What’S the difference there’s a little bit to know let’s get into it, what’s the difference let’s get into it. Dslr versus ipad, which one do you like best? Bien, so right here we have the ipad booth great. I know what you’re saying well where’s the video on this thing, it’s coming it’s coming. We need to ease into that video with a video of these two and right here we have the regular photo booth, so uh the screen is an ipad and on this one the screen is a surface pro so surface pro is like a computer inside a tablet And uh an ipad’s, an ipad so to be fair, i’m using the same program. Dslr booth on this and lumabooth, which is the ipad version of dslr booth on the ipad booth but isn’t that a different photo quit yelling at me, and both of them will be set with a picture orientation like this and then we’re gon na snap, and then Just compare the quality of the pictures. I forgot to mention the third option: that’s uh, cardboard cut out photo booths and those ones are fantastic right. Actually cardboard photo booths are quite a popular thing, so you’ve got your computer. You’Ve got your dslr camera and you’ve got your flashes here. You’Ve got a ipad and a light. If you want you don’t even need a light uh if it’s dark. You obviously do let’s look around Music. Now you can see the back of both of them.

So let’s take a peek inside the dslr photo booth, so there’s a lot that goes into a dslr photo booth versus an ipad booth, lots of different pieces. If you look up here with a dslr, photo booth you’re going to need a strobe which is a flash that hooks into it and it helps have a modeling light just to keep things lit, pero eso es. What every photo does so, but you don’t need that. But you do need the flash for it to properly light the photos. The camera it’s a canon t5 dslr in there there’s the computer, the wiring with the power bar. You have to have a hot shoe mount that runs a pc sync cord up to the strobe. You have to have a usb that runs out to the computer or, in this case it’s a surface pro tablet that has computer capabilities, also the software, so the software’s dslr booth for windows it’s a lot more moving parts that can potentially go wrong. I do have a video called what’s in a photo booth. It’S part two of my uh. Do it yourself photo booth, builds by lee, so go check that out if you’re interested, Bien, Fondo, background background, ipad booth, much more simple, you just need an ipad with the ipad photo booth. Básicamente, all you need is an ipad and some lights so fairly easy. You can have lights if you want. I have lights on mine here very simple, así que, como se puede ver aquí, the ipad just kind of slides into it, so you just slide it up there.

So the photo booth software for the ipad is called lima booth. You can’t get dslr booth for ipad, but you can get luma booth, which i’m going to do a complete breakdown of in another video i’ve got the dslr photo booth booted up here, let’s try and take a photo here. This is with a dslr camera it’s, a canon, t5 18 megapixel camera so and the camera is set on manual it’s, going to take four photos so i’m just going to line up here. Bien, now i’m, just gon na quickly text. These photos to myself here so uh let’s try taking a photo and i’m just gon na turn. These on they’re, quite bright, so it’s hard to see, but uh we’ll need it for the photos. You can already see that it’s a little blurrier email. It text message: instagram scan a qr code. You can set it up for print if you want, through a wireless through air print, on your iphone all right. So let’s text this one to me. Así que este de aquí, 18 megapixels this one right here. The camera is 1.2 Megapixels, so that’s the real thing about these ipad photo booths. Is you have to take into consideration it’s the front facing camera and the most currently that they do? Is seven megapixels for a front facing camera, so um you know and for even an older dslr camera you can get 18 Megapixels. You can go out and buy one of these cameras fairly, barato, uh and 18.

Megapixels is obviously way better than uh 7 Megapixels, plus the dslr cameras. The sensors are bigger. They adjust to lights a lot better, so currently you’re going to get better quality from the dslr cameras, but uh with technology going ipads are sure to catch up at some point, then again with all that being said, what kind of quality are you actually looking for? I mean if you’re printing out little mini strips, where the pictures are this big anyways, then you might be able to get away with a 1.2 front facing camera or a 5 cámara frontal de megapíxeles. Definitely a 7 cámara frontal de megapíxeles, and especially with the video that does hd it’s uh, just as good as one of these cam canon cameras. So if you’re thinking about getting an ipad photo booth just make sure the front facing camera has at least 5 megapixels uh, probably get a pro edition, or one of the new error. Ipad air editions, where it’s, seven megapixels and i’m sure that they’re going to be bumping that up here soon, everyone that’s the end of the video thanks for watching uh, we’re gon na be making more videos on the ipad photo booths and the software and everything that Goes with it so stay tuned for those. If you like this video, please press that thumbs up button.