… I should mention theres a webcam in the front as well and the camera on the back. So today I want to talk to you about Durabook and theyre brand new, yet to be released. … we happen to be on the edge of being released. The Durabook R8 tablet, its Durabooks newest tablet, wont ship until the end of January of next year, which is January 2023. They sent us a demo unit so that we could get a first look at it, and here it is. The R8 is an eight inch tablet. Thats running Windows, 10 Pro its nice and lightweight its got a real nice rugged feel to it, and so today, what Im going to do is were going to walk through it Im going to show you the features and give you some of the specs on it And then let me know what you think of it, but the R8 tablet again Im going to tell you is an 8 inch LCD. It has a 12th gen core processor, I5 core processor, so its got. The newer processor comes with a 128 gig SSD, or at least this demo did and eight gigs of RAM. Now the battery on this thing is phenomenal. Brand new battery comes in the unit., They claim is use 16 hours of battery life.. I mean, I think, thats phenomenal for a a small tablet, this from Durabook some of the ports that are in here. We have the bar code scanner, which seems to be the most popular option on this, but this is an upgrade Port that you can put other upgrades as well.

I tell you what Ive dealt with a lot of Port covers in the different tablets that weve evaluated, and this these Port covers are pretty good. I mean this one here. I can see the little rubber that would water seal it its making. This thing really water, tight and dust tight, underneath there is two USB C ports thats right. There are two USB C ports and a headphone jack as well for audio and then over. Here we have the power jack, which would be there and again we have buttons power, button volume plus minus. So if you want to turn your volume up or down and then theres an assignable button right there as far as ports are concerned, thats, what its got on the back here, youll notice, that it has a camera – and I should mention theres a webcam in the Front as well and the camera on the back there is the battery sets right into this door right here, and that is the Durabook itself. it comes with, and let me read off a couple things for you: its got a fanless design, so theres no fan in Here it is an has an Intel, Wi Fi 6E card, as well as Bluetooth version 5.2 long battery life 16 hours. You can have, like I said, the optional barcode reader, which this one has as well as RFID and smart card reader. So it depends on what upgrade you would like to put there.

It has a 10 point: capacitive a multi touch panel with four touch modes, so you can use your glove. You can use it in the rain. Regular touch just if youre sitting at your desk or whatever, so this is a highly versatile touch screen on this tablet.