If you own Season of the Chosen. To start, you need to hop into The Arms Dealer strike you can enter via the Director menu. You don’t need to find it in the strike. Playlist.. The start of this section is at the very beginning of the strike.. Instead of using your ghost to scan to open the door instead go through the now opened door with all of the turrets.. Once you reach the end, you will be able to pick up a tablet which you will then take to Zavala.. Zavala will tell you to board a Cabal ship.. This mission is the only thing between you and the weapon.. There are no steps after this at all, except going back to Zavala when you’re done. Zavala gives you the gun after the mission.. This mission has a lot of small mazes and puzzles within it, along with some combat.. I highly encourage you to do the mission on your own and only use this video. If you get stuck., If you’re with a group, it should take you around 45 minutes or so doing it. Blind solo will be probably an hour or 2.. Dicho esto, if you just want to know exactly how to do the mission here, Vamos. Something to note is that you cannot join a mission in progress. You will need to start fresh, No estoy seguro, if that’s a bug or intentional, but regardless you don’t, join in progress. When you first spawn in you will not be able to go through the main door.

Instead to the left of where you spawn in will be some Platforms for you to jump on.. You will use these to make your way inside climbing up until you can get into the ship.. You’Ll eventually find a lever that opens the main door from where you spawned in. Note that many passages in this place will be blocked by shootable, grates, be sure to shoot stuff if you’re not sure where to go. Make your way through the tunnels. Until you get to a room with a barrade, what my team was calling the Goop Wall. The spores next to this wall are what enable to go through. eso, stand next to the spores and shoot them to get a buff. Without them. You just run into a burning wall.. The buff, as of the opening of this mission, is used for doorways.. There could come a time where it is used for more, but as of February 16th, it is used for the doorways. After you enter this first room. You’Ll jump up to a higher level to progress. Make your way through this tunnel and you’ll find a hole in the ceiling. Jump through and keep progressing up.. Eventually, you should drop down into an open area with an electric wall in front of you.. The goal here is to hit 3 levers in order to open a door at the opposite. Final. Lever 1 will be in the hallway behind you when you drop down.

. This will be the first area with combat.. The recommended mission level is 1230 for this place.. Era 1290 and enemies were still higher level than me. Sin embargo, it seems like no matter what your level is. The enemies will be scaling. Igualmente. Combat isn’t a HUGE part of the mission, but there are a couple of combat sections, including the end. Anyway get past the screebs go all the way down this hallway and next to a gap in a fencegate thing will be lever 1., Head back to Where you dropped down buff up with the spores and jump across the gap to head to the next section. Jump up, if you find yourself stuck in a room with nowhere to go., You should then find yourself in the middle section of these electrified. Walls. Use the pillar in the middle to jump across to the other side. Shooting. This glowing panel will open the door under it, drop down and start heading inside.. As soon as you hit an intersection jump up and to the right up on the platform., The lever will be in a corner.. These levers can be pulled immediately. There is no need to simultaneously pull levers with teammates.. After pulling THIS lever, drop back down and head to the opposite side of the hallway. Make a left and you should have an open door at the end of the hallway on a platform.. Go forward, jump across this gap and hit this lever.

, Then you’ll go back. The way you came. Drop down and underneath the platform will be a fuse. Shoot this fuse and you should be able to progress. Jump back up, go down the small hallway and the door beneath you will be open. Slide down and go to the opposite side of The room. Hit the lever and then realize you’re about to be crushed.. Many screebs will be spawning in kill them. Quickly. You’ll then need to shoot 3 fuses in the floor in order to activate a hidden door in the floor to escape.. These fuses are blocked by shootable grates. Just look around for them.. The escape room is signified by some red lights.. If you hit all 3 fuses jump in there., If you get crushed no worries, you can just do it again with no screebs. A esta hora. Drop down into this hidden doorway and progress. You’ll have a couple of combat sections here, just fight your way, through.. If you’re doing this solo be aware that if you die in the second room, maybe the first too not sure you will have to start the combat over again. So please don’t die. To progress from the second combat section. You’Ll want to swing towards the outside, where there will be a platform to jump. En. Go forward, jump onto the ship and in the corner will be the next path.. This is the second half of the mission, mainly involving puzzles with the goop.

From this first room. Make a left and find the lever next to a closed door.. This will open the door revealing a spore. Grab the buff and head to the opposite end of the room to progress.. The next room is a puzzle. Room.. The first lever is in the middle of the room up the ramp turn around before you get to the platform to find it.. This lever will open a door from where you came. En. Inside will be a fuse. Shoot this fuse and the electrified wall. Above you will go away, but only for a short time. Jump up to get through the now downed wall.. There will be a lever to your right, pull that one. Turn around and go through the now open door and pull the next lever. At the end of the hallway. That will open the door next to you and also a door at the bottom of the ramp, which contains a spore. You’ll. Buff yourself turn around go up the ramp jump on the platform and go through the goop.. The next room will have a LITTLE bit of combat just kill everything in the room.. The lever is towards the back of the room in the middle next to this turbinegenerator thing., Pull it and then go back the way you came to the lower level.. A Scorpius turret will be in a doorway, shoot. It then go inside and shoot the fuse.. A doorway on the upper level close to where you are now will open with the spores.

Buff up and head back to where the lever was go past it and drop down in the hole in the floor.. This next section is a maze with shootable grates and some Screebs hiding behind them.. There will be 2 double grated pathways. One leads to the link buff., The other should be shot. Down., You’ll buff up run through the first double grate, then on your left. After a short time will be another double grate, with a screeb behind it. Go through and follow the path. Hit. The lever and you’ll be back where you started part 2 of this mission. A door will now be open on the opposide side of the room of where the spores are. Go through to the next area. You’ll have another small bit of combat with 2 abominations. Just take them out., There is a lever at the back of the room on the left. Lado. Hit it. Immediately turn around and behind some pipes will be a fuse. Shoot it.. This will open a door on the opposite side of the room, with a spore. Buff up head back. The way you just came and go through the goop.. This next room is the final puzzle. Room. Make your way through following the path and killing enemies.. Once you get towards the end, there will be a lever. Pull it.. This will open a door behind you with a turret., Kill, eso. Jump back down onto the pipes and look the way you came.

. You should see a fuse. Shoot. eso. Continue to go back. The way you came and jump on this ledge to find another goop, doorway. You’ll use this to rebuff yourself as you go through this area.. Go back to the beginning of this section. Buff up then use this secondary spore to rebuff and continue through the path. You’ll find a place to rally and then the boss fight, begins., You’ll start the boss, fight with just you and the boss shoot him enough to get him to go away about 16th of His health. You’ll then have a bunch of enemies spawn in you’ll need to kill all of them to progress.. Hay 3 levers in this room.. One is where you came in. One is on the opposite side, and one is in a room that is very hot.. Flip the 2 outside levers first and then the burning room lever., Pulling the burning room lever last will make the room not on fire after you pull it, which means you hopefully won’t burn to death.. Once you hit all 3 levers, you can drop down and you’ll fight the boss until he gets to a health checkpoint. Down here will be the boss and some enemies. Once you deal enough damage to the boss., Once he gets to a checkpoint, the room will start burning so make sure to be near a jump up spot so that you don’t burn. After that you’ll repeat this process, 2 more times.

Once the boss is dead. You’Ll be able to progress to the final reveal. Head back to Zavala and you will get the scout rifle.. The scout rifle is pretty simple. As far as exotics go precision hits will give you a buff, boosting your damage and reload speed stacking up to 5 times.. This gun can be randomly rolled and thus will be more farmable in the future. Seems like your powerful drop of the week. Will get you a randomly rolled, one but repeat, runs after the powerful don’t get you anything just yet.. There is also a catalyst which I assume will come out at a later date, as you need to complete the mission on Master difficult to unlock it.. The mission also have some other secrets and collectables for repeat play on top of farming new rolls.. That is what I have for you on Dead, Man’s Tale.. Gracias por ver.