Tengo el 256 gigabytes version with six gigabytes of ram and it’s got a 3577 batería de miliamperios hora. Now these are the battery results. They did fluctuate slightly over the course of the updates, but that was the average and it comes with an 18 watt charger charges in about two and a half hours, but you can use a 45 watt samsung charger that does charge it a little bit faster. Now the slim pens not included, and if you buy one this is an extra 103 Libras. 99P. In the uk it comes with a rubber tip which is quite nice to use, and it draws easily i’d say it’s more, like a ballpoint rather than a pencil, Aunque, on the tip there you’ve got like an eraser, so it erases things as you’re drawing and also You can press and hold it to pair with the bluetooth. Now i’ll use the pen and just go through a few of these things right so on the on the right. You’Ll see that i’ve paired up the apps and because it’s a separate screen for each side. So you can have single apps like the weather app here and they open up singular or you can pair the apps up like i have over the last few months, and i use them frequently so youtube youtube studio, Es decir, probably the one i use most for the Analytics and things and then you’ve got the videos that side they’ll play in landscape or portrait.

So then i’ve got cameras for the home and for the living room these ones are for the lights, so let’s turn on the pink light, it’s extremely pink. Sí, i know nothing wrong with your screens and this one’s google home right moving on so i’ve got some some shopping apps and facebook instagram things like that, Netflix, so netflix and movieplayer. So you can have movies stored on here and then you can use netflix as well, and you can use that in the tent mode and it’s very nice and comfortable drawing and writing. This is the samsung app for drawing and coloring very, very nice app and you don’t have to pay for it. I really hate on ios, you have to pay for the apps every month and it’s very inconvenient, and i don’t like paying for a coloring app there’s. A pizza that i did you can add to it and color in whatever way you like, and you can check out the things that i’ve done on the samsung sitewriting let’s, just close that one writing you can bring across to the middle and then you’ve got The writing on the right and you’ve got your notes on the left and you can go through the different notes. Add to them save them print them out. If you wish and again that will sync to your samsung account right. So these are two more drawing apps and painting apps, and you can change the the size on this one.

Let me use my other hand this better, so you can change the direction and the size you can get in nice and tight and draw in nice detail and then shrink it back again. The other side. This is the paint app and it’s very similar to the old paint app that they had about 20 hace años, not very good but it’s. Okay for drawing the paint app doesn’t accept the eraser, but this other app on the left hand. Side does, como se puede ver allí, you can raise things on it right, vamos a, close those two having problems with the pen today, newspapers right so we’ve got the daily mirror and the daily star and the star, como se puede ver, i haven’t actually been reading that One daily mirror i use and it’s very nice. You can check up to see if the the news stories are the same and they give you stories from around the world. What i’ve got next right, Esta. So this is the kindle and goodreads again with goodreads. I don’t actually use it much. I use the kindle instead, but i did pair them up for convenience and then you’ve got games and things at the bottom. I don’t use this for games. Much i’ve used it for pub g a couple of times, but this the screen isn’t that big for gaming for me anyway, right camera. This is a selfie camera and then, when you turn it round you’re using the same camera again, but you can use it for taking photographs around now video.

I haven’t used this to be honest for video, since the first day when i first got it. I was surprised today when i did a little bit of video for the channel for the the video and it didn’t come out very well at all. So 4k 60 i’ll show you another clip. I recorded, i did record a few other clips, but they all came out the same. It looked like a greasy lens, but there is no grease on the screen. So i don’t know what was happening there. It could have been the last update i did at the beginning of february, if you have had any problems with that leave a comment in the comments section down there and let me know how you got on with that. Espero, when the new software comes out, Android 11 should be coming out soon and that should fix a lot of these little problems that have been left over. Espero, battery life at the moment has been a little bit worse since the last update so it’s. Definitely software based, pero, como dije, Android 11 should be coming out this summer and hopefully it will solve all the remaining problems that it’s had. The device is much much better now, since the the first day and i’m really really happy with it i’m really enjoying using it, especially with the pen so thumbs up for a good job. Microsoft, it’s even got a little magnet on the front there that you can put the pen on which is very useful.

Now stainless steel you’ve got a stainless steel hinge and over the time it hasn’t creaked it doesn’t make any noises. It still makes a sort of book noise when it closes, which is nice type c multiport on the bottom. So you can connect uh charging cables. You can connect it to computer, you can connect usbs to it and things ssd drives as well. Gorilla glass, 5 hasn’t got any scratches so far, lo cual es bueno. Fingerprint scanner is really good. Really accurate. Under this little cover is the sim card. Tray doesn’t have expandable storage. Por desgracia, the screen is the same. No scratches or anything you’ve got a single speaker, 11 mix. Megapixel camera and the flash and some dog, hair and i’ve really enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments, if you’re planning to buy one of these for yourself, it’s now being released in the uk and i really enjoy using it. Thanks for watching leave me a comment just to say hi.