Teléfonos. Sorry not sorry. Today they have announced their brand new pine phone pro an upgraded pine phone starting at 3.99, and i wanted to walk through the details. So you know what to expect hardware wise software wise if its a good fit for those of you trying to avoid big tech when you can get it and our thoughts on it all together. You dont want to miss out on this, so lets get started. The previous pine phone wasnt meant to be a powerhouse and in some ways that held it back from being that dream alternative to ios and android devices. If you want to learn more about the original pine phone short circuit, did a review of it ill leave in the description. The pine phone pro takes it to the next level, with significantly more storage out of the box, a faster hexa core processor, a bit more ram and an overall cleaner, more premium build including gorilla glass, 4, un 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 cámara frontal de megapíxeles. A more premium backing to minimize fingerprints and some other minor changes that well look into when we get our hands on one. También vale la pena mencionar. There are efficiency improvements which im all about and something called suspend state which will allow the pine phone pro to receive calls and sms. En el fondo, without using much battery, you know like every other phoneand i almost forgot there are kill switches for those of you who want to disable radios on the fly.

We cant test the performance yet but weve been told by pine64 that using the interface watching videos, opening applications and browsing the internet is pretty much on par with recent mid range. Android devices super tux, cart, psp and dreamcast. Emulation are supposedly working well and theyve even done some light photo editing when docked to an external monitor, which is a large selling point to this device. So thats the hardware situation, its definitely an improvement, but i would look at the pro label as pro for the pine phone. This competes with budget offerings for other manufacturers, not necessarily the pros of flagship devices. Pine64 here is competing against other linux phone, which is currently mostly just them, so this is kind of the most pro phone youre gon na find in this realm. Para mí, the hardware is fine. I dont do much on my phone, but for some of you this may push you away from a device, and you know what were both valid. The software is where things get fun like. I said this runs linux specifically manjaro with kde plasma mobile. This is the same os from the original pine phone. There are several other operating systems at your disposal that you can flip in and out on a fly if youre interested in using something else. Software, en mi opinión, is going to be the most drastic change for many of you, theres no subway surfers. En realidad. There isnt much of a formal mobile app store in its current state.

You should look at this phone as running a desktop operating system, scaled down to work on a phone with sms and calling support, rather than a mobile operating system designed for phones from the ground up, but i actually have yet to use a linux phone. So if you disagree with this assessment, let me know in the comments and id love to hear why you dont agree. This actually may be a perk for some of you that want a full desktop like experience on the go and you dont want to rely on traditional applications built for only mobile devices. I know you people exist now. Andbox is a wonderful project that runs android applications on linux. There are some limitations of going this route, but it does work so subway surfers on this phone is a possibility just inside a container with some limitations. That goes for almost any android application. Your mileage may vary no matter who you are. I wouldnt recommend this phone to you unless youve used linux in the past or youre down to learn and have some fun. A massive perk to this configuration is the fact you can easily connect a pine phone to a monitor or docking station where it can now function as your home pc running on a desktop operating system. This is cool and gets my attention, because i dont have a computer for myself so being able to use my phone as a phone and keep all my programs and files in the same place as my computer would is incredibly convenient and makes my digital minimalist insights.

Go burr im looking forward to getting to use this at some point and giving more thorough thoughts on it. But those are some of my initial things that i think you should know this phone is not for everyone and thats. Bien, even they say that what now well, the initial production of the pine phone pro is strictly for partner developers and contributors, meaning youre, probably not going to get one for some time. There are supposedly going to be explorer edition. Pre orders geared towards you, tecnología, savvy users opening later this year again the phone is 3.99 before tax and shipping. The original pie phone will still be an available option for you. So if you wanted to try this out for maybe a cheaper price there, you go its still out there in its current state. I really dont think this is something you should be getting in the hopes of being an exact or even a similar experience to your current ios or stock android device. En realidad, i would strongly discourage this phone altogether if youve never used linux before unless youre really. Looking to step out of your comfort zone, sin embargo, if youre willing to adapt to the phones limitations and are ready for a fun ride, maybe youre a developer. Maybe you want a phone to play with, or maybe you just want to financially support a company trying to build a legitimate alternative to ios and android devices. Then you should consider this device im personally critical of daily driving a linux phone weve made videos critical of linux phones in the past, but i have yet to try it.

So i want to give it a shot myself sometime in the near future and by the way this is coming from someone whos a digital minimalist at heart, who only relies on signal a browser and keepass for his mobile and desktop needs, no matter what this is. A major step forward for linux funds and were excited to see his face, grow and thats exactly the mission that pine64 is chasing after consider joining our patreon. We love that and rely on your support to make this content for free. También, leave your comments on the pine phone pro below. We want to hear them.