As we look at, the reddit reddit did seem to steadily grow from the beginning of january 2020. After the initial release past the 50k mark and steadily grew up to the 70k mark over the next few months towards the end of december we’re. Ahora, en 96, 000 members it’s still quite far away from the xbox and playstation reddits, which are in the hundreds of thousands. But if you look at the closest cloud competitors of geforce now and shadow pc, google stadia is actually more than both of those combined. So stadia is definitely far from dead and is growing tremendously. Also we’ve been spoiled rotten with pro games in the early days. We only were getting two pro games a month and then in the early part of the year we were only getting three and now they’ve been regularly giving us six pro games per month, and now there are a total of 31 pro games as part of the Standard library, so if you are part of that pro subscription, you do have an awful lot of games to choose from now. Entonces, once the bigger game started, hitting the platform with doom 4k, things really started to take a turn. Older’S gate 3 brought proud choice to the mix, which was one of the first critically. Acclaimed features for stadia and the games just kept coming with the instruction of watchdog legion and then an assassin’s creed valhalla as one of the best ports for google stadia.

Things really did start looking up with the release of family sharing, which has been promised since january. We finally started seeing the google features coming to the mix. This stadia exclusive of outcasters also came to the mix. Finalmente, bringing crowd play to the masses. We start to see more and more features dropping on the platform, including direct youtube streaming, which has changed the game for a lot of streamers and brought even more creators to the mix for google stadia. We also got ubisoft plus finally arriving on stadium after a year of promises, but only for the us, por desgracia, but we can only assume that this is going to be a rollout across the board and will be available for everyone soon. Y por último, we got ios support via the web, aplicación, which now makes stadia across the board one of the easiest ways to play all of your games on mobile or web. But nothing could have prepared anyone for the release of cyberpunk 2077, Dónde, Finalmente, everybody changed their tune about stadia with the playstation 4 and xbox. One console struggling even forbes and kotaku started to praise stadia and the way that cyberpunk was working and even people were saying that playing on their ipads was the new best way to play. Cyberpunk 2077., although everyone seems to say that content is king, i don’t think anything has proven that more than cyberpunk 2077, it really has shown how stadia can handle these new aaa titles and next gen performance moving forwards.

Por lo tanto, Aunque 2020 has been a very strange year, it’s been a phenomenal year for cloud gaming, and especially google stadia from going to stadia is dead too stadia is the best place to play a triple a title, thanks for watching don’t forget to hit that subscribe.