I think i was calling it chewy in the previous video but anyways the chewy uh. What is it? I forgot the name chewy? U book x, oh thats, that kind of match it matched. My the timing so ive been using it for a while, and they gave me an ingenuine windows version. I contacted them and we will see how that goes all right. Cm7 from the future. Speaking regarding the windows version thing windows, genuine thingy, i contacted them on 9th of august, all right on email and some other places like their instagram no apply. Only almost after a month 10th of september, i received a reply on email which gave they gave me a code, but they wanted also the serial number, which is all right and then, when you use that code and told them okay. Thank you very much. It is working they reply to me three days later, so i dont know why, on first, they took so long to apply. I dont know i just dont know. I have no idea, maybe anything, but regarding my comment in instagram and also a dm on instagram, the dm they did not reply to it. The comment i think got deleted. I tried to find it, but it got deleted because i told them. Why are you not playing anywhere like it was a negative comment and yeah? I couldnt find it again when i tried to go and find it, and i have a lot to say about the laptop dont.

Let this video fool you, because this is a first experience. All right, even though i said ive been using it a lot. I used it even more after this video so expect a third video to talk about this device. If youre planning to buy it, do not buy it in short, but anyways here it is 12 inch screen uh. I guess 2k. You will see the specs as usual, because i dont want to say something wrong, but anyways lets go over the ports down the headphone jack up on the front. We have a. We have a cam. What happened? What was that i swear? I saw something all right. So lets do a comparison. This is a 12 inch and heres the gpd. I still have it lets boot it up, because i want to check something with it. So here are the two devices next to each other 12 inch and 7 inch. Okay, so, as i showed you in the previous video, this guy comes with a pen and in the previous video i had problems with the pen which im gon na mention in a bit. But first before i forget, you see this windows logo down here. Look thats cool didnt expect to see this. So does the pen work on this thats? What i want to check uh nah now you can close yourself and i dont know, go into the distance by the way, heres the keyboard and it have smudges already, because i have sweaty hands so thats sad.

The spot is magnetic so thats cool. There we go and then you can. Oh, i almost forgot the stand. So then you get or get out the stand. I just literally called the you book because of the you stand in here. I guess because they call it in their showcase. The you stand, make it flat or angled for a better typing experience. Oh actually, before we go into the keyboard, lets lets remove it put it aside and lets go into drawing mode where i angle it a bit. Take my pen, okay. So if you remember from the previous video, the pen had problems, and i dont know why. But now it is fine im holding it lightly, im holding it with pressure lightly pressure. It is fine, so i did think about it. Maybe the tip the screen is very bad. I mean the lighting, maybe the tip got used to the like. It got scratched enough that it got used to the screen. Maybe or maybe, if you remember, there was the plastic thingy, which had the specs and the logo. Maybe, after removing that there was kind of stickiness on the screen which kind of ruined the pen uh touching on the screen, maybe thats the reason. But now, as you can see, its all fine and ive been using it for a while im having fun with it. Actually lets just undo this and do a quick, quick, thingy, youre gon na see something that i never showed you before, which is my handwriting okay.

That kinda came out weird, oh, wait. I wanted to write respect everything im, writing respect for the win. As you can see, the writing is very. Very cool lets. Do a quick xno! I mean tic tac toe in english between you and me. Okay, so im gon na pick frontier, you pick and to use im gon na start im gon na start with the in the middle okay. So your anterior is where youre gon na put im gon na choose im gon na choose here. Well, that was kind of a dumb move for me, because i wanted to corner you now you now. I guess its just gon na become a tie. Yeah yeah theres no way to win this well, we both are winners then – or maybe i did win just saying now, as usual, lets do what the gamer does, and that is to play video games. Alright, so were gon na play, minecraft, okay, so here we are so what are we gon na do were gon na just survive one night, all right so crafting table. I need this because im not that good in this game and my my look at the render distance. I dont know whats ahead of me. Weird thing, though, that like minecraft, is just blocks. Why is it lagging like this? I need stones. Am i even running cant? Really tell because i disabled the head: bopping, oh wow, look at what we found: okay good, get myself some stones; whoops! Oh wow, theres, literally lava below me; okay! That should be enough to make myself a bit of a pickaxe and say that bye, bye to this guy ill get myself some more stone, uh stones here, get myself a sword.

An axe say that bye bye to this guy. So now i am prepped. Am i you cant really see it maybe but theres iron right there were gon na dig it out. Well, i do see some iron back there. I dont know whats that if you crouch and you go sideways, you will not fall so thats good lets make a bridge and lets try to get the iron there we go. What is this new ore? Am i really getting yeah? This is iron. What is this? Copper, okay and whats that okay, so thats the cave, update, which made a lot of new stuff made. I mean introduced almost phil that gave me a little heart attack stop falling. Let me cancel this auto jump. Okay, auto jump cancelled im, not gon na. Oh, i forgot my casting table all right so far, so good okay, so i cant really make any items of copper like like uh usable items. I mean equipment. Maybe i need more, i dont know. Maybe i need another item with copper, just like in runescape dont. Really know: im gon na need food now theres, more okay, theres some iron in there. Okay, it is getting darker. I might not get the iron im gon na leave the island prepare for the fight. Look at this cave. Look at all the argument back there and some more in there, okay heres some food, some more food cook, the fish that they have help me survive the night.

Okay, this one is done. This one is done, and now we just wander okay, thats better. I cant see now come quickly. Okay, there we go. Oh wow, they take a lot of hits with the iron uh stone sword. I have to go bye. Bye. Am i running? Okay, now im running oh wow, theres a little man in here, uh dont, look at them as the the woo. Oh, oh, no, no, no, okay, spider come come good, eat, creeper, okay, good, come nice sector, clear i get hungry so fast. Where did you appear from? Oh, this is literally where i was i mean im. I i have no sense of direction with this low chang render distance yeah. I came back. I literally took a circle around lets. Go straight forward this time, okay, theres, another man, hes. Looking at me, i dont want to look at him. I mean were making this less exciting. No, no! No! I i just i just wanted to fight him, but theres a skeleton and theres. Also a baby zombie get out of here. Wow. They deal a lot of damage. How come a zombie does this much of damage yeah? The keeper already sees me, come on just explode. Here we go. Okay, endo man come im. Looking at you, okay, there we go, he got angry, come okay. There we go charge. Your attack well yeah. I failed in doing my task, which is to survive that night.

Why is he? Is he playing that took forever anyways there? You have it gaming on the chewy e book x, something i completely forgot, which is the keyboard in terms of how it feels and performance and whatever. First of all, the trackpad feels nice. That is when you dont wear gloves that have the buttons and they feel nice when you click them all right. The keyboard also feels nice lets go ahead and do a little quick typing test. Okay, here we are lets. Do this? Okay? What happened? Okay, there! We go fix your posture im literally having the weird, not read this, but i have a weird posture right now, because trying to record the first person, okay, kinda, getting the hang of it nope. I remember a time when i read muscle as muscle thats way back when i was still much newer in english im, not the best way, im, not the best in english, but i am much better now. At least this keyboard is like the keys are bigger and they are much spaced out compared to the gpd. But then again, where is it? The gpt is aims to be a very small laptop since white is called literally the pocket. How did i do accuracy? 98 mistakes – 9 words per minute is 45 per minute, thats fine, but i could do better when theres no phone info out of my face, i like to record on first person via, as i always say, all right.