Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Review

Es, por supuesto, su primer portátil de juegos de ellos, so you've got Intel seventh generation CPU options with this, so you've got the i5 7300 HQ or the i7 7000 HQ eight to 16 gigabytes de carnero. The nvidia gtx 1050 Ti or the 1060, que, por supuesto,, es más potente. I recommend going […]

Metabox P650HP-G 15″ Laptop Unboxing y revisión

The P 650 HP G is a new IM higher end laptop in the prime series for meta box. An Australian company that specialized in custom high end laptops, it's laptop, is similar to some of the previous models that I've previously reviewed with similar specs. Sin embargo, now we have Intel 7700 HQ cable, Cada […]