The results were very interesting.. Ive got the more budget friendly, lowest specced model here, which currently starts at 880USD, which means theres a 6 core AMD Ryzen, 5 4600H processor, Radeon, 5600M graphics, 8gb of memory in dual channel and a 60Hz 1080p screen Ill test response time. Too., You can get a better screen more memory or faster CPU. When ordering, though you can find prices linked in the description or on the Dell website., The Dell G5 has the G key on the F7 pressing. This enables high performance mode which boosts performance and fan speed. So Ive done all testing with this enabled. As the G5 has an AMD, Ryzen, processor and Radeon graphics, its able to use smart shift which cannot be disabled.. Basically, this will dynamically shift power around to where its needed for optimal performance, for instance, in a GPU heavy load. The GPU will get. The bulk of the power. AMD told me that the 5600M will run between 60 and 95 watts in the G5.. Well only be covering gaming performance here, Ill cover thermals in depth in the next video. Lets start out. By going through all games at all setting levels then afterwards well see how the AMD Dell G5 gaming laptop, compares with some other laptops. Red Dead. Redemption 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool, and this test is tough on pretty much any laptop, regardless of specs with max settings. That said, though, the performance is more than 10 FPS, ahead of the more expensive G5 with 4800H Ill explain.

This later. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode and it was playing ok in terms of average FPS. However, the 1 lows were on the lower side. Perhaps due to the 8gb of memory, let me know if you want me to retest it with 16gb to see the difference. Control was playing. Ok at high settings, though medium felt a bit better. If you actually get into a fight in my test, it was able to get us above 60 FPS, while low could hit 100 FPS. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark and like Red, Dead Redemption 2. It was actually performing slightly ahead of the 4800H G5, but again more on that shortly. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values as it doesnt have predefined setting presets.. It was playing well even maxed out, which was still reaching above 100 FPS. However, there were big gains to be had at minimum, which may help reduce input lag with the 60Hz panel. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode and Ive also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum, though there wasnt as big of a difference between them. This time, compared to Apex still playable at max though. Borderlands 3 was tested. Using the games built in benchmark and high settings was just under 60 FPS in this one. Then it drops lower a fair bit at higher levels.

DOOM, Eternal wasnt able to run at nightmare or ultra nightmare settings as you need more than 6GB of VRAM. However, I dont think it really looks all that much better at higher settings anyway, and ultra settings was still plenty for the 60Hz panel. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested with the benchmark tool, and although this is a resource, heavy game were still able to reach above 60 Fps at very high settings. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and as a less demanding title, it was still running very well with over 100 FPS at the highest epic setting preset. Even the 1 low was above the screens refresh rate. Overwatch is another less demanding game and was tested in the practice range. Once more, no issues at all with the highest epic setting preset and the 1 low was again well above the screens. Refresh rate. CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and there were only extremely minor differences between the three setting levels that Ive tested with so might as well. Just use maximum. I guess. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and the results are down a bit compared to say an Intel based laptop but honestly still pretty decent and youll be able to play it at maximum no problem at all. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with The built in benchmark using Vulkan ultra settings was doing well with 120 FPS and, like many others, the 1 low is easily surpassing the screens.

Refresh rate. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark. Most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this. So dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game its more of a worst case.. The Division 2 was also tested with the built in benchmark the highest ultra. Setting preset was able to hit 60 FPS, though we could almost double this frame rate by stepping down to low. Monster Hunter World was also around the 60 FPS mark with the highest setting preset in use, though this was just running through the main town, but higher Is possible at low. Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and, despite not being able to hit 60 FPS at low settings in this test. Its still usable as it doesnt need a high frame rate to play. In my opinion., Far Cry, New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark and ultra settings was still just able to get to 60 FPS in this one.. The Witcher 3 was playable with the ultra setting preset, which was still above 60. Fps, though we could boost performance, a fair bit with high settings where even the 1 low was now above, the average FPS at ultra., F1 2019 was tested using the games, benchmark tool and yeah plenty of frames for our 60Hz panel, even at the highest setting. Preset. Lets also take a look at how this lower tier configuration of the Dell G5 special edition gaming laptop, compares with other laptops use.

These results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. In Battlefield 5 Ive got this G5 highlighted in red.. As mentioned earlier. This lower specced G5 was ahead of the higher specced version in some games, and this was one of them well, at least in terms of average FPS, granted its just a 1 FPS difference and to be fair, the 1 low with the Ryzen 5 model was lower, But still an interesting result that seems to indicate the 5600M is doing most of the work here.. These are the results from Far Cry 5, with ultra settings in the built in benchmark. As a test. That typically depends more on the processor. The 4600H G5 was behind the 4800H model this time, but it was only by 4 FPS or so nothing major and hardly worth the few extra hundred dollars.. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings.. This was another where the cheaper G5 had a slight lead, yeah its only one frame but consider this base model is 880 USD at the moment, while the higher specced one is 1200.. These results are very interesting in more cases than not the lower specced and cheaper configuration of G5 with lower tier CPU and half the memory is beating the more expensive version at higher setting levels.. I suspect that this is a result of smartshift. In theory, the Ryzen 5 can use its power over fewer cores for higher clock speeds, and I doubt most games will see much improvement going from 6 to 8 cores so with more power dedicated towards the 5600M.

This could explain why the cheaper G5 is performing better.. Im going to investigate this further and Ill report, the findings in a future comparison, video between the cheaper and more expensive G5, so stay tuned.. At the moment, this G5 is available with two different screen options. We looked at the 144Hz panel in my previous video, which had a 9.3ms average grey to grey response time, but this cheaper model has the 60Hz panel and these are its results.. You can find a link in the description outlining what all these numbers mean, but basically the 60Hz panel has a 22.5ms response time, so its much slower comparatively. As Im, not personally that sensitive to this I cant say I had any issues while gaming well as long As FreeSync was enabled, the tearing is pretty bad with it off.. In my last G5 video I mentioned, FreeSync wasnt working, however AMD have fixed this bug in a driver update. In terms of driver stability. I havent had any games crash so far, however, as is the case with pretty much all Radeon based gaming laptops, Ive tested running many games with Vulkan in particular, would open on the Vega graphics instead.. This is easy to fix by setting the game to high performance mode, to ensure it opens up automatically using the 5600M. However, ideally, this would be fixed to just work out of the box.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from this Ryzen.

5. 4600H and Radeon 5600M gaming laptop down in the comments and if youre new to the channel, then get subscribed for the full review to see everything.