Now i am very excited about this laptop very, very excited. Ive been waiting for it for two weeks to come. First, were gon na look at the laptop itself, so here it is the box or the package seems to be very big compared to what they thought it would be so lets go ahead and open it. Okay, so we have another packaging and then the box itself. Oh okay, they are being generous all right, so thats good. So this time i am actually giving you a real first impression opening the box. Well, in this case, it is the whole package all right, so i believe that this is not the laptop, but this is the laptop itself. The box doesnt seem all that interesting compared to the gpd, all right, so heres the box and nothing really interesting. Besides chiwi up top intel inside details regarding the device in here which im gon na talk about later, there are actually different colors for this device, which i did not expect. If i knew it would have gone with the black version, but yeah i got the gray one and i think thats fine, oh, got it another box too many packaging inside here, oh okay, we have accessories. Okay, thats, interesting uh. I dont really like the packaging of this i mean, as you can see, i just keep pulling one thing after the other. Instead of opening the entire box and seeing whats inside but hey whatever works, i suppose what do we have here? Yeah yeah yeah lets.

Look at the thing: what is the most exciting thing: okay, heres, he the most exciting thing of all. By the way as a muslim, you say, masha allah when you see something that you like or that amused you or anything like that. Okay, so here are the specs a 12 inch screen. I guess this is 2k resolution, so compared to the gpd, which was 7 inch. This is 12 almost double. Almost this gpu, i mean cpu a magnetic keyboard, awesome, a stylus awesome, which is a pen and a touch screen full lamination, whatever. That means all right, so the ports we have micro hdmi. I guess it is called no. This is enough for the charging micro hdmi usb a3 and a type c. They are the magnets for the keyboard. This is where the headphone jack goes and some buttons up top. We have a power on off, i suppose, and a volume rocker, oh and the micro sd card reader awesome, not a reader, but just the microsd card itself and also a kickstand. Yes, this bad boy have a kickstand, and would you look at this beauty very, very awesome. I am already falling in love with this. Now i bought this just for school and work. I dont i planned also to use it at home, of course, and for home its gon na be, for i dont know really maybe just simple work with tangy tanky gun or youtube stuff like that lets look at the accessories lets put this aside and i guess In here theres just a charger: oh, it is a full on power.

Brick not expect this. I mean, of course, its gon na be a power brick because it is like this lets hope that the guy have some power in it. Ive come this far in the video without mentioning their laptop name. Silly me, it has got the chewy u book x. Maybe i should change this to chewy tanky, just say it so for the front we have a windows logo up there and a camera up there. Now this sticker helps to remove the mask from the screen girl. No, it doesnt didnt do anything. Can i look at the keyboard? This is really some weird kind of packaging. I cant see any opening scissors dying. Even the cable came and it comes in this kind of weird, simple packaging. I mean, as i said, the gpd packaging seemed so professional. Compared to this, i think im not gon na keep the packaging this time its nothing special, heres the keyboard and, as you can see, it only comes in english, so im gon na have to buy arabic stickers. So im gon na use this at school and we have a full on trackpad instead of a small thingy up here i mean the gpd was very, very small, seven inches. This guy is 12. lets plug in the keyboard. Oh nice magnetic now. I think you can do this just like the other guys, the surface yeah you can you cant, do it indeed lets open it? Okay, this packaging? Well, if you forget this, the packaging on here looks much more professional high, pin seven color gray, so that matches with a laptop im happy then to have a grey laptop.

Now there are two pins there: six and then seven, of course, gon na go with the seven, because the six looks like this and i dont want this. I mean it just doesnt fit with the laptop look at the pin. Just look at it. It already looks very professional, look at the pin. It looks so nice masha allah – i i am falling in love with the small device. I dont know if these buttons do were going to figure that out later lets. Stick in one of these. Now, how am i gon na there we go, lets put it in. I hope this. This is just as simple as it seems. Let me see actually, okay, that seems to be about it. Is there a manual thingy? No, i mean, i guess, thats it doesnt gon na give you a manual how to insert the pin tip into the seven im, just scared of it all right. I dont want to break it. It has a little click to it. No, it doesnt kind of like a little very little feeling to give you a thin feeling to make it feel like a pen, okay, its in yep its in nicely good, very good. Now, before you ask no theres nowhere for the pen to attach on the laptop big sadness, but not a problem, really i mean you got this thing, you clip it onto your your pocket in your shoulder or inside the bag, or something or even maybe now that Doesnt feel nice to do.

Okay, my musics just this guy to remove the screen protector, bye, bye. Why are there some bubbles? I guess it comes with two yeah. It does have a screen protector kind of thing. Okay set up time now lets just oh. It works. Oh, it works. I was kind of worried because its like is it only the h6 or the six or the also the head. Seven is gon na work hit, seven works and i am very very happy choose language master chief girlfriend is talking to me. No. No. Thank you. How can i make her not talk? Okay, so im supposed to click on the mic: legion, no youre, absolutely wrong! Im, not in america. He took me far through the seas in the oceans hold on lets, see that backpack looking nice, so heres the prying tool heres the pen i dont – have a normal pen just to like do a comparison system. How big is this feels like a nice pen, a normal sized pen? I guess this is the first time i have a pen with my laptop and i always looked at the surface for seven. I was very intrigued about it for a long time. I finally have a some kind of surface for device. Now you can? Oh yes, how can we spy on you? You want to know? No thank you, so you can remove this stop to change the battery if needed. This is going way too much and i anticipate it still going.

Okay, there we go whats the battery in here. Oh, i thought its gon na be that very disk small battery. But now we have this so theres, this new window, which this is the second time i see it oops. Finally, here we are hi, so here is a full on look on the laptop, very good that the keyboard can angle. So you can get a more natural feel when you type, then you have the pin on the side. Then, if you want to draw you remove the keyboard and you slant the laptop, oh there we go as you can see loading my favorite backing around. So, as i was saying, you slanted lets. Do that quickly remove the keyboard that notices that it have been removed and asks? Oh, hey! You want to switch to tablet node! No thanks! I dont want to okay, so heres the new and improved paid app in windows. How do you zoom? Oh, my god, this aint yielding pleasing results. Oh dont put the question yeah there we go yeah thats not going nicely im gon na. Maybe it is this app lets say a different app same thing when it pushed too hard. It doesnt recognize that maybe there are drivers that they need to download, maybe anything but hey thats it, for this were gon na, do some kind of testing. More later on, once i figured out once i figure out everything with this device, the chiwi yearbook x.

We have a camera up here. The camera on the front as well forgot to mention these two earlier in the video and hey, look at it, a very cool tv, you walk x. This is it for this video. Thank you very much for watching and remember. Respect is everything well be in touch again see.