Recently, i did a review on this device and basically what this does is plug into one of your free usb ports inside of your car and as long as you have a touch screen and it supports android auto. This will add a fully functional android system. To your car kind of like android auto, but instead of just working with a few select apps and navigation, we can access everything from within android, including the google play store. So we can download games and emulators, which we’re going to be taking a look at in this video and there it is, i mean it’s, just basically a dongle that goes inside of your car, hence the name car dongle. This also supports a micro sd card and that’s, where i’m going to be storing my games, but when it comes to the specs on this thing we have four gigabytes of ram: a mediatek, p22 2 gigahertz 8 core cpu and 64 gigabytes of storage. Now the cpu that’s in this is on the lower inside of things, even though it has eight cores and runs it. Two gigahertz this same cpu comes in some of the cheaper 35 to 50 android phones that you can find at walmart and best buy so i’m. Not expecting phenomenal performance, but i do want to see what we could run on this thing before we move over to some in car emulation. I wanted to give you a closer look at this, so what i did was just plug it right into my pc and i’m, using an application called screen copy which allows me to mirror android screens along with mirroring.

I can also use the mouse that’s connected to my windows, pc to navigate inside of android. So when it comes to the built in car, dongle settings they’re a bit limited and if i try to go to uh phone connection here, this will be your bluetooth manual. It will not find any controllers, so i had to go to the play, store and download an application called open, hidden settings. So when we open this up, it’s going to give us our regular old android settings and from here, if you go to connect devices through bluetooth, you can see that i have this sn30 pro connected already and it’s ready to go. I can actually use it to navigate the full android operating system, because this is running an x input and that’s about all. I had to do to get these emulators up and running on this device with a controller. If you wanted to use your car’s built in touch screen and on screen controls, you could always do that, but i would definitely recommend using a controller with emulation all right. So i’ve got everything plugged in just waiting for this thing to boot, up it’s plugged into one of the free usb ports. This is a 2020 toyota, rav4 hybrid. We got this touch screen here and the car dongle is now booting up. It should bring us right into android and there we have it i’m, going to go ahead and situate my camera.

Hopefully, you can see the screen a little better, but what i have here is my bluetooth controller connected to the car dongle and i’m, going to go ahead and start up retro arch. One thing to keep in mind is this is actually running video over usb. So there will be some latency and i expect a lot with emulation, but i still wanted to test it out scroll through here and we’ll. Just start out with nes one of my favorite games – adventure – island, oh yeah, there is some latency here. You can see that on camera, retroarch does have something called run ahead built in and it does work great with lower end emulators. But when you move up it does cause a lot of glitches um. That would help out the latency here, but in the end, we’re still running this video signal over usb, which is not great let’s, try that one more time i mean other than the latency. This is running any s at full speed, as you can see up in the top right hand corner. I do have the fps going and i expected it would run these older games pretty well, but yeah that lag is really killing me here. There’S, quite a bit here next on the list: some snes with f zero, we’re, still using retro arch here, but we’re using the snes 9x core and again emulation is running great with this one. But we still have that controller lag before we move over to dreamcast and psp.

I also wanted to test a little bit of gba emulation and the input latency on this one does seem a lot better than it did with nes or snes. But in the end, i think it could be me getting used to it and kind of compensating for it Music. Next on the list we have n64 and i’m using the standalone version of move, pin 64 plus fz that you can get free from the google play store. This is running way better than i thought it would, and since i was already here with n64, of course, i had to throw in some golden eye. Dreamcast isn’t great. This is the redream emulator. I also tested flycast and we’ll, see that one next but we’re not even running at half speed. I mean it’s almost there at around 30 fps, but we should be at 60.. The flycast core in retroarch does seem to perform a little better than redream on the car dongle, but it’s still not great, and finally, we have some psp using ppsspp. This is tech and dark resurrection, it’s, not a super hard game to emulate. We’Re at 1x, no hacks, no frame skip and it’s not running at full speed. I mean we’re getting some pretty bad performance so when it comes to psp on a device like this, the best option is to turn frame, skip on that’s, going to cut your frame rate in half. But you will have a better experience same game here with frame skip set to 1 it’s running at 30 fps, and it is playable like this.

So for everybody interested in emulation on the car. Dongle it’s not a great choice, and it really comes down to that connection over usb audio and video is done through usb there’s, no composite there’s, no hdmi on this and really that’s what’s killing emulation on this device. It doesn’t mean that it’s, a bad device i’ve actually been having a blast with this little thing, using it for in car navigation, netflix spotify, all kinds of stuff works great but as we saw the cpu they chose to use in this thing, actually works really well With lower end emulators, and even in 64, which was really surprising, i didn’t think we would get good performance out of that, but it was actually decent. Unfortunately, even though the soc in this thing does have enough power to do that, we’re still gon na have a ton of latency, because everything’s running over usb, so that’s gon na wrap it up for this one really appreciate you watching. Like i mentioned, i had a lot of people asking about this, so i figured i’d go ahead and test it out final verdict here. Don’T pick it up for emulation, but if you’re interested to see what this thing was really designed to do, definitely check out that initial video i made i’ll leave a link for that in the description.