as the top of the keyboard. Se puede ver allí 44 grados, the palm rest, Eso está estupendo.

That remains always about 24 22 grados. So we have those two downloads phone speakers, they're actually very loud as you'll hear from this clip, they've got a little bit of bass to them. It would have been nice if we had a sub, but I think most people will be happy with the performance of these speakers. Loudness. Definitely there and overall they're not really that bad. These speakers get down Music, Music and here's our front webcam, so I thought it would record away from my studio at your typical kind of location which is at home, and you can see the quality is not amazing, there's, a lot of noise and grain to it. The mics do sound good there's, a bit of echo that's, because this room doesn't have any furniture in it, it's, basically empty and that's. Por qué? Bien, so I'll quickly recap here! I don't want to drag the ending out that this, Creo, as a solid gaming. Laptop very, Muy bien, construir la calidad, a hugely improved screen got 144 Hertz depends on what games and titles you're playing, whether you can actually match 144 frames per second to the screen. There'S no G sync on here but that's, a good thing, because the better life and the battery capacity is actually very, muy pequeño, 55 vatios hora. So if we had G sync we'll be forced to use if they didn't allow us disabled up. That is to use across the r tx 2060 on here and then you only get like an hour and a half a battery life, and that would be really bad.

But it still has bad battery life, so four hours max really watching video content on the integrated GPU with a lower brightness isn't. Wonderful at all, it is a little heavy 2.7 kilos. The column that they put here with our macro keys is to me a bit annoying. You will have typos to start with, but once you get used to it, it is a fantastic keyboard. The touchpad is well really really good touchpad. Por lo tanto, if you're into good touch pads in most gaming, ordenadores portátiles, don't really have good ones, then this is probably one of the best ones out there that you'll find now the web cam caught quality. It'S, De acuerdo, it's, no increíble, fair noise, when gaming is a little on the loud side. So all up the huge increase in performance we're getting now with the Attucks 2060 less than the top spec model is welcomed, but Intel's CPU, bump from 8th to 9th gin with a 97 50 H, is truly disappointing. Even though we've got 400 megahertz more clock speeds. It really doesn't equate to anything in real world use. It'S about 3 4 tops and Dada's. Disappointingly, the 10th gen will be a lot better. Now it doesn't come with Windows 10 in English, but it is easy enough to just do a whole new install of Windows and the CD key that's in the BIOS will pull through. Así que siempre y cuando instale Windows, 10 home you'll, be alright. You won't run into any problems there or you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which I did, and that then allowed me to just install English and keep all the stock software.

So overall it is a great gaming laptop. It is ok, a little expensive, Claro, but thirteen hundred euros. When I look at the local market, you can get the spec for here, not the RT X 2016, not the sixteen gigabytes RAM and the top end. Cpu 144 Hertz screen will be about 1500 1600. Here so there's a bit cheaper if the input one of these, Por supuesto, beware of input, taxes and you won't have local warranties and things. Por lo tanto.