I have sad but good news. I do not have my surface pro 7 Ya. It is no longer with us. Por qué? Because i traded it now, you may be wondering what did i trade it for let’s get started Music, see after finishing project g5. I realized something i still love mac os. I wasn’t really feeling it with windows. 10.. I was using my new quote: unquote, mac pro significantly more than my existing laptop editing, 4k vídeo, and it was like a dream. Everything was smooth and snappy. Everything just felt right, whereas if i tried to perform the exact same task on my surface pro 7, it just didn’t work. For me sure i could edit a 1080p timeline with minimal issues, but when i tried to bring that glorious 4k quality to my videos, it just couldn’t handle it i’m, not hating. On the surface pro 7. honestamente, i love that device. It just comes down to the fact that i love this new one more and so without further ado. Let’S give a warm welcome to my new 2019 13 inch macbook pro Music. So i owe you guys a bit of an explanation. Why did i trade my surface pro 7 for a macbook pro? Bien, it comes down to the fact that i have been using mac os for well about 10 años. I have been using mac os since i first started using computers. It all started when my grandpa got his first 27 inch imac back in late 2009.

Creo que, but yeah that was the first mac os computer. I ever used first mac os version i ever used was, Creo que, leopard, which is why doing that power. Mac. G5. Video that brought back a lot of memories, um yeah, así que es, basically just a personal preference thing. I much prefer mac os over windows 10.. So i’ve created this handy little presentation for you guys using keynote on the new macbook, which is actually pretty awesome, como se puede ver, it’s a super awesome presentation, Muy bien, let’s get started so with the cpu we’re talking about an intel core i5 model, identifier, 8257 And it’s, based on the 8th generation, coffee lake micro architecture, ha 4 núcleos y 8 Hilos. Se ejecuta en 1.4 gigahertz when you’re not doing anything and can boost up to 3.9 gigahertz for more intense workloads, it’s based on the 14 nanometer process and has six megabytes of level three cache now in terms of memory. We’Re talking integrated memory, so there’s no upgrade ability there, but it has eight gigs of 2133 megahertz lpddr3 as opposed to ddr4x, which we see in a lot of laptops nowadays. So for graphics, we’re talking intel, iris, plus 645 gráficos, que han 384 núcleos de, which is not a lot for gpus 48 texture mapping, units and 6 rops 300 megahertz base clock speed is what it runs out when you’re basically doing nothing and it can boost up to 1.05 gigahertz for more intense graphics workloads and by default mac os allocates 1.

5 gigabytes of shared system memory to it now in terms of storage, es, probably the most disappointing thing because of capacity alone, it’s only got 128 gigabytes de almacenamiento, but it uses nvme technology. Así que es, nice and fast and i haven’t included the read, write speed because i’ll be benchmarking them with blackmagic disk speed test in a further test in this video. As you can hear, while i was editing some 4k video and color grading it, i actually got the fans to kick into jet engine mode. Ahora, let’s start with the first thing everybody does to their laptop when they take it out of their bag. They start it up and with mac os big sur apple re added, the startup chime, which hasn’t been seen since 2016., so let’s see how fast this macbook really starts up Music now. The first thing i want to touch on is performance. Now the hardware in this computer doesn’t necessarily sound all that fantastic. When you look at it on paper, pero es, not all about the specs, this computer actually performs significantly better than you might think it would i’m using specifications that are very comparable to the surface. Pro 7., both laptops, utilize, quad core intel core i5 processors. The surface runs at up to 3.7 gigahertz, whereas the macbook pro runs at up to 3.9 gigahertz both have the same amount of cash and run at the same 15 watts of power. Another thing to note is that both devices have eight gigabytes of ram, given that i don’t have the surface pro 7 with me.

I can’t compare the two devices side by side, but let me tell you the macbook pro handles a 4k timeline in final cut, like any laptop at this price point should in fact, i’m actually editing this entire video on the macbook pro and so far i haven’t Had any issues so win win, running blackmagic, disc, velocidad, test benchmark, i got about 500 megabytes per second on the write, speed and around 1200 megabytes per second on the read speed. So not bad! Ahora, you’re probably wondering what about the m1 macbook pro? Bien, now you see with the m1 macbook pro it seems like a pretty convincing deal, but given that i already spent well over two thousand dollars on the surface pro 7, if i were to trade in my surface pro 7 to apple, i wouldn’t be able to Because yeah thanks apple, really appreciate that so so, while we’re on the topic of performance, let me talk about thermals, because thermals are very important to how performance works. Let me tell you that this thing does not run cool. It runs very, muy caliente. Sometimes i have not even joking got this thing to run up to 90 degrees celsius before this is while color grading video in final cut and, como se puede ver, the vents for the fans. I don’t know if you can see that very well but they’re on the back. There there’s two little vents one for intake and one for exhaust and basically, if you cover those and it’s very easy to when you’re sitting on a blanket, it gets really really really hot we’re talking 90 grados centígrados.

That’S really hot, like to the point where, if you touch this metal frame underneath the keyboard, it burns your finger, at least it has a fan in it. The same can’t be said for the i5 surface, Pro 7., so um yeah, the fan is fairly noisy. No matter what apple’s claims are they do their asymmetrical fan, blade thing and whatnot, but this is quite a noisy fan. Hang on one sec, let me show you just how loud this fan can get so right now the fan is running at 1200 rpm roughly and if i go to active preset and hit full blast in this fun, app called max fan control. Listen to this. Eso fue 7200 rpm that’s the speed of a typical rotating hard disk drive so yeah. The fan is fairly noisy once it kicks up, but i mean at least it has a fan which i’m very very happy about. Tell me it doesn’t sound like a plane taxiing down the runway, all right flight 87. You have received clearance on runway two, Muy bien. We are taxiing down the runway. Now flight 87. You have received clearance for takeoff roger that i would make a terrible air traffic controller wouldn’t. I needless to say, video editing among other things, was a real test of my patience on the surface pro 7.. Thankfully i can say different about the macbook pro. Básicamente, the macbook is pretty awesome in terms of performance regarding the things that i do frequently alright.

Next thing i want to discuss is a physical design aspect of the macbook pro. Now there is no denying that macbooks are absolutely beautiful and don’t. Tell me that i’m being some apple fanboy by saying this, you know that i switched to android and used a windows laptop for quite some time, Estoy. Just simply saying that apple makes their products look stunning in a lot of ways. Personalmente, i love the design of the macbook pro the way everything is so precise and carefully crafted really stands out: es, a very aesthetically pleasing device. I don’t get tired of looking at it and i think that anybody who buys a 13 o 16 inch macbook pro will not be disappointed with all that aside. Let’S talk about the ports. Ah, Sí, i remember the days when people say things like why on earth would you buy a computer without a dvd drive and i remember the day that people started saying: why would you buy a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack if only they knew? What was coming for them? Sí, joking aside, this macbook features two usb c ports that support thunderbolt, 3 and surprisingly enough, un 3.5 millimeter headphone jack yeah that’s it. Gracias a Dios, my trade in came with a thunderbolt usb hub that i can use to regain the ports that i missed so dearly. This usb hub has two usb type: a ports, two thunderbolt usb c ports, an sdxc slot, microsd slot and an hdmi port it’s, bastante impresionante.

Pero honestamente, after using the surface pro 7 and enduring its similar lack of ports, i don’t actually mind the lack of ports on the macbook pro. You can pretty much get away with just thunderbolt cables if you’re only transferring files from your phone to your laptop, which i do quite frequently. One thing i would like to mention is that this laptop only has 128 gigabytes de almacenamiento. If you are planning on buying a macbook, please do not buy one with 128 gigabytes de almacenamiento. I cannot stress this enough. 128. Gigs of storage will get you absolutely nowhere. If you’re trying to do 4k, video, editing and whatnot, because a it’s soldered and you can’t upgrade it b 4k video uses up a lot of storage. Do not underestimate 4k video um yeah out of the 120 gigabytes of storage that this macbook came with. I have around 30 left that’s it so yeah, please get at least 256 gigas de almacenamiento. It will be decent um don’t get 128 gigas de almacenamiento. Please now one definite downgrade over the surface. Pro 7 is the webcam which you’re looking at right. Ahora. Este es 1.2 megapixels and grants you about the same quality as an iphone 5. es, pretty bad. The surface pro 7, Por otro lado, came with a 5 megapixel selfie camera capable of shooting 1080p video. This one shoots up to 720p and it really showsand so i thought just for funthis is what it looks like inside a 4k frame yeah.

So before filming this video, i had never owned a macbook. Previously this is the first macbook i’ve ever owned, and so far i really really like it. Um last thing: i’m going to touch on is the battery life it’s, pretty freaking awesome compared to the surface pro 7. The macbook pro has a really good battery apple, rated up to 10 horas de duración de la batería. I it can last me throughout the day, i’ve got it to give me two days on a full charge which is actually pretty nice. Then again i was just doing basic school work document writing with google docs and whatnot, pero uh .uh. Sí, the battery lasts a very long time on here, which i’m very happy about all right now to answer the age old question about the recent three four years of macbooks the keyboard: is it garbage, is it fine, do you love it? Do you hate it truthfully? I don’t mind it. I used to hate it and then i got used to it. It’S kind of a love hate thing some days. I hate it some days. I like it truthfully. I don’t mind the keyboard on the macbook pro. I would definitely prefer the classic scissor switch mechanism, but other than that i actually think it’s pretty decent. A lot of people have had issues with the first and second generation butterfly keyboards, but i haven’t had any issues so far, which i’m happy about. I just don’t like having to worry that my keyboard is going to break.

If i decide to eat pizza over my laptop or something i typed the entire script for all the voiceovers in this video on the macbook keyboardand it was perfectly fine, it was actually a somewhat enjoyable experience. Sí, i would prefer to have more key travel but it’s fine. I have no complaints about it. It just comes down to what i’m used to it’s it’s okay. en general, i highly recommend any macbook within the last two three years so yeah. If you’re looking for a laptop that’s sleek and is easy to carry around and looks really good and will grab people’s attention with the fun stupid touch bar thing, which i actually tend to use for emojis and emojis only um, entonces sí, this macbook is definitely a Good deal now currently on apple’s website they’re selling, both the m1 macbook pro and a 10th generation intel macbook pro, but please don’t buy the 10th gen intel core processor macbook pro it’s, no vale la pena, considering how much performance gain there is with the m1 macbook pro. I said in my surface pro 7 Informe: it should be able to handle 4k video editing with 8 gigs of ram and a core i5, and i was right, but not with windows, because windows under the hood is different than mac os. Creo que sí, needless to say, i’m very pleased with this macbook pro and if you’re considering buying one, i say: go for it all. Right and now i have my pretzels and my coffee, i’m gon na go ahead and edit this video, and if you want to see how long it took to export this entire video and how big the video project file size was in final cut, go ahead and Take a look down in the description below anyways.

Thank you for watching today’s video. Espero que hayas disfrutado. If you did give it a thumbs up, if you didn’t, then i don’t care but yeah.