Object. Technology has evolved at an impressive pace.. Do you think we could say the same about on board electronics Today, Im in Marina di Varazze in northern Italy onboard the FIM 470 Regina., This yacht is equipped with full optional instrumentation by Raymarine, making it basically the perfect boat to test on board electronic efficiency. Lets Get started Welcome to The Boat Show. In previous years, recreational boating instrumentation lagged behind cutting edge technology on land., Certainly contributing to this lag were the hostile marine environment and the smaller quantity produced compared to the cell phone industry for example.. However, nowadays the gap is narrowing. Plotters are increasingly resembling tablets with incorporated apps.. This is an Axium plotter with two 16 inch screens. Ill. Give you an interesting note many times. The word display is used by insiders to mean the whole machine. Both the display panel part and the hardware behind it.. That is why a display is so expensive because you are considering the entire computer. And, as with the iPhones, the bigger the screen, the more powerful the hardware behind it. All Raymarine plotters from 7 to 24 inches use the same operating system called LightHouse just as Apples Ios or Android do for all other devices., All the updates are free and then inside are all the apps we know., And so can we say that sea technology has finally become equal to that on land. Actually, we know that the big sword of Damocles hanging over the head of on board electronics is connection and connectivity, but Raymarine claims to have found a solution even here.

Up here inside the t top there is a little box called YachtSense Link which won the DAME Award at the 2022 METs in Amsterdam., It is essentially a router, just like the one in your home, but unlike the classic modem, which is attached with a cable to the Ethernet network, this works wirelessly.. Essentially, this means it works over the mobile network and has two sims inside to ensure a stable connection.. In addition, through its antenna placed here on the hard top, if it detects a Wi Fi line in a marina, for example, it connects to it and then decides autonomously, which line to use whether mobile data or Wi Fi.. The antenna is called 3 in 1 because it has three functions. The first is a mobile line repeater and allows for an on board Wi Fi line. The second is a Wi Fi line connector that allows on board systems to connect to an external Wi Fi line. The third is the GPS antenna of the on board systems.. Essentially, we could define this YachtSense Link as a marine optimized mobile router, because it is optimized for the marine environment and as a multipurpose device, because what Ive described thus far is just a taste of what this can do. First, its attached directly to the boats batteries.. I already know what youre going to say: I always unplug the 220 V column when I get off the boat, so I can avoid disasters and youre right, But when its in sleeping mode, the YachtSense Link really consumes very little power.

So rest assured, it wont, knock your batteries down.. This ensures that the boat is always connected to the Internet and thus to its owner.. The router communicates data to a military grade cloud that is accessed remotely with a personal device through the Raymarine app.. This is a fantastic opportunity, because, if it works, you could have complete control of your boat from anywhere., But will it It is time to test it. Nick will remain onboard to see what actually happens while Ill go somewhere else. See you later., You can control the levels of the batteries as well as those of the fuel and water.. This way you can schedule how soon you need to get on board to get everything ready. Nick. Can you confirm 21 fuel 32, fresh water and 25.2 battery voltage? Yes, thats right. One can have all kinds of on board, alarms at hand such as anti theft system, with anti infiltration, sensors and visual inspection with on board cameras. If installed. Or more simply the bilge pump startup alarm, in which case it would mean that water is flowing on board Nick lets, activate the pumps, Ok And then, with the Geo Fence function, you can check the GPS position of the boat in real time.. You set a safety perimeter and if the boat goes out, an alarm activates. Go Nick, let go of the moorings. Of course you can turn the lights on and off, as well as any other function of the on board.

Domotics. Nick are the lights on. Yes, You can also turn on the refrigerator … … to have the beer cold when you get on board.. In short, YachtSense Link is a little box that allows you to have your boat in your pocket, and we know that this is and will always remain.