Tablet Murah Spek Terlengkap udah Dapet Keyboard dan Stylus!! Unboxing & Review Tab Advan Sketsa 2

Other Berapa sih harganya ini, precio, Mitad, entonces, Mitad, Nih, murahan, otra vez, enlatar, Vistas, forma, Así, Hai, mohon, kayak kok, kayakismo, así que, Bien, UNI, naruhnya, gini, skeren, Además, aquí, Pilihlah, kayakismo, laptop oke, existir, mosfetnya Dan ini, construir la calidad, Además, No, main main ya; kalau kalian, beli keyboard, Seperti ini palingan, precio, 7800 Rupia […]

Checking out Aerofara AERO 2 PRO Mini PC!!

I want to thank air for for sending this over to me for review and youre actually going to be seeing a lot more mini pc reviews coming to this channel and, if theres any particular tests that you want me to perform on these little guys. Hágamelo saber en los comentarios a continuación […]

Mi Nuevo CENTRO Multimedia PORTATIL (y BARATO) 📺

Un sonido bastante flojo y su pantalla es bastante justita pero dije bueno vamos, a ver que tiene actualmente amazon ya, que la que yo compr desde hace algunos aos y seguramente hayan sacado bastante mejor pues un poco, ms de lo mismo en pleno ao 2022 su tablet. Ms top pasa de los 200 […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Good Enough?

So today i am going to review the latest mid range tablet from samsung the galaxy tab e8. It is the successor to last years galaxy tab a7, que, si recuerdas, was one of the go to budget tablets of 2021.. Sin embargo, a lot has changed since then. You see the demand for tablets, […]

CHUWI HiPad Air – Unboxing & Informe: Das iPad für 150€ aus China | Hekka

Also wirklich auch die neueste android version mit einem guten prozessor dazu spter, mehr und das ganze zu einem wirklich sehr guten preis wir sprechen hier nicht von einem gert was circa 150 euro kostet ich htte das gert hier von hacker, punkt kommen, bekommen, ihr knnt es aber Auch auf anderen seiten, fr abweichende, […]

The Tech I'm Using January 2022

. Por lo tanto, im going to cover my desktop setup, i guess youd call it what my office computer is my gaming pcs. Además de eso, what im using for audio headphone speakers, Sabes, tabletas, Cámaras, the whole nine yards, oh and, Claro, smartphones were going to find out now and now shout out to […]

MPOW AIR WIRELESS HEADPHONES | Long Term Use – Pros & Contras

The mpow air wireless gaming headphone so lets start off this review by checking out ano accessories. Once you are able to buy the mpow air wireless gaming headphone now first off is the braided 3.5 millimeter jack or cable um, its probably around one to two meters, long so mahavana mancha to your pc […]

MacBook Air Killer?! Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Informe (2022)

Now on this channel, we obsess over good design. We are often trying to find products that are so like seamless to use that they just sort of disappear on your desk or on your wrist. Basically something that you dont its a piece of technology, you dont, really know youre using it just because […]

Alldocube X Game: Gaming Tablet Review!

It has an aspect: relación de 16 by nine, Creo, es 1920 por 1080, so the screen itself is actually quite big, its quite tall, a diferencia de la 16 por 10 – that you usually see, which is very nice. The body of the tablet is made out of metal uh, pretty decent quality um. […]

📱 HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 ✔️ review en ESPAÑOL (pedazo de TABLET calidad/precio)

Lo que pasa que algunas veces me permite un lujo de traer vdeos como el de hoy cada vez que me compro un artculo tecnolgico algo creo que yo creo que merece la pena y que est bastante bien pues. Lo traigo al canal, por si alguien est pensando en comprarse lo como le llama […]

Notable 2 – Wir müssen reden! (reReview)

Euro die kostet, Ahora 119 euro ist also auch 20 euro teurer geworden primar kabel hat dann ganz guten kniff denn wenn man, beim kauf des tablets, zusammen mit stift und hlle, ni el, abo modell, fr ein jahr mit dazu bucht was dann ungefhr 80 euro kostet insgesamt Dann bekommt man ein rabatt, En […]

4K OLED Portable Monitor Review

Why would you want a portable monitor from amazon, especially one that costs 900 euros for a start? Its a 4k oled and im gon na be unboxing it and im gon na see what its like second special feature is that it has a battery that works. It has a built in battery which […]