Bien, this is actually a tiny pc that’s. What they’re calling it, because the whole volume of the setup is actually only one liter. This is known as the lenovo think center m75q tiny gen 2.. Now this was recently on sale over at lenovo’s website and ebay. So i figured i’d go ahead and pick one up to take a look at it plus. I actually was looking for a smaller pc to replace my main work, PC, which just happens to be an older, think: center m92p it’s the same exact size, but that one was actually powered by a 4th gen i5. But this new version, the m75q, is powered by the ryzen 5 pro 4650g and i mean yeah, even though these things are designed for work. Hay, no reason at all. We can’t game on this thing and use it kind of as a little set top box for emulation, PC, gaming and multimedia playback. You can also pick this up with the ryzen 3 pro 4350g and even up to the ryzen 7 pro 4750g. Por lo tanto, along with pc, it also came with a wired mouse, a wired keyboard. We also have a stan our bluetooth, wi fi antenna and a 65 watt power supply that’s about it. That came in the box, but i mean, como se puede ver, this thing is tiny and, como mencioné, i’ve actually been using one of the older m92ps, as my main work pc for the last three years straight.

Por lo tanto, even though we’re working with such a small form factor pc, we actually got some pretty good. I o, starting with the front here from the left, A la derecha. Tenemos un 3.5 millimeter audio jack it’s, a headphone mic combo, a single usb 3.2 gen 2 Puerto, a single usbc, 3.2 gen1 port and our power button. Moving around back again from the left to the right. We have our power input: 2, Usb 3.2 gen1 ports. Dos usb 2.0 ports full size display port, tamaño completo, hdmi and our gigabit ethernet port, so right out of the box, this will actually support up to three displays: hdmi displayport and usb type c on the front and like we saw with the unboxing, this does come With a stand now, the unit that i ordered actually has eight gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and a 256 gigabyte m.2 ssd. It was the cheapest version. They had that used the 4650ge and that’s exactly what i was looking for, but i have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3 200 megahertz laying around so i figured i’d go ahead and upgrade it real, quick plus. I definitely want this to be running in dual channel, because that’ll significantly increase the performance of the built in radeon graphics. Here now pulling the top off is pretty easy. It does have a spot for 2.5 inch drive either mechanical or ssd looks like it’s got a smaller cooler, but i think they’ve designed this pretty well we’ll, have to see when we get into testing.

If we flip this over, we can actually access that m.2 ssd and our ram slots. This does support dual channel ram up to 64 Gigabytes, pero uh .uh. Como mencioné, i had 16 gigabytes laying around here and i’m gon na go with the fastest that i can put in here, que es 3200 megahertz and it’s super easy to upgrade this so i’m, going with two eight gigabyte sticks of crucial at 3200 Megahertz, so I’Ve just upgraded the ram and i’m going to leave this ssd like it is maybe later on down the road. Voy a. Add a one terabyte ssd to this, but this will work out perfectly for my needs at the moment. So before we get into testing, i just want to go over the basic specs here. For that cpu we have the amd ryzen 5 Pro 4650 ge, six cores 12 threads base clock of 3.3 boost up to 4.2. As for the gpu, we have that built in radeon 7 en 1900, Megahertz 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 Megahertz, un 256 gigabyte m.2 nvme ssd. This does come pre installed with wi fi, Seis, so it’s 802.11ax and bluetooth 5.1, and as for the operating system, with the base configuration that i have here, it comes with windows 10 Casa 64 poco, but this can be upgraded to linux or windows 10 Pro. If you want to do that down the road so with all that out of the way let’s go ahead and get into some testing like i mentioned, even though this is meant to be kind of a work, PC, hay, no reason we can’t test out multimedia and Gaming performance of this mini pc.

Personalmente, i think something like this would make an awesome little htpc, given the form factor here all right. Así que aquí estamos. I got a lot of stuff installed to test out we’re going to test out some gaming. Some 4k video playback we’ll run some benchmarks we’ll test out some web browsing. Como pueden ver, we have that ge six course: 12 Hilos 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram running at 3200 megahertz and the built in radeon, 7 gráficos, and just to give you a look here, Uh, it doesn’t, really say: radeon 7, but that’s exactly what it is And it is clocked up to 1900 megahertz and it does clock up to that speed when gaming so far, it’s been a really enjoyable experience using this little machine, i mean it definitely has enough power to do basically anything as for web browsing we’ll just head over To lenovo, and with that built in wi fi six i mean this thing is super snappy everything loads up just fine, and this is basically how i got this from their president’s day sale on ebay. You can check that out. I’Ll leave a link for it in the description. Uh let’s check out some webgl performance here, just head over to webgl samples, so we’re sitting at 500, fish here’s, our fps up here, we’re at 60, go to a thousand we’re still sitting tight at 60.. 5000. 10. 000, 15, and i knew it was going to drop down around there so yeah.

Alrededor 20 000 fish on screen with webgl starts dipping down, pero en el 15 000 we’re still sitting steady at 60. let’s go ahead and take a look at some 4k video playback from youtube just skip in a little bit, uh make sure we’re at 4k. Realmente, i think that was sitting at 5k full screen stats for nerds 4k gon na be great on the initial load in we had five drop frames, no es un gran problema. At all i mean this chip will handle 4k video playback from any of your favorite apps or natively amazon, prime hulu and even youtube 4k and even 5k will work just fine. Let me go up to 5k and since i reloaded inside of the app i mean we only had one drop frames, while it loaded up so 4k video playback on the m75q, not an issue whatsoever so yeah for the main work that i do on these mini. Pcs it’s going to do just fine and even the older m92p that i was using just a couple days ago with that i5 did work out pretty well. But when i have some downtime, i like to do a little bit of gaming on these tiny machines and we’re going to get to that in a second. But the first thing i did was run some benchmarks. First up we have geekbench 5 solo núcleo. Looking pretty good with the 12 10 Multi 6442, i was actually really impressed with both of these scores here.

Siguiente en la lista, we have cena bench coming in with a multi core score of 8356. Still looking pretty good here, i also ran pc mark 10 591 y, as you can see from the chart below, this is better than 67 percent of all other pcs tested with this benchmark. Moving over to some gpu benchmarks, with 3d mark night, raid total score 14. 565., i also ran fire strike and we scored a 3567 finally time spy with a 1386, so it’s looking pretty decent for a super small form factor pc like this, but now it’s time to move into some real world gaming and see how this thing performs. Por lo tanto, first up csgo 1080p high settings. Looking really good here by the end of this run, i had an average of 117 FPS, so right off the bat. This is actually looking really good when you consider the form factor of this tiny pc. Siguiente en la lista, we have street fighter 5 1080p medium settings and i did go in and change the resolution scale from 100 Para 90 because i had some dips down to 58. But with these settings here, it’s going to run at 60 todo el día, good skyrim special edition 1080p medium settings, es, actually looking pretty good here, we’re at 60, but every once in a while. I do see it dip down. I’Ve actually seen it drop as low as 56, but if i didn’t have that fps counter up in the top left hand, corner i’d, never even notice it here’s gta 5.

And when you step back and really take a look at this pc and how small it is seeing this game running at 1080p, normal settings with an average of 63 fps is pretty impressive. You’Ll see it jump up and you’ll see it dip down a little bit, but if i turn v sync on, i could lock this at 60 and play this game comfortably at 1080p. Normal settings i mean this is really impressive. When you factor in the form factor of this pc, forza horizon 4 1080p low settings with dynamic resolution scaling turned off, i got an average of 62 FPS, so with doom eternal i was really hoping. We could do 1080p with it, but i did have to drop it down to 1600 por 900 low settings and i got an average of 68 fps and the final game i wanted to test here was cyberpunk 2077. Now i did try this at 1080p and i was getting an average of around 15 FPS, but when i dropped it down to 720p low, i actually got an average of 33fps out of this one Music. So through all of my tests, i also monitor power consumption from the wall using a kilowatt meter, and this thing does a pretty decent job at idle it’s. Alrededor 12 watts 4k video playback 18 Juegos de azar. It jumps up to 54 and the maximum. I could get this to pull out of. The wall was 68 Vatios. Ahora.

One thing i was worried about with this system were cpu temps, but they’re actually pretty decent here at idle we’re around 38 grados centígrados, 4k vídeo, Reproducción, 44 gaming jumps up to 70 and the fan noise on this really isn’t that bad while we’re gaming. But it can ramp up and even at the highest speed it’s, really not that bad, because in my extreme test, which maxes out all six cores 12 threads and the gpu, we were able to hit thermal throttle with this chip at 91 grados centígrados. But this is an extreme test and in everyday use, and even gaming you’ll never see these kind of temps. So going into this, i actually wasn’t sure if i was going to keep this machine or not, but after testing it out. This is going to be replacing my older lenovo m92p, the one on the right here and, como se puede ver, it’s the same form factor so i already got a spot set up for it and i’m definitely excited about more power out of this mini pc. So yeah this is something i can definitely recommend if you’re looking for a small form factor pc for work. Part time play maybe even a super small form factor htpc and the price on this, for what we’re getting actually isn’t a bad deal right now as making this video, this is their president’s day sale and i paid 554 out of pocket for this tiny pc.

Ahora, if this isn’t on sale, i could not recommend it at the price they’re charging on their website. If you can catch this on sale like the one that’s going on right now as making this video president’s day 2021. I think this is an awesome little choice. If you know what you’re getting into and you’re looking for a super small form factor great performing mini pc, just to give you an idea of how small this lenovo pc is. This is a 4k 32 inch benq monitor right, underneath it we have the lenovo m75q. I mean it doesn’t take up any space at all, and this is my basic setup. I’Ve got a keyboard. Mouse always got a controller. Handy i’m gon na go ahead and launch a game now. This is definitely not a machine that’s geared towards gaming, but in my opinion i know graphics do matter, and they do matter to me. But if i truly love the game, i don’t mind playing the game at 1080p. Bajo. Something like forza horizon 4 looks absolutely amazing. On a good monitor, 1080p low settings, and as long as i can run it at full speed, i’m good to go, and i love the fact that we have such a small setup here, so yeah that’s going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching if you have any questions or you want to see anything else running on this machine. Just let me know in the comments below i am planning on a full emulation video.