I get asked a ton of different questions about saved games on emulators in this video im gon na answer. The top three questions that i normally get number one: how do you back up your existing saved games? Number two? How do you transfer saved games between emulators and maybe even systems, for example, android and pc and number three? How do you download someone elses saved game from the internet and use it in your emulator? Now before i get into too many details here, i do want to clarify theres a big difference between a save state and a safe game. A safe state is more or less just a memory dump a snapshot taken from the emulator. You can recall it at any time. You just hit load state. It brings you right back to where you were before. A saved game is done via the actual game, and this is what were talking about here, whether youre on android or pc. The very first step here is to locate where your games are saved on pc. You can do that through the file explorer on an android device. You need to use well, i guess whatever file explorer, you have in this video im using files by google, but if youve got something else, it should work too for android devices. If youre using a file manager just go on ahead and select internal storage from there go on ahead and select the folder of the emulator youre.

Looking for well start out here with retroarch in the retroarch folder go on ahead and click saves, and this is where your game saves are located, depending on which emulator youre using the location of your game saves may differ, for example, in duck station. Here your game saves arent located in a folder called, saves theyre located in mem cards. Another example here in pizza boy gba, your game saves, will be located in a folder called save to back up any of these game saves. All you have to do is just copy the game, save that you want to back up and paste it in a different location, whether youre emailing it to yourself whether youre putting it on your desktop. It really doesnt matter. You can just copy and paste it pretty much anywhere to restore a saved game. All you have to do is just delete the existing saved game from the emulator file itself and then move back in that backed up copy and thats really about it. Now, if youre, looking at moving saved game data from one emulator to a different emulator or from android to pc, the process is largely the same. Just move the saved game from whatever emulator youre, using into whatever folder for the saved games of the emulator. You want to go to. It is worth noting that not all emulators use the exact same, save game format, and i brought up this for a very specific example using desmumi, and this is for nintendo ds.

You can see it saves in dsv thats. The extension here now dsv isnt, a universal, save type you might need to convert it. Fortunately, there is a really great website called saveeditor.com ill leave, a link in the description below, and i definitely recommend checking it out. Converting a save file here is really simple and straightforward: just click browse locate your file and then click convert. It works for a bunch of different systems, and that brings me to the third question: downloading someone elses game and playing it on your emulator and fortunately, the process is very straightforward as well. I do recommend picking up game saves from gamefaqs.gamespot.com ill drop, a link in the description below theyre, absolutely free here, as well, depending on the game that youre using there might be different versions of game saved files. I do recommend trying to get one that automatically works with the emulator youre using you might have to convert the game save file. You might have to try to use a different rom altogether. It is really hit and miss from here – for this example, im going to use the legend of zelda, the wind, waker and im going to use a gamecube usb memory. Adapter save one labeled for north america because thats the version of the rom that i have so. I want to make sure everything matches and there is one here from biospark 3 that says everything completed and unlocked so ill, just download that the file size, isnt very big at all, so for this example im using dolphin on pc – and this is where my game Saves are located in documents dolphin, emulator, gamecube, usa and card a now.

If you take a look theres already an existing game save in there. If you dont have an existing game save in there. I do recommend starting up the game, just saving the game. At some point in time, so you get that base game save file, because what youll need to do is rename the downloaded save game to match the existing save. For example, if i paste this downloaded game save file in here, youll see, the name is different to make things really easy to make things work. Well, what i need to do is change this name and have it match this name here and then that way there shouldnt be any sort of issue with compatibility. So what im going to do is actually delete this file out of here and rename this to match that one once this is done. I can boot up the emulator and the save game should be there so heres when waker booted up ill get into the main menu, and you can see the save game load right there. So theres two saved games in total. I guess in this downloaded file. He has two different saved games. The persons name is alex as soon as i open up the saved game you can see. It looks like its complete and just to prove that this process is the exact same on android and also works heres. The first step i did was create a save file for wind waker.

You can do these next series of steps in one of two ways: one you can do absolutely everything on your phone or two. You can plug your phone into your pc and navigate through your phone that way its entirely up to you, but what you need to do is find out where dolphin is saving your games. For me, its in the internal shared storage and dolphin emu in gamecube usa card a very similar to pc – and here is the game save file. So what i need to do now is move over that file, that i just downloaded from game faqs and again rename this file to match this one ill have to get rid of this file altogether and then all ill be left with is just one file. So i can delete this one right out of here: im gon na click rename on this file and paste the name that i just copied, and now i can just boot up dolphin and the save game should be there. So heres wind waker up and running on my phone. If i take a look when it loads the saved games, i can see alexs save games again and opening those up – and i can see those games are complete. So weve just proved that downloaded saved games work. Both on pc and on android, if you follow those steps and if you play a game on android and want to move those saved games over to pc, you absolutely can, at the end of the day here, theres no guarantee that game saves will carry over from One emulator to another, the emulators might treat them different.

You might have to do some conversions and you might not get the results youre. Looking for, on top of that, theres no guarantee that downloaded game saves are going to work again. You might have to do some conversions and you might not get the results. Youre looking for the easiest way is just to stick with the exact same emulator. If you are trying to transfer things and your experience should be pretty good but anyways thats all ive got for this video. Let me know your thoughts on emulation game saves in the comments below and if theres another question you want me to tackle about emulators. Let me know in the comments below, if you like, this video leave a like if you didnt, like this video leave a like hit that subscribe button check out my other videos. Thank you.