This is known as the huawei mediapad m6 turbo, and this is definitely geared towards gaming. It actually puts out some really good performance, and one of the big reasons i picked this up was for emulation and on the go android gaming in a smaller form factor than the tab, s6 or the tab s7, but before we really get into it, if you Don’T mind that style of form factor the big 10 inch to 11 inch screen definitely go with the tab s6 or the tab s7. It will outperform this, but if you’re looking for something in between your phone and a larger tablet, i think this would be an awesome choice but there’s one caveat: these are a bit expensive unless you pick them up used or refurbished and that’s exactly what i did Now these usually go for around 450, but i was able to scoop this up refurbished on ebay for 235, so i figured i’d go ahead and jump all over it and since then i’ve seen a few other listings bidding out on these units. Now they come in two color variants. You can get the red which i have here. I actually didn’t have the choice or the blue. When it comes to these huawei devices in 2021, they don’t come with google play pre installed, so you will have to kind of side load it or find a method to get google play up and running if that’s, what you wantor you could just always rely On third party app stores, but with this one here, it was actually pretty easy to get google play up and running.

But when it comes down to it, i personally wouldn’t even need it because i’m just going to be using this for native android gaming cloud streaming and emulation and that’s really why i picked this up. Por lo tanto, as for the specs on the mediapad m6 turbo, they actually look pretty good. If you can pick this up at a decent deal for the cpu, we have the kirin 980 it’s an eight core cpu. We have two cores running at 2.6, gigahertz, two running at 1.92 and four running at 1.8. Those are the a55 cores. The gpu is the mali g76 mp10. So we have that 10 core gpu six gigabytes of lp ddr4x ram an 8.4 inch ips 2560 por 1600 pantalla 128 gigabytes of internal storage, plus a micro sd card and i’ve tested up to a 128 card in here but i’m sure we could go higher 802.11 Ac wi fi, Bluetooth, 5.0 it’s got a 6100 milliamp hour battery it’s running android 10 with a mui ui 10, otherwise known as emotion, ui from huawei. As for the overall usability of the tablet, i mean this thing has been super quick. I haven’t had any hangups or anything like that, love the sound on this thing. It’S got those dual stereo speakers tuned by harman kardon, and it does sound really good, and i think the main draw to a tablet like this, para mí, is the form factor. Estoy. Personalmente, a big fan of these eight inch tablets, even the seven inch tablets for portability, and when it comes down to it, i have tablets that will outpace this.

The galaxy tab s6 and the galaxy tab s7 are more powerful than this, but with those we have a 10.1 inch and an 11 inch screen and they’re huge, i mean they’re, really big tablets and, como se puede ver aquí, con esto 8.4 pulgadas de pantalla, it fits These telescopic controllers really well so the first thing i always like to do when i’m testing out these android devices is run some benchmarks. So first up we have geekbench 5 coming in with a single core score of 689 and multi of 2461.. A continuación, we have 3dmark slingshot extreme, this test out opengl performance from that gpu total score 4497 using the same benchmark here, but their new vulcan test 2479 and finally antutu coming in with a pretty impressive score of 386 137 moving over to some native android gaming. First up we have asphalt 9 and i do have this set to the maximum in the settings for this game. Everything’S running great every once in a while when there’s a lot of effects on screen. I do notice a stutter here and there, but i’ve only really noticed it with this game and i’ve tested a bunch of games on here Music. Next up we have call of duty mobile. It is perfectly playable on this device. I do have the fps and the settings set to extreme and the graphics set to high haven’t noticed any issues at all. I mean it looks great and it plays just fine and the same thing goes for pubg and all of the other games that i tested on this device.

As long as you can get the game to install this tablet’s definitely going to handle it. I mean we have plenty of power from that gpu and cpu. In this thing, this now it’s time to move over to my favorite part of these videos. We have some emulation. First up dreamcast using the redream emulator upscale to 1920×1440. I don’t have any frame skip on and, como se puede ver, we’re running at full speed, i do have the fps up in the top left hand corner. I got a couple more dreamcast games to test and then we’ll move over to sega saturn, but the way it’s looking right now as long as the game is compatible with the redream emulator you’re, going to be able to run it at full speed, even upscaled, pretty High, como se puede ver, we’re at 1920×1440 with these taxi here we have some sega saturn using retro arch with the yobasi and shiro core, and overall performance is pretty great. Here i do have the fps up in the top right hand corner every once in a while you’ll see it dip down to around 58, but it’s still very, muy jugable. But there is one little issue that i’ve run into with this emulator, specifically and that’s. An audio stutter and even on lower end chip sets, i haven’t run into this, so it could be a compatibility issue with this gpu and by the way i didn’t bother going over to the standalone version of yobasanshiro, because we were hitting 60 with these games here.

Music next on the list psp using ppsspp. En primer lugar, we have ratchet and size matters 3x resolution no frame skip no hacks and i’m using the vulcan back end and i’ve noticed that, con esta tableta, you’re way better off using vulkan with psp, because i was getting kind of half performance with opengl. But when i swapped over to vulcan even the harder to run games like midnight, club and chains of olympus ran at full speed. 3X no frame skip no hacks, así que sí. This can definitely handle psp emulation, bastante bien, Música, Music and finally, at least for this video. We have gamecube using the dolphin emulator now i was pretty surprised that we were able to run some of these games at full speed this one. Here i consider a mid range game, which is soul. Calibur 2., como se puede ver, it’s very playable and i haven’t seen it go under 56 FPS. Most of the time it is sitting at 60 and i’m using the opengl back in when i swapped over to vulcan i wasn’t getting this kind of performance. So opengl is definitely where it’s at with this here, but this doesn’t mean that every gamecube game is going to be playable now there’s a ton that will run at full speed on this. You do win waker next up, i have sunshine which ran really well it’s. A game that runs at a native 30 fps on original gamecube hardware and we’re getting 30 fps on this tablet, but when it comes to the harder to run games like metroid, F, Cero, gx and even auto modalista.

This tablet just isn’t, going to be able to push those games at full speed. I was really hoping that i could mess around with the settings and get it to run properly, but unfortunately i just didn’t have good luck with those heavier duty games, but overall i’m still impressed by this little tablet being able to play some of these games at Full speedand i want to give you an example of a harder one to run and what this thing does: i’ve tested out, vulcan and opengl with automotive. This is one of the harder ones to emulate, especially on an arm device. Even the snapdragon 855 does have trouble with this one. Here i get around 55 fps out of my samsung galaxy tab s6 and with this one we’re only at about half speed, así que 30 FPS. So overall the huawei mediapad m6 turbo is definitely a powerful little tablet. Even out of its size class, even when you compare this to most of the 10 inch tablets on the market, this definitely outpaces them in performance, and when you put this in its own size class, this is probably the most powerful 8.4 inch tablet on the market. Ahora mismo, but it’s really hard for me to recommend this in 2021, when you look at it as a new device for around 450 Es decir, what i’ve seen on ebay? If you can pick one of these up use for 250 or under, i think it would be well worth it, but if you’re not looking for this specific form factor, i would definitely go with a used galaxy tab.

S6. You can pick those up for around 335 Para 350 on ebay all day, but that’s gon na wrap it up for this video really appreciate you watching if there’s anything else, you want to see running on the huawei media pad m6 turbo.