This compact, this good, looking this sleek and overall, a very appealing package, that’s exactly what microsoft has done and has attempted to appeal to budget laptop buyers with the microsoft surface laptop go now. This new generation of the go series of microsoft surface devices claims that it will offer just the right amount of power at just the right kind of price. Sin embargo, there is a big debate around this particular price point. You see the microsoft surface laptop go, which is the first go series in the microsoft surface, laptop division, pretty confusing. I know costs up to 91 900, which is definitely not budget laptop territory in india. So does microsoft still hit the right cords with the surface laptop? Go or does it compromise too much for its price, or is it too pricey for what it offers, in other words, let’s find out in our review of the microsoft surface, laptop go when it comes to the overall design, the microsoft surface laptop go, looks really sleek. It is very compact, it is very easy to fit into any backpack or sling bag or side bag that you are carrying, and it is a very, very convenient device to use opening the laptop is very hassle free. Although i wish there was a slight notch in opening the laptop once the laptop’s open, the hinge feels sturdy. The touchscreen feels reassuring. The keyboard feels quite good, and the trackpad is one of the best that you would use in a quote: unquote: budget laptop now, while all that is great, you have to keep in mind that microsoft is charging a premium for its surface tag, and on that note, The surface laptop go is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of ergonomics.

It is excellent, but in terms of ports there is a slight limitation. You get one usb a and one usb c port to this side, and then you have the 3.5 mm audio port and then on the other side, you have microsoft’s proprietary charging port, which is honestly not the best thing in the world. It does get the job done, but there are a few quirks about this charging port in the sense that you might struggle to fit it a little and even if you are managing to fit it on a tight kind of a reach, it does tend to get Disconnected pretty easily, that is something that surface needs to fix. Microsoft needs to fix with its surface lineup, but on other terms in terms of build design and the overall look and feel and ergonomics of the laptop. This is as good as you can expect. A budget laptop to be in terms of the overall performance, the microsoft surface laptop board does make multiple noticeable compromises, and this is where things become tricky for this laptop. You see the surface laptop goes entry level variant which costs about 64 000 rupees in india has just 4 gb of ram and 64 gb of emmc storage. That is extremely limiting, especially considering that for that price you would get much better performing laptops with a full fledged core i3 or i5 new generation, procesador, 8gb dam and higher storage variants in india itself. For the top variant of this surface laptop go, you would get the core i5 10th generation processor, 8gb of ram and 256 gb ssd storage, which is pretty fast, and all of that is great, pero para 90 2000 the performance is not exactly as adequate.

In terms of overall everyday performance, the laptop is super smooth, but the big limiting factor over here beyond the fact that it does not come with a backlit keyboard more on that later, is that it runs on windows 10 s, que es, as we know, the cut Version of the full windows 10 experience. Ahora, of course you can unlock windows 10 full version for free once, if you upgrade from windows 10s, but you can’t revert back to the s, and this laptop is specifically designed keeping the budget laptop user in mind. Keeping in mind users who would want to stay within the microsoft ecosystem of apps, the big limitation in windows – 10 s being that you can’t download apps from external sources, but only from the microsoft store. So that is a big limitation and once you upgrade to windows. 10, full variant from windows 10, as you can’t come back to it, which is what most users would do, since nobody would want to stick to the windows. 10 s limited experience for users who would want to do that on windows? 10 s, things run mostly fine, but you would have to limit to using the microsoft edge browser and given the kind of security concerns that the chromium ecosystem has raised in terms of internet privacy and data collection. This is not something that anybody with the right frame of mind in terms of privacy would want to go about. Aparte de eso, the lack of a backlit keyboard does hinder usage of the laptop, especially at night, and given that you’re paying 93 000 rupees for it, which is close to 1 lakh.

It is a little confusing as to why you would want to buy a laptop that doesn’t have a feature as basic as a backlit keyboard. Aparte de eso, the touchscreen performance is quite smooth, even though the resolution of the screen is a slightly lower version and not entirely full hd, it still does its job pretty well. Videos. Look fine enough thanks to a nice color balance on the display and touch response on the laptop is quite great in terms of general performance. Otra vez, it does well even with browsers with 25 Para 30 Pestañas. It does seem to strain a little, which is what you would expect from windows laptops over time, but in general it does as well as you would expect a budget laptop to work. Así que para concluir, should you buy the microsoft surface laptop go well. The question has multiple answers. Primero, if you want a laptop that looks and feels a certain way and has a very high value in terms of aesthetics, the surface laptop go is a very good option to consider, sin embargo, do keep in mind that you will be paying a premium just for that. Aesthetic and the surface tag, even in a laptop that sits in the go division of microsoft’s surface hardware in terms of performance, while the top variant does offer decent enough dough in terms of how the laptop would work, the basic variant, just doesn’t cut it, and it Just doesn’t make sense to buy a laptop with 64gb storage that too, at a price of around 65 000.

at around 92 000. También, there are multiple gaming laptops, which would make more sense if you are looking at a core performance laptop.