Welcome back to hayes fair youtube channel. My name is fair and you guys are watching tech and trend as usual to those who are watching that haven’t yet subscribed to his youtube channel. What are you guys waiting for subscribe to his facebook channel as we really stack related kind of content and if you guys are into tech, especially review series, unboxing series and also setup series? This is the right channel for you guys. I have also actually have decided moving forward from this point. My upcoming review and also unboxing videos i’m, going to speak in full english. This is because i just think that more people will understand what i’m saying and also because i’m lazy to the subtitles yeah. But apart from that, like my vlog series, which is the diary digital code, i think i’m, just going to you know – remain being malaysian in there, but for more technical, you know review all that kind of thing: i’m, just going to speak, full english from now on. So i think you guys already know what this is based on, what i said in the intro. Yes, this is actually a tablet or we can call it a electronic pad whatever you guys want to call it okay, so without wasting any time let’s open this. Before that guys, i would like to show you guys this new pen knife that i actually bought. This is not a pen left but it’s, actually a swiss knife, but a mini version of it.

Okay, really really cute. If you guys like this, you guys can go buy at your local, mr diy store, because i bought this administrative diy for about 12 bucks. Yeah i’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, so let’s go Applause. Alright, alright, okay, okay guys! So i have over here: one is the casing for the tablet. I have a keyboard. Okay, this is a keyboard, okay, a very simple uh, 71 keys keyboard, if i’m not mistaken, and yes guys. This is the main show. So, yes, guys this is the tech class. The class t class teclas m40 tablet. Yes, so this one is actually shipped direct in china, so the writings on this packaging is all in chinese. I don’t know if you guys can see here, but you can see the box over there. It wrote there tech class and the logo over here, and then we got the m something something in chinese and then take class, keypad, okay and then behind is an orange box. Nothing much and then this one we’ve got another logo for cat class. This one as well and this one as well and over here – oh okay, so over here we have some details and and stuff and barcode. So over here we wrote the capacity of 6000 milliamp hour battery. So yes, this is actually model m 40. 128 gigabyte of internal storage, here, okay, one two: three: what the hell one two three boom, woo okay, so inside here, looks like this over there there’s the tablet and then got one box over here.

So let’s let’s just take out this box. First, then, only we go to the tablet, so there’s one small box over here. I think this is the charger. So if i’m not mistaken, okay inside here got a cable. This is a type a to type c, cable and then that’s that and uh. This is the power brick. Yes, a two pin power brick over there yeah. I think this one is actually 12.5 watts, so not a fast charging charger but i’m, not sure either. This tablet actually support fast charging features or not, but yeah so there’s that nothing more in the box, and then this is a tablet guys, oh okay, so it comes with a tempered glass, really, nice, okay. So this is the main star. Wait, wait! I’M, not gon! Na open this yeah let’s see what’s else in the box: um, okay, anything else, just a quick guide, okay, quick guide menu and then a very bad condition warranty card. But i think this is actually legit. If, if something happened to your tablet, you guys can actually you know, write the warranty card and ask for claim – i guess okay, so this is a tablet guys. This is my first time actually seeing one of these. I never actually see this in a store or something so nice, okay, all right. So this is how the tablets look like. This is that class m40 type c charger over here and the volume rocker button and the power button, and then over here it have sim card tray, nothing down here and then down here.

There are two speaker grilles over there yep. This tablet have one camera over here and uh one front camera over there, yep let’s peel the plastic; ah, yes, okay, so the back panel is actually uh aluminium. If you guys can see it’s a bit a bit on the shiny side um, but no fingerprint. If you can see that which is actually really good and let’s peel off the front? Okay, nice, oh nice, okay, this is actually already pre installed. With a plastic screen protector. I didn’t know i thought there’s, none included! If you guys don’t like this, you guys can actually try to install the template glass, but i think for, for the mean time, i’m, just gon na roll down with the plastic screen protector. Okay, let’s try to power this on. For the first time, okay, tech class powered by android, okay, so straight out of the box, the battery is actually at 97, which i think is actually really really good. You guys can straight away use it okay, while the tablet is setting up let’s try to open the casing over here: okay, okay, so this is actually a normal black casing, um, just with some texture to it yeah and some wraps over here, and then i think You can actually yep, so you can use your tablet that way, so pretty cool, pretty cool, not too shabby, but this is how it looks like the screen. The viewing angle is not really there, but actually it feels quite okay.

Let’S, try to play a video on youtube and let’s see how the sound is going to to be like let’s play. One of my videos does it support to full hd let’s? Try! Oh yes! Yes, it does to full hd 60 frames per second let’s, see how the quality Music not bad. This is actually the loudest and it’s not like super loud but it’s comfortable to to listen to the visual is also actually quite nice and is actually playing on full hd. 1080P. Okay, let’s put the casing in while we have this time. Okay, so just slide it in and boom there we go all right, not bad, not too thick, so i can actually close it like this yeah nice, okay. Lastly, let’s try to connect it with the keyboard and let’s see if the keyboard actually works. Okay, so we have the keyboard over here. Does this even have a battery? I don’t know yeah it does it. Doesn’T have a battery, so let’s have to connect it. I don’t know how we’re gon na do it, but let’s just try worry somehow. The notifications, sound is actually very loud compared to the videos audio, so i don’t know why. Maybe these are some of the features let’s try to write something over here. Let me try. Oh it actually worked. It actually worked, my god. Okay. I’M. Sorry, i can’t really show you guys what’s happening over here, but basically i’m, just opening some googles and actually writing and, and it actually work.

Let me show you over there. I don’t know if you guys can see or not, but yeah okay over there let’s see. If i write something yeah, can you see that yep yep, yep yep it’s, actually very, very good? Okay, guys, okay, okay, okay, okay, i’m, very i’m liking! This a bit too much okay and lastly, let’s check the camera. Is it actually good enough? Huh? Okay, the camera sucks? Okay, the camera is actually not really good. Okay, even with a proper lighting. This is actually not so good. Let me just snap one picture: okay. Yeah the picture is not good. Okay, um let’s, try the front camera. Okay, the front camera is actually not so bad. Just okay, not a really good for photo taking. I think, but i think if you guys are using this for a video conference or video call or online classes, if you know some of the students out there online meeting or that kind of thing, i think this is actually good enough, but somehow i think the Front camera actually looks better than the back camera. I don’t know before i share with you guys where i bought this teclas m40 tablet and also how much is the price i’m just going to read some spec about this tablet, for you guys throughout their shoppie page, based on your shopping page over here? This is actually the official shoppie page, which is techclass.os. This tablet is actually 10.

1 inch in terms of the size. So, basically this table is this. Size is 10.1 inch and then it have together a six gigabyte of ram and also 128gb of storage. Okay, other than that also it actually have five megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rare dual cameras huh, but based on the texas. Now i think the front camera actually looked better than the rear camera, but yeah whatever, and then it also have 6 000 milliamp hour of battery and last but not least, it is run by unisock t618 octa core chipset. I don’t even know what chipset is that, but maybe it’s good. I need to do a little bit more of research about this, but yeah, based on the first impression that i have over here. It is actually quite sturdy quite solid, and you know give me about one or two weeks and i’m going to really really really test this tablet out and then maybe i’m going to release a full review. Video. Do you guys want one? If you guys want one, you guys need to subscribe to his youtube channel and give me the motivation so that i can release this full review for you guys. I actually bought this through their official tech class.os page on shopee, which is your shopping mall page. How much is the price that i bought this teclas, m40? Okay, so they’re? Actually a bunch of um price over here. There are some sets of the price if you guys just want to buy just the tablet.

This thing will actually only cost you 799 ringgit, which is around 200 us dollars, plus minus yeah, but for malaysia is actually only rm, 799 ringgit, so basically less than 800. You guys are getting 10.1 inch size, 6, gigabyte of ram 128gb of storage, android 10.0, and maybe some very good chipset over here i don’t even know. I think this is actually a very, very good deal, but what i bought over here is actually the one with the full set that comes together with the keyboard, the protective film and then the casing that one would actually cost you rm 909 ringgit, which is around Less than 250 yeah, i can say that what kind of people that actually could benefit the most out of this tecla’s m40, but for working people, those who actually use to you know, do all the works online, typing and stuff. You get these together with the keyboard. You guys are set to go when all this pkp thingy lockdown thingy is over. Maybe you guys need to go to the office, and you know you need to present to your boss. Your proposal, your work, whatever it is. This could be a very good device as well and last but not least, this will be very, very benefits for school students, because it’s not expensive, it’s, just less than 800 bucks for a tablet complete with the set less than 1000 ringgit, which is actually really really Really good deal, you know nowadays, all the students middle school high school college student, all of them, need to use online school system, they need to do work, their works online, submit their work online exam online and that kind of thing.

So i think this tech class m40 would be very, very beneficial for them. You know you can do your online classes, zoom meeting call whatever you guys use for your school over here and then you guys can do all the right things. If you guys subscribe to the microsoft words on tablet, or also maybe google documents this can handle it plus with the set keyboard good to go. So yes, guys that’s about it. For this tecla m40 unboxing video, i can’t, really say much about the performance of this tablet because i just received it. This is my first time holding it. You know give me about two weeks i’m going to really really test it out i’m going to use it for for media consumption, watching netflix, watching youtube and then i’m going to use it to do some editing on. In short, with these and last but not least, i am going to also try to play pubg mobile on this after i done all that in two weeks time, i am going to come up with a full review. Video for this teclas m40 tablet.