com y en este video mal estar mirando el nuevo logitech mxkeys mini teclado bluetooth inalámbrico compacto así que sigue mirando para mi revisión Música. Así que estaba perfectamente contento con el teclado mágico de apple para mac. Pero cuando construí una nueva máquina de PC basada en Windows, i didnt enjoy having to switch between two separate keyboards to control both computers. Al mismo tiempo, back in february 2020, i reviewed this logitech mx keys, full size keyboard, and since then i never felt i needed to use the apple magic keyboard. Ever again. It was soon put in the draw and the mx keys keyboard became my go to keyboard for both my macbook pro and my windows pc over the last 19 meses. The mx keys has been a perfect solution for working with up to three separate computers or tablets. Is build, quality feel and battery life has been reliable over this period, but one thing i wished for was that it was smaller, just like the size of an apple magic keyboard. Bien, logitech has now released exactly this. The mx keys mini, which features the same great keyboard, but in a much smaller mini form factor. So is this keyboard perfection lets find out. It comes in three colors white and silver theres pink and this space gray graphite color. There are also two models of the mx keys mini. The first is dedicated to the apple mac and ios ecosystem, and this disappointingly comes in just the white and silver color.

The second model is this: one that im reviewing in this video, which is an all round: hybrid model for all platform systems, from bluetooth, enabled macs to pcs tablets and mobiles. The keyboard labels are slightly different to the mac centric model. The function and control keys have been swapped over and the delete key has been swapped for a sleep button on the mac model, but otherwise everything else, including the smart default keys at the top, are pretty much the same. In the fully recyclable box you get the mx keys mini keyboard. There is a short usbc to usbc, cable and theres, a bunch of paperwork including warranties, some promotional material, and how to dispose of the rechargeable battery. At the end of this keyboards life written on the inside of the box, there is a visual guide on how to get this keyboard set up on most bluetooth enabled devices. It is as simple as switching on the already charged mx keys, mini keyboard, then going into your bluetooth, discovery, settings and selecting the keyboard from the discovered devices once paired. You can just start using the keyboard wirelessly and with the same level of quality and comfort. As the full size, mx keys keyboard for further customization, you will need to install the lodge options. Software onto your desktop with this software, you can check for firmware updates, customize the function keys that run along the top of the keyboard, change some low level settings and set up hotkeys for use in certain applications.

The keyboard measures just a little bit bigger than the apple magic keyboard on all sides, but more so in its overall height. Si te gusta, a little more tilt on your keyboard, the mx keys mini might just be for you, as it rises just a little higher than apples. Own wireless keyboard almost double in height its a lot heavier than the apple budget keyboard. But i do prefer that, as it makes it harder for the keyboard to move or be nudged around your desktop surface, the extra weight mostly is due to the materials which is a mix of aluminium and plastic, and the big battery at the back takes up the Width of the rear, rising bar of the keyboard, this battery helps power. The keyboard for up to 10 días, with the backlit keys, enabled or for 20 weeks with the backlit keys, Apagado. Logitech has built in hand. Proximity, Sensores, that detect your hand is near to the keyboard and thus illuminate the keys, and there is also an ambient sensor that will adjust the backlit keys to the lighting in your room, and all of this helps save battery life of the keyboard. Charging them x. Keys is done with a supplied, usb c cable or any other usbc cable connected to the back of the keyboard. The led on the top of the keyboard keeps you informed when the battery is running low and that the keyboard requires charging along with its charging status.

When the keyboard has been fully charged, Lamentablemente, there isnt a fast way on the keyboard to check. On its current battery level, you have to resort to checking the battery icon in the logic options app for this. en lugar de, just like the full size, nx keyboard, the key sits slightly higher than the apple magic keyboard, so they have a slightly more travel to them. I personally dont mind this, but i know some people prefer less key travel. The keys on the mx keys uses the more traditional scissor mechanism and, como resultado, the is to press firmly and give a good level of cushioning and return to press or miss press. Any key on the sides of the edges still depresses the key firmly making for fewer mistakes or mistyped characters when touch typing or fast typing, being a hybrid keyboard, the keys themselves have a mix of mac and pc characters and functions labeled on them. This may make them look a little bit cluttered, but when you create a keyboard that can juggle between different operating systems, you just have to accept this again any season typist isnt, looking at the keys on the keyboard most of the time, the top smart keys on The mx keys mini is a little different to the full size version, in that a few key smart keys have been replaced with a few new additions. The top three leftsmart keys from the full keyboard, carry the ability to easily switch between the system, be it another mac, pc tablet or mobile.

Holding down. The keys will initiate the bluetooth pairing function, whilst a simple tap will switch over to them instead, but with the first three keys already being used to swap systems, we do lose out on many other smart key functions from its bigger brother. The first keys to go are the two display brightness buttons, which isnt a problem. If your connected monitor, display doesnt offer this functionality, mission, Control, Lanzamiento, launchpad and show desktop, have also been removed on the mini and in their replace logitech has decided to replace them with dictation, emoji, keyboard cut and paste, and also mute microphone functions instead. Personalmente, im not happy about some of these function choices, but for people that specifically use these functions im pretty sure you might be jumping for joy right now, pero para mí, because of these now redundant functions, the mini keyboard also loses its previous next and audio buttons. Así, and only a sultry play and pause button remains instead, que, para mí, is a terrible omission if you listen and navigate music apps a lot like i do, pero, como dije antes, it isnt the end of the world because you can swap the functionality Of these function keys, and that is exactly what ive done to get my audio keys back. So is this keyboard perfection? Bien, there is a lot to like from the logitech mx keys mini keyboard. It does everything the full size keyboard does but achieves this in a much nicer, smaller compact footprint and with the same level of battery performance as its bigger brother.

It does come with a few compromises, such as losses of the numeric keypad for easier number entry and, as you have heard, im not already a big fan of the revised smart function keys. Sin embargo, with the logic option, software im able to remap the ones i know i will not use. My final concern is the price the mini costs, the same as the full size keyboard at 99 o 99 pounds from amazon. You can check out my links below to learn more and to buy yourself one. This is a little bit more than apples own compact wireless keyboard, so the price is a little confusing. Personalmente, i think the sweet spot for this mini keyboard should have been slightly less at around 75 o 75 pounds or just increase the price of the full size version. Either way you have to think about all the extra functionality that this mx keys offers you over apples own. The price of this keyboard may be a little bit high for some, but its features and quality is certainly justified. If youre looking for a solid keyboard to juggle between different systems or even an alternative replacement to apples, magic keyboard, then i would certainly recommend that you give this logitech keys. Mini your consideration, all right thanks for watchingand i hope you found some value in this video.