You know what this video is. I hate making this video. I say the same thing every time i make this video that i hate making it you won’t know why, porque de nuevo, it is the video that contributes to the most toxicity on this channel. Bien, realmente, it’s been recently beaten out by my cyber power pc and h and h. UH 210 videos which have apparently blown up a little bit, have like 10 and 20k views. You know total between them or i was like 50k until i whatever and they are the most toxic videos, mi canal, but this video is a video i make knowing people are going to be toxic, uh children in the comment section and everywhere else, and leave and Unsubscribe and you know, that’s fine, whatever you know it’s fine, if you’re going to be a talk to your child, about not winning a giveaway in which the chances are super low because of how many total entries there are, but still higher than any mainstream large channel. You know you know, go ahead and cry whatever so here’s. The deal i’m gon na tell you the winner of the giveaway. I drew it at the time of making this video i drew it. Last night i drew it live on twitch i announced it live on. Twitch i have messaged the winner and hopefully i can get a response and then i can get that pc and or laptop whichever one they pick up, whichever one they pick not and or it’s pc or laptop, whichever one they pick um sent out, and then i Can hopefully get the other one sold so that i can break even and everything’s good and we’re all hunky dory for january’s hopeful giveaway? One thing i want to mention for anyone here: who’s just here for the giveaway or giveaways in general fun.

I do them every month, it’s kind of a big thing on my channel. I make money from it, so i’m happy doing them. So if you didn’t win this one here’s, what i’m gon na tell you first things. Primero, i made a bet with one of my viewers on the 29th of december, and i said if we get 10 subs in this stream, i will keep everybody’s twitch entries into january and not reset them like. I normally do. Bien, entonces, one of my viewers reel evade on twitch, actually a previous giveaway winner on this channel gifted 10 subs to my channel and uh. Bien, i didn’t expect that so all twitch subs will all twitch sub entries watch time entries every entry that you’ve earned on twitch. We need to have space point entries and slashing this thing in my chat, guess what those entries are staying for another month and i plan on doing something like that. That is a new rule i’m. Adding to my giveaways i’ll talk about that in a different video, Obviamente, but basically, every month, i’ll make a bet on the last few streams of the year or i’ll, make an overall bet so let’s say: if revenue is this amount and of course i always show My revenue on the giveaway video for every month so that you know that i’m, you know telling the truth about actually paying for these giveaways with revenue. So you see it’s actually legitimately possible to make enough money to pay for giveaways.

So i’ll make a bet. Every month of some kind where, if we succeed on twitch getting you know whatever i the goal i set out to get um, i will keep everyone’s twitch entries so long as we achieve that goal. If we don’t again, they get reset normally the reset every month, but hey i’m here to make money and give stuff away. So you know, if i can reach goals, then you can keep your entries that’s, how it is um. As you know, um did. Oh, Dios mío, my hair, why is it doing this i’m doing this like one take so and i’m, just gon na straight up, upload, it so i’m, leaving that in um? If you don’t know discord liked video entries permanent, like videos, if you put them in discord, they’re permanent, i know people are gon na get mad and leave and stuff like that and that’s annoying that offsets the giveaways a little bit it’s a little annoying to have That many entries of people who left but it’s more of a pain in the ass to delete the entries just cause someone leaves so if they win and they’ve left. You know sucks, though that’s the point um, so the winner uh i’m gon na tell you guys again, Como dije, if you’re gon na unsubscribe, you should just go ahead and do it because you probably didn’t win um that’s, just how it is. You know one person wins and there’s over a million total entries with you know, including the permanent entries, the twitch entries and all that stuff there’s.

Almost a million twitch entries alone so like your chance of winning, are low, and everyone should know that, and i tell you that, honestamente, every giveaway, no matter what every giver you you enter ever has very low chances. Yet the chance of winning my giveaway is still higher than like linus tips, because this is like what one in a billion because i’m, not always gleam gleam, is stupid. If anyone’s wondering why i don’t use gleam, it would stop me from making money and then i couldn’t afford to do giveaways fun fact: that’s the point i’m just trying. So if you wonder what i’m doing actually right now, where i’m just sitting here talking um giving you guys like hey i’ll, do more giveaways yeah stuff like that it’s i’m, actually just stalling. So the video is long enough for youtube to notify you that i’ve made a youtube video also, if anybody in the comments section posts that the exact time that you find the winner in and stops me from making the uh revenue and watch time for this video. I will delete your comment and stop you from commenting on the show just gon na say that right now there is a hide user from the channel. I don’t like people who do that. You ruin giveaways you’re. The kind of people is the same people who leave the stream and wait to come back until the exact time of the announcement comes stopping me from making revenue from ads on that stream you’re the kind of people who ruin giveaways, um, so yeah that you know There’S, a lot of people who like to ruin giveaways and those are some of them, but this is the point, so i got ta actually pull up the name because it’s say confusing them and i don’t want to get it wrong.

So i’m going to say it. I’M not going to put on screen anything because i don’t feel like editing this video, because i’m lazy and tired and things are not going great right now so i’m going to say the winner’s name and the platform they’re from and how many entries they had. One thing i’ll tell you: i did verify this time because again after what happenedand i believe october um or actually it was september’s giveawaywhat happened i’m, not taking any chances with people being bsing. On my discord cell, i made sure to verify that the person who won has the amount of entries they were supposed to have and um. Where are they what’s there? There we go okay, so the winner of this month’s giveaway was a discord member with the name fighter, josh number, Dos, Siete, Seis, Ocho, that is capital f. I g h, t e r j, o s, h number, so number sign hashtag whatever you call it. Dos. Siete, Seis, Ocho, that is the winner. You can find him on my discord. I again at the time of making this video. I haven’t got a response. Yet don’t forget he does have five days to respond to my dm on discord, or else i will pick a new winner but again it’s likely that people respond. I haven’t so will not respond lawyer in a good while so that is f. I g h. T e r j, o s h, number two: Siete, Seis, eight fighter, josh number: Dos: Siete, Seis, eight on discord, don’t even try to like change your name or tell me that that’s, my alt.

I had someone dm and go that’s me that’s. My alt account because i’ve already dm the actual person who who won. Por lo tanto, if you tell me that’s your alt i’m, no gon na, believe you and you’re stupid that’s. All i can tell you um so that’s, who won um. He had 305 entries on discord um. I don’t know if they, if he was on twitch or youtube because again i only know what his name is on discord and i don’t know how many entries he said on discord that’s what he won from. He won from having those 305 entries from liking. The videos, i think i have like 305 videos on my channel. I think you got five extra points for the december video, so i did check and he did have the 305 liked video screenshotted um. He screenshotted the playlist and i could see it, which is what i recommend doing so, like i said um most the times that people have won it’s been from discord or twitch um, porque eso es, where most entries are naturally discord’s a great place to be my discord. Flipping awesome we have like 7000 members. I think i just turned on discovery. I think i’m going to become a partner whenever that’s available i’m just stalling for eight minutes. So i get that monetization just saying right now. This is a point so again uh. I wanted to end my year off with the most toxic video i could possibly make, which is announcing the winner, and then i get some toxic kids in my comment.

Section stuff, like that i’m super excited, i know oh yeah you’re so mean yeah. I get it cool um, así que eso es genial, i don’t think i have anything else to say again. That is the winner. Congratulations and thank you. Everyone who participated, don’t forget twitch entries and discord entries we’ll be staying into next month’s giveaway um. I have to figure out what i’m giving away because it’s a little more complicated than just giving away what i keep from this month, because you know if they pick the pc. I can’t just re, give away the laptop because again there’s a lot of stupid people who are toxic children here and if i try to if they, if leslie the winner, picks the pc, and i try to give away okay well now i can give the laptop In january, not really how it works, because then people be like does the same laptop, what the hell and they’ve ruined giveaways. So the problem is, i need to buy a new item to give away in january and i don’t have one yet because everything is sold out so i’ll. I might either a scratch save their computer like 3300 xbase or something like that or i don’t know. I have like an alienware rig, i don’t know or just try to buy a laptop just like put in 800 bucks and just grab a laptop. I don’t know i don’t have too much money, so it’s not going to be something it’s, spectacular, giveaways but that’s.

The point um thank you so much for watching again, yeah good luck in this month’s giveaway what’s old next month. I mean by the time you’re watching this it’s, probably already january, where you’re watching from for me it’s still 31st at nighttime, but um like i said. Thank you so much for watching hope you guys kind of join congrats to the winner. Thank you so much participating in my giveaways and watching my content.