0 playlist by be kong or, as you probably know him, by kong’s rs on youtube. So what is the starrcade 2.0 Reproducción? What it basically is is a box big box setup, where you essentially just put everything in its place, follow the instructions to set it up given to you, by b, with pictures by the way, detailed instructions you can be up and running in probably two to three Hours, if you just go at it non stop and you have all the stuff already ready to go when i set this up. I was sick, i’m embarrassed by the way b. If you’re watching this, i asked you some really stupid questions and the funny thing was. I was just so out of it sick that i i’ve actually gone back and looked in the emails that we had back and forth. I was like oh wow that was stupid. So i apologize for that b, but assuming you’re, not sick and you’re, pretty good at following instructions, or you know at least somewhat familiar with a windows pc you’ll probably get through this in about two hours. Three hours and the bulk of the time is probably going to be downloading, then extracting the files and getting them in their place. Speaking of that, you will need at least a 500 gig hard drive. It is really important to have at least 500 Conciertos, like b says, because you really do need that much space to work and then beyond that i would pretty much recommend having at least a decent graphics card.

I ended up putting an nvidia 1030 gt, which is pretty much a low end graphics card it’s only. Creo 80.85 dollars on amazon i’ll link to it in the description. What i want to do now is show you guys a little bit more in depth of what this is i’m going to hook this up to the capture card and let’s change the view, so you guys can see it up close and personal while recording this earlier. I completely forgot to mention the pricing. You can get a basic pack, which is just basically going to give you the download you’re going to be responsible for installing it yourself, hay, no extra support included. I think you could still pay him extra to get support but that’s the 35 launch edition pricing. En la parte superior, you also have a hundred dollar premium option. This package gives you full support for setup, instalación, mapping and general questions for one hour maximum. So most of you guys know by now that i use uh pretty basic launch box setups. I never do anything this fancy and mainly because i don’t really want to go through all this trouble. Like i said before, you don’t have to go through this trouble with this playlist. He has it done for you, so this continues it’s, basically showing you each 18 playlists that there are and there’s more graphics to it, Estoy, not going to let it run the whole thing.

So this video is not too long, but we can skip it at any point. Let’S look at the playlist really quick before i dive into actually showing you a few of the games that i like uh. En primer lugar, it starts right off on star wars, que tiene sentido, because this is a star warscabinet, Estoy, assuming that’s what it always starts on. We also have tank dual stick, which is stuff that i would never really know how to play now. I think about it. I’Ve never played any of these games. I was never any good at them. I think i tried virtual on at an arcade once and to be really honest. This is probably the least played playlist i have on here so far, mainly because i don’t know much about it, but you also have shmups, which is shoot em ups uh, the classic games like 1942 and what’s really awesome about this. Playlist is there’s such a mix of games from all different decades. There’S new games, there’s old arcade games, there’s even console games, so let’s keep moving through. We also got your flying games like i said before, we’ve got some really older. Looking games with some high end new games that are running on like techno parrot, we also have star fox playlist. I haven’t dove into this much b does make it clear that there are emulation issues with the nintendo 64. star fox game and i think that’s just there’s nothing.

You can do about that. I believe i’ve read that before it’s not perfectly emulated yet then we can move down here and you have several different pinball options. These are really cool. The only problem i did have with these is, i don’t keep my cabinets connected to the internet and i did notice that they seem to want me to be connected to play them. En la actualidad, i don’t have any internet connection on this one. I don’t have a wi fi card in this. I always keep mine offline, but you may need to consider keeping yours online to make these work. I can’t wait to dive into these more though, because i love these old pinball machines like south park. This is pinball fx2. You got pinball fx3, which has a bunch of different uh tables in it. We’Ve got marvel pinball uh, more pinball fx3, but these are more like movie titles. It looks like we’ve got walking dead aliens versus pinball jurassic park. Then you’ve got a star wars, pinball playlist, which is really cool, because a lot of you guys like me, may not be able to fit the star wars pinball machine in but still want to play the games uh. These are actually pinball effects, so i think they’re different, more pinball effects. These are zen studios. Then we get down to classic racing. These are some fun ones here. These are probably 80s and 90s racer games. I don’t think any of them are from before that or after that, you’ve got out run so again.

If you can’t fit the outrun cabinet in your house. This actually works really well as a steering wheel, so it’s a good alternative, and then we have the mario kart and friends playlist, which i really like. My wife loves the mario kart game on the iphone we all we both love, el 64 version i’ve been playing. Some of that um it has it all the way from the older mario kart games. I think even has the let’s let’s look really quick before i talk without thinking but uh. En primer lugar, we have mario kart 8 that’s running on the wii. U that’s a good one to emulate. You do really need a good graphics card for that my graphics card, full disclosure runs a little stuttery on that one. These are actually the arcade versions of mario kart. This is the arcade gp we’ve got the arcade gp2 and then the newest one, the mario kart arcade gp dx. The really cool thing about bees install here is when you, if you know anything about techno parrot, you’ve tried this game. You’Re gon na find it’s fully in japanese and you have no idea what’s going on he’s done the hack to make it show the english language stuff so having it in english is way more helpful. Now i do believe most of the voices are still in japanese when i tried it but and you’re playing at home, and you get to play it for free, which is amazing.

This also has the mario kart ds one. I actually have not tried this on here. Todavía, but if you’re into that game, you’ve got it there. Mario kart wii, mario kart, double dash that’s from the gamecube super circuit, the gameboy advance that’s, probably one of the oldest games on here i’d. Imagine sonic and uh, sonic and sega racing all stars. I actually did nev. I never saw this game in arcades. I really enjoy it. I’Ve been playing this one, a lot on his playlist super mario kart, which is on the super nintendo, which actually is probably the oldest game technically and wacky racist uh. Now that i think about it, i have not tried this one i’ve been meaning to sit down and play it, and i just can’t there’s so much on here that i get excited and i don’t i don’t always end up playing all the games. I end up going back to ones i’m, really enjoying a lot so that’s, just a quick example of what’s in these playlists there’s. No way i can go through all of them. I will try to play some games for you before we wrap this video up got a modern racing. Lista de reproducción, que es genial. Most of these games are techno parrot games and they’re a lot of fun. The new outrun game is on here. I’Ve i’ve never even played that, and i had so much fun playing it. The music is great, but borderline annoying at times, but anyway ride and roll playlist you’ve got crazy taxi on here.

This is a big one. For most of you guys, you can’t really see it it’s, underneath there, the jet skiing game, you guys, who are big fans of the channel, may know i love jet skiing. I have jet skis. My wife was injured on a jet ski recently uh. We love jet skiing, so i was having a lot of fun playing that one. Oh let’s go down here: we’ve also got a ride and shoot playlist here. Lucky and wild is one of the games that really stands out to me. Vapor trx. That was one i never really knew about in the arcades, but i had a lot of fun playing gun games. So this is interesting. I’Ve always thought about doing this with this cabinet before, but you can install light gun games and use the yoke as like how you aim and fire so you’ve got terminator 2. The arcade version uh there’s plenty of great games on here jurassic park lethal enforcers. Ahora, if we go down here, you’ve got modern shooters, which is again mainly techno, parrot, arcade games, but really cool stuff. These are the games you’re going to really need your graphics card for so personally, i’d. Stick with uh nvidia graphics. By the way i’ve noticed techno pair, it seems to work best with nvidia versus amd graphics cards. Uh time crisis is also on here. You do lose a little bit of the experience because you’re not holding a gun, but still i mean it’s, es, still a ton of fun.

You can’t really complain. Bien, guys now that i’ve shown you guys all the playlists let’s play one of the games or a couple of the games that i enjoy the most from this. I don’t want to make this video too long, but here’s h2 overdrive. If you guys see my channel, you know i love hydro thunder and i love this game. I’Ve actually made two videos on this game already, but let’s take a look at it, muy rápido. How well it performs let’s, do quake canyon i’m, not going to play the full race. I just want to show you guys a quick snippet of what to expect here. This game is very beautiful. I think i’ve had a lot of fun with this one. Hasta el momento, i can’t stop playing this one and that’s why i don’t get to all the other games in the playlist for the most part. I never really got to enjoy this one in arcades when it came out, because i truthfully had written off most newer arcades a while back and i kind of blew it off and now i can’t ever find it when i do go to these newer arcades, but Uh but i love this gameit’s really great to have it at home now, and i can this this arcade cabinet’s, actually in my living room. So when i’m bored watching tv or something or i can just walk over here and start playing, one of the most awesome arcade games, that’s come out in recent history.

En mi opinión, one of the other games i’ve been enjoying playing a lot is the mario kart 8 on the wii? U i’ve actually never played a wii? U, i have not had a new console outside of the xbox one. In a long time, i’ve been mainly just playing arcade games for the last couple of years, so it was really fun to get to check this one out and i’m kind of getting addicted to it. All that said, this is one of those games that doesn’t run perfectly on this graphics card. Así que tenlo en cuenta. If you’re gon na buy the gt 1030. i’m normally heavily against putting console games on an arcade cabinet. I think i mainly think that way, because the control schemes aren’t that perfect and i don’t like setting all that stuff and joy to key and all those different softwares you have to set up, but luckily it’s already been done, so i can now just enjoy it And stop stressing about it so yeah this one. This is a good looking game and it does stutter a little bit, especially when a lot starts going on on the screen. Veamos. Hopefully i can remember to use all the buttons there we go. I know there’s a drift button there. It is god i can’t even remember my own buttons and i’mnot that great at it. Yet so please don’t judge the game, but you know you can pop the drift.

It get your boost going and i totally missed. How did i miss all those right there? I went right through them and didn’t hit a single one uh. My wife has played a little bit of this, but she has not put as much time into it as i’d want her to alright. So here is kind of where i sometimes have some stuttering issues or it struggles to keep up, but it actually did really well there. So maybe it just depends on how many people are around me in that case, all right see if i can get this drift. Oh yeah boom don’t hit the banana don’t hit the banana get the coin, though all right so it’s really cool. I could play this at home now. I still missed it again, but that’s fine i’m going to show you guys. Another game i enjoy and we’ll switch to that right now, here’s one that i never really got to play much outside of the arcades and truthfully i forgot about this. I used to play this way back when it came out outrunners it was the sequel to outrun. I really enjoyed it. I love how the guy has to run between cars kind of big buff chubby. Looking dude almost i don’t want that little car all right, let’s go with automatic. I hate shifting. Another thing to note is you may be seeing it on your screen. Realmente, uh b has gone through the trouble to make scanline effects too.

Por lo tanto, if you love scan lines in your old arcade games, this is gon na have them. I used to play the original outrun at the movie theater and i was pretty young at that time. I think it was probably like eight and when you’d crash in the wheel would jerk side to side, it would actually kind of like hurt my hands. Algunas veces, if i was hanging on too tight, probably because i was pretty short, i was hanging up on the wheel rather than you know, uh holding it like a normal human being, so it just probably jerked me all around. I i wish i don’t know if i’m enough time to show it in this video, but the new outrun game is one of my favorites, the one that runs on techno parrot. The uh graphics are beautiful, Claro, because it’s a it’s, a basically a new pc game and the uh music is kind of hilariously, good and bad all at once like at first i was like. Oh, this is awesome and then, after the song just kept going and going even my wife was sitting behind me. It was like that’s getting kind of annoying so either way, it’s so fun, though i’m, so glad we have it at the house now and i can enjoy it speaking of scan lines. I do want to show you uh some of the effects he did on the star wars, classic arcade games that came with this cabinet.

Originally, all right let’s go to one of my wife’s favorite games. Still from this original cabinet. We had never really played any of these, but empire strikes back that’s where we battle the most on this cabinet. Let’S load it up really quick and you can see the really cool scan line, es, not really a scanline effects, but the graphic effects that they’ve done to maim. Por lo tanto, como se puede ver, they’ve kind of softened, a lot of the vector look and makes it look more like a real cabinet. It’S even got kind of a curved look to it. So it looks like you’re playing it on one of those old vector monitors or a crt monitor. If you, you guys, will know if you’ve just installed this on maim on your own, before it’s, really dim and really ugly, and if you don’t play with the settings. It’S going to look like crap, así que es, very nice he’s gone through the trouble to do that, for you already all right. So since i don’t have time to show you every game in here, i just want to just kind of scroll through some of these lists. As i wrap this video up, i need to sit down and actually just play these games it’s hard to have enough time to go through all of them, but there’s a lot of different games on here spanning a huge time frame. So if you’re, an older gamer, if you’re a younger gamer, say you’re a dad, you want to have this in the house and you don’t want to go through the trouble.

So you buy his playlist you’re gon na find something on here that your kids will enjoy and i’d be willing to bet. Even your wife’s gon na find a game or two on here. She would like playing so keep that in mind when looking at this um it’s a great option for new modders that want to do this and don’t want to deal with it and also b, even offers a service where you can send him your control deck. Your stock deck he’ll just go ahead and mod everything for you and i believe you can even buy the pc from him. Pre set up, i hope i’m not making that up, but you can just do that. Option too. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of modding this, this is why i say: watch b in the future, he’s definitely doing some cool stuff on youtube and on the facebook groups, so be sure to subscribe to him. If you haven’t already again, if you guys want to know more about this, please check the description. Please check out the link to his private facebook group and he can give you guys all the information you need before buying this uh that’s. All i have to show you for now guys it would take hours upon hours to show you every game, so i can’t do that. If you guys have any questions for me about this, please leave it in the comments.

If i can’t answer your question, i’ll definitely tell you, go ask b on his facebook group. So if i have to give it any kind of final thoughts on this video, i’m going to say, it’s a great option for a new modder you’re, a new modder, you don’t know how to do it. This is a great option. Ahora, it’s also a great option. If you’re a seasoned modder who doesn’t want to go through the trouble, if you don’t, want to deal with setting all this stuff up, which is time consuming if you’ve done it already, you know that just buy this it’s 35, you probably won’t, need bees help. If you know what you’re doing and even if you are new and you need help it’s a hundred dollars for the whole thing, i think overall, this is a great option for pretty much everybody, so i think it’s gon na be very successful for b. So if you ask me, this thing gets the killer, arcade game stamp of approval. You guys ask me all the time if all mod stuff, Para tí, if i’ll, send you guys files or send you guys, launch box setups pre done, i don’t really do any of that stuff currently. So this is pretty much your only option that i know of unless you want to go with a raspberry pi and in that case you’re not going to have not even half of these games, probably so go check out b’s stuff.

Thank you guys. So much for watching, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up.