I think it’s week time, yeah um, so instead of uh talking about dr jekyll and mr hyde, which is a fabulous story right but which we also wrote about. I want to instead take this time to kind of talk about the technology that’s going to be necessary for you to complete your work this week. So we are doing peer review, often when i say peer review that can kind of stress some people out and i completely understand it’s kind of nerve wracking to share your work with other people. But i want you to note that peer review in this course is really just about kind of helping one another. So, instead of you feeling like you’re giving your work to your group, um and saying hey, judge me you’re saying hey help me. I need some help. So if you’ve had some bad experiences with peer review in the past, many of us have just kind of delete that from your mind, because we’re going to start fresh and really work to provide useful feedback, constructive feedback to one another in a positive way. All right. So if you take a look at d2l, there is an announcement about downloading a free version of microsoft. Word: it’s going to be imperative that you have a version of word, some of you don’t and that’s, okay, that’s, why we have access to free downloads, as students and faculty and staff at lone star college, so download that to your tablet or device.

Those of you who have macs this is especially for you, because a lot of you have been submitting in pages format which can’t be opened in d2l, so this is just something that you’ll want to do as a student in general. It will help you in your college career to have a working version of microsoft. Word not to mention powerpoint excel any of those things that you may need an updated version of, or a version of at all to kind of continue on as a college student. Okay, so if you click on that link here, it will take you to the office of technology services, which is a useful website to kind of be familiar with so note this address book market, you know on your computer, if need be, if you click on student Resources, it takes you down to these options. You can reset your password, you can, you know, investigate some about wi, fi and computer resources, but we’re focused just right now on getting software. So the microsoft 365 and onedrive options are right here and you just need to follow this link right, so you can log in to my lone star and go to your student email tile or just go directly to office. So if you click on this, it will take you to this website. Eventually, oh i’m, already logged in okay. So it will take you to the website and that’s, where you will use your lsc email address and password okay, so it just needs to confirm the the microsoft site needs to confirm that you’re associated or affiliated with moonstar college, and then it will start the process Of downloading, if you have any questions or anything there is, you know a set of instructions right here, so just click on those it’s just going to be really important that you utilize microsoft word this week, so that you can download one another’s work, you’re going to Be posting, you know your paper portfolio in a d2l.

You need to post it in word format, then, as somebody who’s reviewing somebody else’s work, you’re downloading it in word format and using word to then offer some feedback. So it’s just going to be important that you uh that you set that up so in order to kind of give you an idea of where to go and what to do in microsoft. Word i’m just going to use our template as an example. This is the template: that’s posted for the portfolio so i’m, just using it generally. So what we really want to focus our attention on up here is the review section. Some of you may not see review depending on, like this is i’m using a mac. So mine looks a little bit different from what you’ll see on your own computer if you’re using a pc, but you may have tools instead of review, just find the corresponding uh area. And if you need to you know, you can do a search or you can ask for help right if you go up i’m out of a video range right now, but i’m going to click on the help, menu right and you can search track changes. But if you click review, options are opened up down here and you just want to make sure that this one is turned on. This means that you know anything you type in here will look different. So if i don’t turn this on and i start typing, then it’ll just look like text and it won’t be able to sound uh stand out on the page for uh.

You know once you share this with the original author in your group. They won’t be able to see your feedback right. So if you go and turn track changes on – and you start typing you’ll see the difference right, it’s in a different color it’s, something that stands out on the page i’m, not particularly fond of the red, because it brings back memories right of uh. You know having red ink all over our writing when we had middle school or high school teachers just ignore it so it’s really useful, because then, even in the in the paragraph you can say you can offer that feedback. So, though, this is an opportunity sure to kind of offer some feedback about things like grammar or mla or spelling. We really want to focus on people’s ideas right and make sure that they are effectively communicating their ideas about whatever readings they’re addressing in that paper topic post right that they’re revising. So you know you can still be positive. You know you know. This is overall a great paragraph, but i wonder if you know in this last sentence, you could so it’s it’s about providing yes praise and recognizing what the people have done well, which i want you to do, but it’s also really focusing on. Where are you losing track of those ideas? Where is a place where this person maybe needs to adjust the quote so that it fits in the sentence right so we’re going into the writing and offering that direct feedback in microsoft? Word: okay, that’s! Why you need microsoft? Word you can also highlight an area and click new comment, and it will then highlight and over on the right hand, side.

It will make a comment that just runs down the right um. I prefer to write within the text within the paragraphs to give feedback, but that is up to you that’s, a personal preference. I just think it’s easier for me to see that kind of feedback when i’m getting peer reviewed. You know for some of my work so remember that your your purpose as a reviewer is to help one another. Your grade is dependent upon that help being useful and constructive. So you’ll note that for this week you have a grade for the document that you upload by thursday, your portfolio, okay, i’m gon na go in and see. Does this person have the right number of posts that have been revised? Are there abstract paragraphs for every post? Is it an mla format? Your grade is dependent on you submitting it on time and submitting the right kind of work so review the guidelines review. You know the rubric everything that’s posted in this week, um, but then you’ll also receive a grade for the kind of feedback you provide to all of your group members. So if i open up the first, you know first response that you gave or the first set of uh feedback that you gave to one person in your group, and i see oh that’s, that’s, really good that’s useful i’m. Seeing a lot of notes here. The tone is very positive and supportive, but still you’re, offering constructive feedback that’s great.

But then, if i open the next set of feedback, you provide to a different person in your group and it’s just one sentence at the very end. Your grade will be affected by that, so your responsible for posting, your work by thursday. I always suggest you do so earlier, um and then uh. I know that between thursday and sunday it’s a lot of work to peer review for two to three people, depending on your group, so set aside that time. If your group members post early then start their feedback early, okay, so just something to keep in mind. You want useful feedback in your grade. Depends on that. Okay, so, going back to microsoft, word um! What i really need to stress as well is that, in order to share this with the original author, so i’ve done all my feedback i’m going to then respond to this person and upload this document. So they can see my feedback. I need to save it as a pdf now don’t be thrown by this. This is just so that you are ensuring that that person can see your feedback, because if you post it as a word document, they may not see the track. Changes features right and all the the comments that you’ve made. So in order to avoid any of that confusion, we save it as a pdf, because the pdf is essentially just an image. So if you go back to microsoft, word i’m off screen but i’m at the file tab at the very top left and i’m going to click save as from that drop down menu.

A window is going to open and yours may look a little bit different and that’s okay. It will generally have the same options i’m going to save this. As you know, say: i’m reviewing mary’s work and then i’m just going to put my name at the end. So that mary, when she you know, goes to find these documents, she knows that this is my feedback. Okay, i’m, going to save it in my desktop, because that’s just easier to go back and find it. What we really want to focus on is not just clicking. Save after that, we want to go to file format and from this drop down, menu, select, pdf, okay, uh i’m working with the mac again, so mine is going to ask me to export um. But if you’re working with a pc you’re like yours will likely say something like save here, it doesn’t matter just select it and click it and that’s the document that you will then go and post by sunday at the latest for the people you are helping in Your peer review group, okay, you have been placed in groups um. I know that this doesn’t always work out, but if you do not see, somebody uh in your group posting their work by friday afternoon. If you’re, the only person in your group who’s posted you need to, let me know: okay, because that’s not ideal, you deserve feedback and i don’t want you to be in a group that is not being involved or engaged so i’ll figure out something so that you Get some feedback in order to then do your revisions down the road, but you have to let me know as soon as you can alright.

If you have any questions about this uh, you can post in the q a area of d2l or you can shoot me an email but, as i always say, if you have the questions possible and probable that other people in the class do so posting in the Q, a area can be really helpful, but again the sooner the better in terms of reaching out to me or reaching out to the office of technology services, if you’re encountering some sort of technology issue all right. I hope that you get a lot out of this process. I know that it’s, a lot of information coming at once so review all the materials that have been posted – and this is something that’s going to be super helpful for your writing in general.