Apple's iPad Revolution is COMING..

Apple actually gave us a huge hint to the release date and im almost 100 sure on the release date for at least one of these ipads, because they recently said that their ipad os 16 software update is getting delayed and its not going to launch until october, Which is a huge hint at […]

iPad Pro 11 pulgadas vs 12.9 pulgadas – The truth no one talks about.

Do you go for the 11 o 12.9 inch ipa pro? I used both of these for a couple of months and now, im gon na sell one of those which one that will be and why ill tell you in this video now, since these are pro models, these are not for your average […]


A la tienda mejor dicho entonces me puse, a informar, ah estuve buscando para ver como como se reclama que paso a paso hay que hacer para poder tener la chaqueta, azul y me enter de un dato muy importante que tienen que saber todo porque lamentablemente. No es para todas las regiones, solamente es […]

GameStop Sinks To Another New Low (AGAIN)

He is fapping hard till hes in pain, skip it up, hey todo el mundo. Your favorite man with an ass is now on cameo. You can get your own personalized video message sent directly from me to you link to my cameo below in the description. I look forward to seeing you there. So not only […]

Arriba 5 Best ACER Laptops 2022

No, i dont take ive, got no love Music, Música, passionate every word. I move so descriptive. Like an adjective, i got ta vent better against people who patented being negative when you should be getting after it. I got facts over facts over tracks, isnt that spitting slow speaking fast, like a roast. Me […]

Até qual placa de vídeo seu processador leva sem gargalar?

So as repercusses daquele comando ele recebe, o comando ele converte aquele comando para linguagem do jogo ao converter, aquilo ali vai, pegar Inteligncia Artificial que, tem nos npcs. Do jogo e ver como que cada NPC vai reagir aquilo por exemplo se fosse no Watch Dogs que voc t no meio da rua um […]

¿Lo VALE por su PRECIO? • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Lo que ms y menos me gust pero antes vamos con un mensaje de nuestro sponsor hay que ver con transferencia whatsapp nos da la posibilidad de transferir, el backup de whatsapp entre android y ios yo vengo con este, problema hace tiempo y es una solucin. Que me facilita la vida y cmo es […]

Asus ROG Flow X13 review: The king of small gaming laptops#laptop

The king of small gaming laptops. The rog flow x13 is an ultra compact and surprisingly powerful gaming laptop the razer blade. Sigilo 13 was for a long time. The smallest gaming laptop you could buy. The asus rogflo x13 has something to say about that, though its the second 13 pulgadas portátil juego. tú […]


00. Gedebage Oke ini Ivan Ode, untuk ngambil tas enerpac aduh, oh kita, No, expuesto, batu, Jadi, si monster ini, lem, persatu, batoto, aun, Dos, batu dan Si Ivan Bantuin kita dengan lempar, aguja, pendek, Bien, Kita, oportunidad, éste, dan Aduh enam, oh ya, más, enfermo, más, enfermo, kalau, Kita, Pukul tuh lebih terasa jadi […]

50% Sale on in Currys PC World. Unboxing Lenovo Laptop & ACER Tablet.How can you Replace old device

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Nokia 5.4 , Android 12 Overview and Imaging Performance.

So recently i shared my live update process of the nokia 5.4 with the android shop using the vpn trick. Ahora, a lot of the comments were that the vpn triggers not working for them now do take note that the vpn trick is meant only to bypass the dual location restriction. Uh do take […]


Keep in mind that this video will have spoilers and with that said, lets begin. The story starts in connecticut 1998, with an old woman having a conversation with the young woman in a diner congratulating care for having a new job, despite its nature, seeming to be in a macopra field. The young woman […]