. There was very good news for these people With the announcement of the Galaxy Tab s7, which was released in August. It was the news that the really famous program Clip Studio will be released as the Galaxy Tab. Clip Studio is a program that I have never used, but I have heard the rumors and was really curious.. En realidad, hace aproximadamente un año, I exchanged an email with Celsis, a production company, and I received a positive response saying that it was being reviewed. But I didn’t even dream that it would be released. Así. Android was elected to the Galaxy Store and was limited to use only by Galaxy users, but it is currently available for download on the Google Play. Tienda. Then let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of why Clip Studio is such a popular program. Among enthusiasts and do a test drawing to see how much performance it shows on the Galaxy Tab., I am also new to Clip Studio, so I studied while reading books and watching videos.. Sin embargo, this program has so many features that if the description of the video is lacking or if there is a good tip, you know please write it in the comments of this video.. We can all study clip studio, together.. Primero, let me briefly introduce you to Clip Studio. Clip Studio, Paint, Clip Studio, a drawing program used by over 9 million art creators around the world is a really popular program for those who love painting.

. It has specialized functions for producing professional illustrations, manga and animation, and is characterized by convenient professional functions and stable usability from realistic, brushes various materials and vector layers support.. After the release of Clip Studio, there is a phenomenon that many people move to Clip Studio from Photoshop, which is synonymous with graphic tools, It’s also not very difficult to use.. It has a very familiar and intuitive ui, so even beginners of digital drawing can easily adapt. So you can draw more than a certain level within a short period of time, and it is a universal drawing program that allows artists who draw professionally to work on commercial quality. Paintings. Clip Studio is a paid program and can be used permanently by purchasing a lump sum version on a PC, but in a mobile environment it is a subscription service and requires a fixed monthly payment to use it properly.. If you are a Galaxy user, you can use it for free for 6 meses. So if you are curious, we recommend that you purchase it after trying it free for about 6 meses. Clip Studio has a pro and ex version, but the two versions have some features and price differences. Larger. You can manage multiple pages at once. En otras palabras, the EX version, which is more expensive, has more convenience functions for those who use it for the purpose of comics and webtoons.. Sin embargo, those who are aiming for general drawing such as basic illustrations can draw good enough pictures with the PRO version.

. Once you run Clip Studio, you can see the exact same interface as the PC version. Como pueden ver, almost all of the parts have been implemented perfectly enough to think that the pc version was ported as it is, Then let’s take a look at the main features of Clip Studio., The first natural and realistic brush.. The reason brushes are the first is because I was able to understand why so many people like ClipStudio while using ClipStudio’s brushes., I really like brushes., Quiero decir … en general, the brush feels so moist.. Should I say that it is moist and comfortable It’s not stiff it’s soft it’s, not light it’s deep. At a refresh rate of 120hz. The delay speed of the pen is not felt very much and the properties of each brush, including oil painting, watercolor, pencil ink and airbrush, are expressed very naturally and realistically.. The brush settings can also be finely adjusted, so you can adjust the brush size, Opacidad, anti aliasing and image stabilization to suit your needs., En particular,. Even in the case of the brush’s color mixing function, it blends colors too naturally, but it was a function that drastically changed my drawing process, which I used to create natural midtones with an airbrush. Por ejemplo, when you paint the contrast on the arm, you can paint a dark color on the dark side once and then mix the border where the light and dark colors meet with the color mixing function to create natural contrast.

. The second is the environment. Setting that can be set in detail. When you click the logo shape menu at the top of Clip Studio. You will see options to set many areas, such as environment, setting command bar setting shortcut setting air action, setting modifier key pen pressure, detection level. Control. usually set options somewhat simple in, Unlike other apps that are limited to the list, I can see that detailed adjustments are possible. When I open them one by one. I think that I can change the roots of the real program to my taste. From changing the interface color style. You can also change the screen layout, the same as the PC. Shortcuts can be set for almost all functions one by one and several functions can be added to Galaxy Tab’s Air Action.. When setting the pen pressure, I was very impressed with the part that automatically adjusts to my style by drawing freely with the pressure I normally use on the screen.. Sin embargo, setting all the options too much from the beginning and trying to draw can be burdensome, so it is better to set one by one for the frequently used functions while drawing a few pictures yourself.. Sin embargo, if you are a Galaxy Tab user, there is one setting that you must have. Here is the environment setting Turn off the use of tools with a finger in the touch gesture.? This was the most necessary setting for palm rejection and it is inconvenient to use the same tool on the finger and pen shown here or to use different tools on the finger and pen so disable the function.

. Por ejemplo, the moment the finger touched the brush worked or the screen moved, so I couldn’t draw and I didn’t want to use Clip Studio anymore.. I thought using the finger tool here turned off all touches, but that was the difference between recognizing the finger on the canvas or not. Finger means only one finger and two fingers are recognized, so you can rotate or zoom in and out of the screen.. En cualquier caso, we recommend that you unconditionally disable the use of tools with your fingers.. The third is a vast amount of material.. En realidad, I haven’t used it properly because I don’t have a webtoon, serialization or drawing as a job, but I thought it was a very useful feature for those who need to draw a lot of pictures quickly. You can see a lot of materials here and you can drag the background material to the screen and apply it or you can put an object like a book on the drawing of a desk. By importing a 3D model specifying a pose and drawing with reference. Accurate human body, drawing was possible., Fourth are features specialized for manga drawing. Clip Studio’s. Most important feature is that it is introduced as a program for people who publish webtoons and cartoons.. The cartoon. Drawing function is the main function of ClipStudio. As a result of actually looking at it. Quite a few features were prepared in detail. I was able to make cuts, sketches tones in the coloring stage and insert speech bubbles very easily.

. Claro, text could be written conveniently.. There was no inconvenience of erasing the lines outside the frame because the layer where the area is designated inside the manga frame is automatically set.. It was very impressive that it was possible to set it very conveniently because there are presets for webtoons and cartoons when creating new files.. The last feature is the vector layer.. A raster layer can be thought of as a general base layer that we commonly know it is a pixel by pixel layer.. En realidad, you can draw with just this layer., Sin embargo, when the pixel by pixel layer is enlarged, the pixels are visible and the quality deteriorates.. Conversely, in the case of a vector layer, lines are drawn in a vector format rather than pixels., Even if enlarged to a specialized layer, it shows a clean feeling compared to the pixels and the line is freely corrected, because the layer records line data. This layer is Often used as a sketch layer, because you can change the shape of the line or adjust the thickness Functions such as color fill, cannot be used with vector layers.. If you are sketching based on this vector layer, you can freely modify the lines, so it can be very useful if you use it for comics, webtoons and building drawings to draw clean lines.. Además, it is possible to change the layer, blending mode and clipping function. Brightnesssaturationbrightness and shape tools such as straight curves and rectangles, can also be used in various formats.

. Además, since there is an animation production function, it is possible to work with simple moving emoticons from a professional animation, Since the saving method also supports various formats such as jpeg, png and psd. It is a very useful feature that additional work is possible in Photoshop, as well as in the PC version of Clip Studio.. Hasta el momento, I briefly reviewed Clip Studio, but the good thing about using Clip Studio on the Galaxy Tab was that all of the functions of the PC version were transferred as they are, so I could feel that so many functions were running stably.. I drew this picture with a resolution of 2800×1700 at 300dpi, but I couldn’t feel the program termination or slowing down while drawing, and I could feel very stable overall.. Como mencioné anteriormente, the feeling of use of the brush was very good and it was really effective in expressing the contrast, clearly and softly with the natural color mixing. Function. Shortcut keys. Also support almost all functions, so it was very convenient to use. With just a few key shortcuts, such as brush eraser, Color, blending, brush resizing and color extraction. You can reduce unnecessary clicks, resulting in very short work time.. If you have a keyboard that can be used on the Galaxy Tab. Please use the shortcut key together.. When I used Clip Studio on the Galaxy Tab to draw this picture, I didn’t feel any drawbacks.. So there is a drawback that I felt while drawing all the pictures and testing additional things.

When using 3D modeling materials, the program slows down or the font support is limited, so there are disadvantages in that. It is not possible to use fonts that require separate installation which are frequently used by users.. En este caso, it seems that additional finishing work should be done on the PC using the cloud function.. The last downside is that, because the program is a monthly subscription system, people who don’t paint regularly use the program, occasionally so paying a certain amount. Each month can be a bit burdensome.. It would have been great if a one time payment method was possible, like the PC version, but this might be the most regrettable part.. Now the drawing is also finished to some extent. So I will finish this contents. I checked out Clip Studio for Galaxy Tab and drew an artwork. Overall Clip Studio was very satisfied.. I think the biggest attraction is that you can use Clip Studio to draw pictures anywhere while carrying a tablet and at home you can use the pc version with the cloud function to complete your work.. Since I am also at the beginning of this program, I think I should try to see if there are many more surprising and convenient features.. The first impression of ClipStudio is that it is superior to any other drawing program on Android.. It can be used free of charge for 6 meses. Por lo tanto, if you are curious, we recommend downloading it from the Galaxy Store and experiencing it.

character, Then take care of your health. Well in all of the cold weather.. I will see you again with a good video. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.